Paris Walking Tours – The Best Way To Explore The Most Romantic City In The World!

Paris, a place known by many as the city of lovers, known for its classy and stylish lifestyle, is a destination where couples of different ages visit and travel to the most. But where can we find Paris – it is located at 48 degrees 51 minutes north latitude and 2 degrees 21 minutes east longitude. Paris is the largest city of France and at the same time it is its capital. The said city can be found at the northern region of France near Seine River. Its history can hold up to 2,500 years of stories to tell and share with others. It came from a small Gallic settlement, in which fishing was the main source of livelihood, to which it grew to a multicultural capital of modern European state. In the course of its growth, it became a commercial, cultural and industrial center, thus contributing to its diverse and unique culture and heritage. Paris was once conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BC, and existed as a regional center under the Romans and up to the early Middle Ages. In the year 987, Hugh Capet, the Count of Paris, became the king of France and it is during his rule that Paris was established as the capital of France.

After knowing the progressive history of Paris, let us now walk through its beautiful and captivating tourist destinations. To appreciate and get the best experience of the city, Paris walking tours is the best approach for any traveler to take. Guarantee you, Paris has some of the best organized tours in the world.


Why Should You Go For Paris Walking Tours?

Though a busy city with convenient public transportation and taxi links, many tourism experts note that the best way to see the best that Paris has to offer is by touring the city on foot.

While this can seem daunting to many tourists, there is plenty to see if one opts for Paris walking tours. This is for sure one way to see all the sights in a relaxing manner.

Paris is divided by the Seine River, meaning a walk along this body of water makes for an interesting and beautiful stroll. While walking along the Seine you’re also guaranteed to see some of Paris’ iconic landmarks.

For those worried about having to walk long distances, rest assured knowing that while Paris is large, much of the city is compact and it’s often a short walking distance between sights and sounds. And of course, the city is filled with many cafes, restaurants, parks and benches for you to relax and rest at along your journey!

Paris walking tours will ensure you see some of the city’s most famous landmarks and learn its history and the role of religion in the city.


Paris Walking Tours Sneak Preview


Montmartre, Paris Walking Tours

Montmartre gathers all the best things that the city has to offer in one place: art, history, food and charm – plus a glorious view of the rest of cityscape that still awaits discovery. It’s a district small, lively, and English-speaker-friendly enough to get pleasantly lost in, but those wanting a more structured day can take the following route through it.


Place Emile Goudeau and Place du Tertre

With stations located close to many boutique hotels, Paris has a famously convenient Metro system. Start your day with Paris walking tours by taking the train to Abesses and walking up to the Place Emile Goudeau. Here you can see the house (number 11) where some of Europe’s most celebrated painters – including Picasso and Modigliani – once lived. From here, turn left and take the steps up the Rue du Calvaire to the Place du Tertre, where you can indulge your touristy side by watching street artists or buying a beret.


Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Carrying on up the hill, you won’t be able to miss the iconic dome of the Sacre Coeur. Inside, over 200 steps lead up to the top, which gives the best view – but even from the front steps of the basilica, the vista is breathtaking. This is one of the Paris walking tours that provides a perfect place to pause, to take photos, and to test your geographical skills by locating your boutique hotels. Paris, spread out below as far as the eye can see, beckons you back down, so follow the winding streets and descend the hill.


Musee de Montmartre and Au Lapin Agile

Take the Rue du Cardinal Guibert, then the Rue de Chevalier de la Barre and Rue du Mont Cenis, past the water tower, and onto Rue Cortot, where you can visit the Musee de Montmartre. What sets this route apart from other Paris walking tours is the pleasure travelers get via simply walking the beautiful winding alleys that so many artists, writers and thinkers have walked before you. The Rue des Saules takes you past Au Lapin Agile – a cabaret rated higher than the Moulin Rouge by many locals.


Moulins, Moulins, Moulins

Past the Cimetiere St-Vincent and onto Rue Girardon and then Rue Lepic, you’ll pass two of Montmartre’s famous windmills, Moulin Radet and Moulin de la Galette. Look out for house number 54 as well – Vincent Van Gough lived there from 1886 to 1888. You may be feeling like a break for coffee or some lunch by now, and where better to stop than the Café des Deux Moulins, made famous in the film Amelie? Continue with your Paris walking tours by carrying on down Lepic which will bring you to Place Blanche, where you can catch the Metro back to your boutique hotels. Paris’s arty quarter’s star attraction can also be found here: the Moulin Rouge – if doing this walk in the evening you can stay for the cabaret, though it’s best to book tickets in advance for this one!


To Ile De St Louis

Start your Paris walking tours in this route by coming from the Ile de la Cite (after visiting the famous Paris Notre Dame) to the adjacent island of Ile de St Louis via the Pont St Louis – what a contrast – on Ile de St Louis the pace of life changes, the tourist masses disappear, elegant buildings line the streets, peace and quiet descends especially at the weekends, so just stroll around soaking up the atmosphere. It is surrounded by the River Seine.

Have a glass of wine at one of the tiny street side cafes, visit some of the wonderful delicatessen shops, smell the fresh bread in the boulangeries, buy an ice cream on Rue St Louis, explore the vintage wine shops, indulge in a delectable piece of authentic French cheese, and know you are in the heart of Paris. This island is in the Paris River Seine, alongside the more famous island, Ile de la Cite, famous for the Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais de Justice, etc.

On Ile de St Louis, you can visit the Museum of Adam Mickiewicz (the Polish poet who lived in Paris for many years). The museum is open only on Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm and you can arrange a guided Paris walking tours company by contacting the Paris Museum in advance – telephone (1) 43 54 35 61.

The church on the island, St Louis en l’Ile, dates from the 17th Century and look out for the great iron clock at the entrance. The outside is a little unimpressive but inside it is glorious. Inside you’ll see a statue of St Louis and he is holding a Crusader’s sword. St Louis gave his name to St Louis in Missouri USA. The church is Baroque in style and is richly decorated. On occasions the church is closed to visitors – usually when the choir is practicing. However, watch out for the concert programme – there are wonderful performances mainly in the summer months during the Festival Musique en l’Ile.

Another wonderful sight on this small island is the Hotel de Luzun. It is on Quai d’Anjou but unfortunately unless part of a private tour you can’t see the interior. One of its famous features though is the drainpipes – yes the pipes to guide the rain from the roof, and you can enjoy these as you stroll past – look out for the fish feature on some of them.

Overall, Ile de St Louis will definitely be one of the major highlights of the different Paris walking tours you will take.


River Seine, Paris Walking Tours

One of the most enduring romantic images of Paris walking tours is by the River Seine. But when you get there, you’ll pretty quickly find that the riverside is busy, very busy – and not with other couples who are also looking for a romantic Seine riverside walk, but with cars!

But this is a question of knowing where to go, and by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know exactly where to go, and how to get there.

Take the Metro to Gare d’Austerlitz (this is a train station and an RER station as well as a Metro station). This is a big station, and so has lots of exits. The one you want is to exit by the Cour des Departs (Departures). As you come out, follow the path around to the right and then go up the stairs. This will put you on the Quai d’Austerlitz. Turn right and head up the hill till you find a place where you can safely cross the road to the Pont Charles de Gaulle (Charles de Gaulle Bridge). Once you’re there, you will find steps that will take you down to the riverside.

These instructions might sound complicated, but believe it or not, it’s easy enough once you’re there.

You’re best off walking with the river on your right as this will take you back towards the center – and anyway, if you went the other way you’d come to some very unromantic dockside factories.

Paris walking tours along River Seine will get you past the Musee de la Sculpture en Plein Air (Outdoor Sculpture Museum) in the Jardin Tino Rossi (named after the famous French singer). If you visit this garden in the evening during Summer, you’ll likely find lots of music and dancing lessons going on.

You’ll also pass the Institut du Monde Arabe, which has a museum and various exhibitions about the Arab and Muslim world. Shortly afterward, you will pass underneath the Pont de Sully (Sully Bridge) which leads into the world-famous Boulevard St-Germain in one direction and straddles the Ile St Louis in the other direction. As you continue with Paris walking tours along the side of the River Seine, you will pass under another two bridges before you come to the Notre Dame.

The classic Seine stroll is not really about sight-seeing though. It’s more about soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing. When you are ready to head back into the world, though, all along the way, you will find sets of steps at various points that will lead you away from the river.


The Rest Of Paris

Once you have “done” all the above, you are now ready to go for the rest of Paris walking tours.

First stop would be The Louvre, it is a museum known for having a vast and diverse collection of artifacts. It would simply leave you awe-struck with the artifacts that you will see. The museum can be found in the Louvre Palace which is the former seat of French Royalty and was known at first as a medieval fortress and had evolve to a now known public art museum. Next stop would be the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is found on the eastern side of Ile de la Cite. It is one of the two natural islands in the Seine River within the city of Paris. The cathedral is known to be the most stunning and famous gothic cathedral in the world. Its construction started in the 12th century and was completed by the 14th century. Climbing the towers of the cathedral will enable you to have a gargoyle’s view of Paris and in which will take your breath away.

Another stop on your Paris walking tours would be the most recognized icon, The Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889 for the World Exposition, it faced numerous commentaries to the point that it was almost torn down. However, it was finally embraced by the people as a symbol of a modern and elegant Paris. The tower has three floors, all of which are open to the public and offers a different perspective about the tower and of Paris.

From the Eiffel Tower, the next stop would be the Arc de Triomphe, which is located at the west end of the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. It is regarded as a symbol of Parisian pomp and elegance all over the world. It is built by the Emperor Napoleon in 1806 for it symbolizes France’s military prowess. It stands at 50 meters high or 164 feet. It depicts the joyful and dark memories of Paris.


In conclusion, there is so much more to see in the beautiful and elegant city of Paris, there are more to walk through the diverse metropolitan. So, go for Paris walking tours to experience all the wonders the city has to offer.

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