Maui Helicopter Tours – The Only Way To See The Beauty Of The Island From Every Inch On Both Sides Of It!

Boasting nearly perfect year-round travel weather, thousands of acres of unspoiled natural beauty, the best beaches in the world, award-winning restaurants and cuisine, world-class golf courses, upscale shopping, luxury resorts, art galleries featuring local artists, amazing snorkel and scuba sites, and more family activities than any other Hawaiian island, it’s easy to see why Maui was named the Best Island in the World by Conde Nast Traveler for an unprecedented 15th time!

Hawaii is the most geographically remote, yet well-populated land in the world. North America, the nearest continent, lies some 2400 miles away. Maui is 727.3 square miles with 120 miles of coastline. More than 80% of the most stunning scenery and unspoiled beauty is inaccessible due to lack of roads and hiking trails leading into the interior sections. Taking a helicopter ride, like the West Maui Molokai Tour, is the most effective way to see Maui.


Why Maui Helicopter Tours?

Taking on Maui Helicopter Tours is the only way to see the beauty of the island from every inch on both sides of it. Aside from the breathtaking view of the crystal clear water, you could also view from the top, the richness of the forests in the island. Nobody on an ordinary inland tour can explore the island as much as you can explore it on a helicopter tour.

What makes the Maui Helicopter Tours better than getting a bus ride around the island? Well, the answer is that, it has so much more to offer. Although Maui island is indeed a tourist spot, it still has parts of the island that are untouched. Some parts have no roads, which limits our experience of enjoying the whole of Maui Island. By going on a helicopter tour, you will be able to view the whole of Maui on a pilot’s perspective and see how this island is blessed with the wonders of nature. Here are among the spots to see on a helicopter tour.


Discovering West Maui and Molokai

So what is there to see beyond the beaches, the sand and the waters of Maui that only Maui Helicopter rides could provide? There are the sea cliffs of Molokai that could go up for thousands above the Pacific. These areas are still untouched and uninhabited in that it has not become accessible for people through land trips. It is approximately a fifty-minute tour and it will cost you about a little over two hundred dollars. And that is already first class seats.

Then there is also a tour of Hana/Haleakala that can be availed for a lesser price. It will take you to the most popular tourist spots in the island, including a tour of the Haleakala National Park. It is where you could see the most fascinating animals. The tour also costs $207, which is already $31 less from its original price. They also offer economy class seats for $247 per pax.

A geological wonder, Haleakala Crater is an extinct volcano that’s 7.5 miles wide, 2.5 miles long, and 3,000 feet deep! Based on these dimensions, the crater could engulf Manhattan Island. The Park’s bleak landscape is pocked with lifeless cinder cones. Fly above this barren environment and you’ll be convinced your looking down on the surface of the moon.

The trip now heads for historic Hana town. En route, you fly over Koolau Forest Reserve, the Keanae Valley, Kuhiwa Gulch, and the Hana Forest Reserve, the largest of its kind in the U.S.

Hana town is considered one of the most Hawaiian communities in the state. Many of its 1,900 residents are of Hawaiian blood and exude “ohana,” or the uniquely indigenous concept of the extended family. This sense of tradition and timelessness has led many to characterize Hana as “Old Hawaii.”

The area surrounding Hana is rich with natural sights, including lush green pastures, jagged black coastlines, Kaihalulu “Red Sand” Beach, and Oheo Gulch’s Seven Sacred Pools (there’s actually 24 pools that start from 400-foot Waimoku Falls and feed into each other until the stream meets the ocean.).

This Maui helicopter tour wraps up with a quick sample of East Maui’s rugged, isolated shoreline, old sugar plantations, and more volcanic moonscapes before making a final pass over the Upcountry area and landing at Kahului.

That said, the Hana and Haleakala Tour is probably the most popular flight to do on the island of Maui because it covers the two main scenic points, but my personal favorite is the West Maui Molokai Tour.

The West Maui Mountains, or Mauna Kahalawai as it is traditionally known by Hawaiians, with its many peaks and ridges is the older of two volcanoes that form the island of Maui. The highest peak, Pu’u Kukui stands at 5,778 feet and is located in the upper regions of the mountain on the Western end. Imagine, a bird’s-eye view of this natural beauty.

Pu’u Kukui is known as the second wettest spot on earth, second only to Mount Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i. The abundance of water that flow from these mountains is the source of dozens of incredible waterfalls like the Wall of Tears that feed the streams and sparkling blue pools that run along the rainforest floor. The tallest waterfall on Maui, Honokohau Falls, is also located here A West Maui Molokai Tour expedition offers exquisite viewing of spectacular waterfalls!

This first segment of the West Maui Molokai Tour is only a prelude to even more fantastic views. With such eye-popping scenery it’s difficult to know where to begin to describe the wonders that you’ll find on the final leg of the West Maui Molokai Tour, on the remarkable “Friendly Isle” of Molokai.

The Sea Cliffs of Molokai, the tallest in the world, is the first thing to greet you as you journey across the Pailolo channel. The shear size and magnitude of these spectacular sea cliffs will leave you in awe. You can truly appreciate nature’s grandeur from a helicopter excursion, specifically the West Maui Molokai Tour.

Sculpted by ancient and violent volcanic surges and 1.5 million years of erosion, your senses will feast on the pristine valleys and magnificent waterfalls as you travel from Kalaupapa to Halawa Valley on the West Maui Molokai Helicopter Tour, the West Maui Molokai Tour may provide you a view of Kahiwa Falls (tallest in Hawaii), Papalaua Falls, Wailau Valley, Ancient Hawaiian Fish Ponds, the Molokai Reef (longest fringe reef in the US) and the archeologically rich Halawa Valley with Moalua Falls and Hipuapua Falls.

Flashing back to Kalaupapa before the waterfalls,  this is an isolated peninsula on the northern coast of Molokai served as a dumping ground for people with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) – a dark and terrible time in Hawaii’s history. The living hell endured by the exiled lepers of the Kalaupapa Settlement was tempered by the healing efforts of the Belgian priest, Father Damien. Today, the Kalaupapa Settlement is a place for education and contemplation, and in 1980, it became a National Historical Park.

On the return home the West Maui Molokai Tour will visit Lahaina, once the home to many of Hawaii’s Royalty and the former Whaling Capitol of the World.

Your West Maui Molokai Tour concludes with a visit through Iao Valley State Park where an epic battle to unite the Hawaiian islands were fought between the armies of Kamehameha and Kalanikupule.

Maui helicopter tours can last for an hour. In a 60-minute West Maui/Molokai tour, you will be treated with a spectacular areal view of the Kalaupapa Peninsula and the mountains at the Western part of Maui. And atop, a different Maui island will welcome you with the warmest Aloha!


Maui Tour Package

A spectacular Maui tour package is also available for those who really want to combine two of the Maui tours mentioned above. It will cover a trip to the amazing waterfalls that has become such a view for its height. This tour highlights the breathtaking view of the island’s rainforests, which are considered among the richest rainforests in the world.


Maui – Complete Island

Maui, measuring some 730 square miles, is Hawaii’s second largest island. Via a network of winding roads, you can circumnavigate this tropical paradise in a couple of days. Don’t have that kind of time? Then take any of Maui Helicopter Tours, which can do a full circuit in little more than one hour.

By full circuit, we are referring to a helicopter ride that includes the West Maui Mountains, Upcountry, East Maui (Hana), Haleakala National Park, and South Maui (KÄ«hei, Wailea-Makena).

Highlights of this tour include the Haleakala Crater, Oheo Gulch, Hana town, and the Hana Rainforest Preserve. Extended time exploring the West Mountain valleys and waterfalls. The north island’s sheer cliffs and untamed shoreline are included. Optional mid-trip landing segment available. Most comprehensive flight on the market.

Flight times range from 30 minutes to a little more than an hour. Departures are from Kahului heliport, North Maui. Trips leave daily all year round. Fly early for the best visibility and weather conditions. Remember to have your digital camera or camcorder fully charged, and bring back-up batteries and memory sticks.

You can choose between an AStar and an EcoStar130 for your Maui helicopter tours. The AStar is a great aircraft. However, if you want a quiet, smooth ride, I recommend going with the EcoStar 130. This chopper comes with 25 percent more cabin space and its seats are configured theater-style (all face forward). Views are better, too, because the front is comprised of a 180-degree wraparound windshield.

Book your helicopter ride online. The web is where the best deals are. Reserve your flight in advance. These rides are extremely popular (especially during high season) and you don’t want to come all the way to Maui only to be turned away because they’re sold out.


Anything Else In Maui Apart From Helicopter Tours?

Yes….Maui helicopter tours are not the only activities to enjoy, whether you are planning a romantic couple get away or an all out family vacation, Maui is the ideal spot to ensure that there is none stop fun and adventure. You will never run out of things to do because Maui Activities are abundant including the world famous Maui Luaus that you will not want to miss out on. The Island tourism operators also offer some of the best organized tours in the world, perfect for everyone’s interests and budget.

Maui Luaus are constant on the island and you can enjoy one or all of them if you have the time and energy. One of the most popular luau is one that includes the Imu ceremony, an all you can eat buffet, hula dances and the traditional greetings of lei when you arrive. This is an award winning luau and is a favourite among visitors. Other Maui Luaus include, Drums of Makena luau, Hyatt drums of the Pacific luau, the feast of Lele luau and more.

When you talk about vacationing in Maui, the Maui road to Hana Tours will always come up, because this is a tour that should not be missed, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with the entire family. The Maui road to Hana Tours are famous because they provide you with a luxurious, comfortable, scenic ride to Hana, where you will enjoy a nice lunch on Hana’s beautiful beach and then have the luxury of knowing what Maui Helicopter Tours feel like for the ride back, where you will pass over amazing waterfalls and rainforests.

If you are open to a little more “risk” in your vacation this year, then maybe you are ready to try Maui Scuba Diving. This activity is almost always never tried because most people have a natural fear of large bodies of water. However vacationers to Maui, who have tried scuba diving are glad they did, thanks to the experience of the island’s most famous instructor, “Scuba Mike”. Captain Mike Przetak’s impressive resume includes: 25 years experience as the island’s chief scuba instructor, PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer certified, licensed US coast guard. He keeps his class sizes small so that everyone can get the essential training they need in using the snorkel-gear, and observing underwater creatures such as tropical fish, sting-rays and turtles. Try Maui Scuba Diving on this vacation, the experience will be exhilarating and heart-healthy.


Now, you know a bit about Maui, the potential sight seen tours you can enjoy and other activities in the island……then long story short, Maui Helicopter Tours will be the right option for you or any travel as they will give you an opportunity to go around and through the island without the hassles of traveling a lot. A helicopter tour around Maui does not only bring to you the views of the wonders of Hawaii. It also provide you with comfort and great service that going on a ride around the island is an easy, fun, and worth remembering experience.

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