Top Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Soar In The Blue Skies Above The Hawaiian Islands

A Hawaii helicopter tours are unforgettable experiences you’ll have on your whole trip to Hawaii since the island tourism operators offer some of the best organized tours in the world. An hour or two spent above some of the planet’s most captivating landscape sears itself into your memory for years to come. A Hawaii helicopter tours are both safe and stupendous!

Some of the sights you’ll encounter aloft on your Hawaii helicopter tours include of course Hawaii’s spectacular volcanoes, Haleakala, Kilauea and the Pu’u O’o Vent. If you’re lucky you’ll see lava flows! Other great sights seen from above include Hana’s spectacular rain forests and waterfalls, lush sugar cane and pineapple fields, pristine valleys and remote inaccessible rain forests. Relax in the comfort of your seat while you view and listen as your guide gives you all the details on state-of-the-art sound systems, allowing you to concentrate on all the beauty below! Videos are usually available to impress your friends back home, as they’d never believe this if you simply told it to them!

There are several fine companies running Hawaii helicopter tours that will take reservations and offer you all the amenities you’ll require. Some of these companies include Hawaii Helicopters, Maui Air, Alex Air, Pacific Wings, Volcano Air Tours, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Sunshine Helicopters and others. Some tours are as short as 30 minutes, to as long as 3 hours, and run from $100-$500 depending of course on the tour and times you choose. We have gathered and provide you detailed top Hawaii helicopter tours in this article to give you a head start.


Sneak Preview Of Popular Hawaii Helicopter Tours


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Maui

Maui originated over two million years ago by one extinct volcano “the West Maui Mountains” and one dormant volcano “Haleakala” raising 10,023 feet above sea level. Observe triple canopy tropical rainforests with vibrant green valleys.

Glide over rugged towering sea cliffs along the windward coasts (Molokai has the world’s tallest sea cliffs). Hover next to towering, plunging waterfalls and hidden valleys.

Maui’s special attractions are Kapalua, Kaanapali, Old Lahaina Town, Hana Town, Seven Pools, Upcountry, Ho’okipa, Lindbergh’s resting place, sugarcane and pineapple fields, and much more. Maui No Ka Oi, Maui is the best!

Sunshine Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Hana Haleakala Tour (Approximately a 40-50 minute flight) – This excursion offers generous views of Haleakala’s magnificent crater. Travel through Maui’s most remote areas with views of Hana Town, the Seven Pools, fabulous coastline waterfalls and world famous Ho’okipa windsurfing beach on the return. Whale watching when in season.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

West Maui Mountains – This flight explores one hidden valley after the next and is the only possible way to come to know the real Maui. Knife-edged ridges with mist-shrouded peaks separate the spectacular valleys that give Maui its nickname, “The Valley Isle”. Waterfalls cascade from towering cliffs into the streams running along the rainforest floor. If clouds and rainfall happen to be a part of your adventure, the waterfalls and rainbows can be even more spectacular. This tour is heart-thumping beauty from start to finish.


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Sacred Falls

Discover Hawaii Tours offers following option (visit their site for more):

60-Minute Sacred Falls Helicopter – Set off on your 60-minute helicopter adventure from the Honolulu International Airport towards Oahu’s scenic South Shore, where aerial views of Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach, and Makapu’u Lookout and Lighthouse provide you with amazing picture opportunities. A fly over Windward Oahu and Waimanalo Beach shows off one of Oahu’s most beautiful beaches, and the lush mountains that divides the island.

Your scenic helicopter expedition continues towards the North Shore, where you will see the most-famous beaches on the entire island! In the winter months, the swells that arrive at Waimea Bay and Banzai Pipeline bring surfers from all over the world, and the bird’s eye view from a helicopter brings a whole new perspective to these beaches.


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Kauai

Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth largest island, called the “Garden Isle,” which is an entirely accurate description of this beautiful island. The oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain is draped in emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs, aged by time and the elements. Centuries of growth have formed tropical rainforests, forking rivers and cascading waterfalls. Some parts of Kauai are only accessible by sea or air, revealing views beyond your imagination.

Perhaps the best way to see the breadth and majesty of Kauai is by air. Experience the magnitude of the Napali Coast. Hover over the deep chasms of Waimea Canyon. View majestic Manawaiopuna Falls, seen in the film, “Jurassic Park.” With much of Kauai’s lush wilderness inaccessible by car, an aerial tour is the perfect way to fully experience Kauai’s hidden natural wonders.

Sunshine Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour (Approximately a 45-55 minute flight) – Kauai’s most inspiring mountains, most magical caves, enticing waterways, unique flora and fauna, rich red dirt and emerald green vistas – discover this and more on one of our tours.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Kauai ECO Adventure – Kauai Helicopter Tours at their finest. Your journey begins with a flight to spectacular Hanapepe Valley, then continues on to Mana Waiapuna, commonly referred to as “Jurassic Park Falls.” Next it’s up the Olokele Canyon before moving on to eye-popping Waimea Canyon, the famed “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” where you’ll explore many hidden waterfalls. Then, the sculptural masterpiece of the Na Pali Coast gives way to the Bali Hai Cliffs, and the pristine blue waters of Hanalei Bay and the Princeville Resort area. Weather permitting, we’ll visit Mt Waialeale, the heart of the ancient volcano. This is the wettest spot on earth, with an average rainfall of 450-500 inches annually! Flying into the center of the crater with its 5000-foot walls towering above and its 3000-foot waterfalls surrounding you, is a truly awe-inspiring finish to your ECO Adventure over the Garden Isle. Although tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions there is no finer Kauai Helicopter Tour available.


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Hilo

Paradise Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Volcanoes & Waterfalls – The Volcanoes & Waterfalls air adventure showcases the how the story of Hawai‘i is inextricably linked to the elements. You will fly over Kīlauea, the most active volcano on earth, and search out glowing red lava, evidence that this fiery hot spot is constantly cycling through both creation and destruction. However, the windward side also catches enough rain to make Hilo the wettest city in the United States. All this water fills tunnels that once flowed with lava, creating incredible rivers, pools and waterfalls all over East Hawai‘i. Hilo’s lush rain forests, Mauna Loa’s vistas and the plunging Wai‘ānuenue (Rainbow Falls), so named for the rainbows you can see in the mist when the early morning sunshine hits the water.

Choose the Hilo Volcanoes & Waterfalls air adventure to see volcanic activity and waterfalls inaccessible by any other means!


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Oahu

Discover Hawaii Tours offers following option (visit their site for more):

30-Minute Pali-Makani Helicopter – Your Oahu helicopter tour departs from the Honolulu International Airport. As soon as you are in the air, the island takes on a whole new life. Fly by the Aloha Tower and its surrounding marketplace, a welcoming Oahu landmark since the early 1900′s. Discover the historic district of Downtown Honolulu by air, where many structures of Hawaiian royalty remain standing today. Journey around the South Shore for dramatic views of Hanauma Bay, Koko Head Crater, and Sandy Beach, plus the Ko’olau Mountains and dramatic panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.


Paradise Helicopter Tours offers following option (visit their site for more):

Magnum Experience – Whether you’re the world’s biggest Magnum, P.I. fan, secretly harboring a dream of riding in T.C.’s chopper, or simply want to see the entire island of O‘ahu from above, our Magnum Experience is the flight for you. This experience covers all of the island’s highlights, including the fabled North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head), Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), and more!  We’ll even fly you on a thrilling, low level route just off the shores of iconic Waikīkī – the same flight route you’ve seen in the opening sequence of Magnum, P.I.!  No moustache required.


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Big Island

The Island of Hawaii is the youngest island in the Hawaiian chain and is also by far the biggest, providing a vast canvas of environments to discover a variety of unrivaled natural wonders. This is the home of Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes; Mauna Kea, the tallest sea mountain in the world at more than 33,000 feet; Mauna Loa, the most massive mountain in the world, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the largest park in the state.

All but two of the world’s climate zones generate everything from lush rain forests to volcanic deserts and snow-capped mountaintops to beautiful black sand beaches.

Sunshine Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Kohala / Hamakua Coast Tour (Approximately a 30-40 minute flight) – Witness the awesome beauty of the Kohala mountains! Our Black Beauties will take you on a climb up steep ocean cliffs and sink down into deep winding valleys such as Waimanu, Pololu and Waipio.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Big Island Spectacular – Discover both the Big Island’s beauty and its volcanic fury. Tour the most geologically active environment on earth-the famous Kilauea volcano, which has been continuously erupting since 1983. View lava flows and black sand beaches. Experience all the awesome spectacle of Madame Pele’s lava and volcanic badlands, then explore the lush rainforests of the Hamakua Coast. The towering sea cliffs open into the dramatically deep and meandering valleys of the Kohala Mountains. Beautiful waterfalls cascade thousands of feet into the rainforest below and remnants of ancient Hawaiian settlements are still visible. This is the perfect finish to the ultimate Big Island adventure. This tour was voted #1 by The Travel Channel as the “World’s Best Helicopter Thrill.”

Safari Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Volcano Safari Tour –  This flight departs from Hilo (with views of 13 thousand foot Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea) and flies directly to the most active volcanic areas on the Big Island. Many of these features are remote and only accessible by air.

Please note, all views are weather permitting. The trip is 40 – 45 minutes


Hawaii Helicopter Tours – Kona

Paradise Helicopters offers following option (visit their site for more):

Waterfall Heli-Trek – This adventure departs from the Kona International Airport in an executive style Bell 407 helicopter. En route to the Volcano area, you will overfly the world-famous Kona coffee district and skirt two of Hawai‘i’s towering volcanoes: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Upon arrival to Kīlauea in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, your pilot will search out the day’s activity with the hopes of seeing red hot lava. Then, you will venture deep into uninhabited valleys that showcase Hawai‘i’s wild, untamed beauty. Water cascades down dangerously sheer valley walls, and surf pounds rocky cliffs and unreachable beaches.

Then, after navigating the island by air, land in historic North Kohala, where your Hawaii Forest & Trail interpretive guide meets you and takes you behind locked gates, over charming foot bridges, and past historic taro terraces. Your guide will tell you the rich history of the Kohala District, where Kamehameha I was born, while you enjoy a relaxed trail walk. You’ll even have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of swimming in a waterfall, before strolling through Hāwī, a quaint plantation village now home to galleries and artists. This is the perfect adventure for guests looking for the best of Old Hawaii.


Tips for choosing the right Hawaii Helicopter tour for you

Before you take a helicopter tour, you should spend some time researching your options online. Here are tips to help you choose the best tour and enjoy it.

1. Make a Safe Choice – Each year, thousands of Hawaii visitors enjoy safe, scenic helicopter tours across the Hawaiian Islands. Before boarding a helicopter, it is important to recognize that there are risks. Accidents are infrequent, but they can and do happen.

How do you make a safe choice? First, choose a helicoptor tour that advertises that they are certified as a FAA Part 135 Air Carrier, which means that the operator is subject to higher standards than general aviation operators. Next, you might find it helpful to look up accidents from the National Transportation Safety Board.

2. Know the Seating Arrangement – Most helicopters used for touring have six passengers with a seating arrangement of two passengers in front and four in the back. That means that two people are going to be stuck in the middle seats in the back and with limited view. A-Star and Eco-Star type helicopters carry six passengers. The Eco-Stars are generally a little nicer than the A-Stars because they offer a bit more room, less noise, and more window space.

3. Shop online for best pricing – Most companies offer a nice discount for booking directly with them online.

4. Timing your Tour – If possible, try to book your tour on the first or second day of your trip so that you will gain a better orientation of the island.

5. What to do on the day of your tour:


  • Pay close attention to the safety instructions provided and don’t hesitate to ask questions about them.
  • Wear dark clothing without pattens to minimize the glare on the windows.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, take medication in advance.
  • Use high speed film/settings for your camera.
  • Hold your camera lens near the window to minimize reflections.


  • Wear earrings because they could get in the way of your headphones.
  • Spend too much time looking at the scenery through tiny viewfinder of your camera.

6. Know which islands are the best for helicopter tours.


Do yourself a favor and book one of the Hawaii helicopter tours on your next Hawaii vacation. You’ll be glad you did!

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