Austria Ski Holidays – Austria Is The Place To Be When It Comes To Skiing!

At the foothills of The Alps lies the mountainous country of Austria. Its many snow capped peaks make Austria ski holidays a mesmerizing vacation in the paradise of snow and adventure. This perfect blend of scenic beauty and adventurous mountainous terrains make sure that this tourist hot spot has something to offer to everyone. It is easy to lose the track of time and forget the troubles of everyday life while zooming through miles of long and curvy nature’s white roads of snow; something that you find in abundance in Austria. It is a place filled with magnificent and beautiful glaciers, valleys, vineyards and lakes. With such abundant beauty, the gentle snow filled slopes of this land call nature lovers from all over the world.

Almost every mountain and valley in Austria has at least one or two ski tracks. Among the most important of these are found in the regions of Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. The greatest ski resorts in the Austrian Alps pride themselves with about 100 lifts and over 250 kilometers of ski slopes, for example the Zillertal Valley, the Wilder Kaiser ski area and the Arlberg, the “cradle” of alpine skiing. There are also various ski areas on big glaciers, where skiing is possible all throughout the year (for example Solden, one of the most impressive glaciers in Austria).

Many towns and villages in Austria are often settings for world cup trials, amongst which we notice the men’s Streif – Kitzbuhel descent. Innsbruck, the capital of the state of Tyrol, has been the host of the Winter Olympics twice, in 1964 and 1976. These are just some of the reasons why alpine skiing is one of the most important attractions in Austrian tourism, which is the main economic sector of the country.

In European tourists’ minds, the word “Austria” is a synonym for skiing, snowy mountains and winter sports. Rarely you can find a scenery to match so perfectly a tourist’s desires: the predominant colors of winter and spring are the pure white of the snow and the perfect blue of the skies. Such a scenery can only invite one to take a week off and do all the winter sports that could come to one’s mind: no only classic ski, but also alpine ski, carving, snowboarding and breathtaking slope runs during the day, and even during the night.

For whoever loves the fascinating winter landscapes, and wants to see them and savor them in peace, Austria is very well prepared for cross country skiing too, with signposts for each difficulty level on high grounds and other various features. Alternatively you can put on your snowshoes and go through the snowy mountain passes and enjoy a wonderful day, and maybe you can relax in the evening at the spas and thermal baths of the resorts you are staying in.

The Austria ski holidays resorts have a lot to offer as you will find some of the best organized tours in the world as part of the package. They are equipped with a lot of facilities to ensure that the stay of their guests is comfortable and interesting. From experienced skiers to amateurs who just want to have some fun, these resorts have planned packages for all. There are easier terrains recommended for those who are just beginning to get the knack of the sport and plenty of difficult, twisty terrains for those who love to live on the edge. Snow scooters, snow bikes, short skates, snow-boards etc are few of the most popular facilities available. The landlocked country of Austria is home to many lakes. The waters of Lake Worthorsee hold a lot of attraction for tourists. Water lovers can choose to visit one of the many lakes in Austria for water sports activities, swimming or just a little skinny dipping in the astonishingly clear waters of these lakes. Other attractions include the Hohe Tauern National Park where one can spot the majestic Alpine Ibex and the caves of Dachstein where the temperatures can be well below zero degrees.

When returning from the ski run, your muscles only ask for a little relaxation and warmth, and that’s why a perfect vacation is when you can combine sports with spas and well being. These are things that you will easily be able to find at the majority of ski resorts in central and western Austria. Thanks to various programs focused on relaxation and well being, your Austria ski holiday will become a great opportunity for reestablishing your inner balance and recharge your mental and physical energies, making it easy to engage your day-to-day life with your newly found enthusiasm.


Destinations To Try



This city is one of the best ski areas in Austria and is famous for winter sports. It is an ideal landscape for winter which and boasts of great scenery of the mountains. Here, almost 2000 meters above the level of the sea, lies a most charming and attractive place with tranquil and ideal locality. Hinterstoder of Austria has a huge number of ski runs which are apt for skiers.



It has great popularity and that is why it has been considered as one of the best areas to go to for your Austria ski holidays. There are a lot of competitions in skiing and other winter sports which are held in this area. Therefore this city is very famous for winning multiple awards in sports competitions. This region has in store a lot of fun and excitement for beginners and kids. There is a very beautiful park and amazing huts for kids as well as a lift for the enjoyment of kids. It is 1,338 meters above the level of the sea. It’s placed in a noiseless and traffic free zone in the region. There are also a lot of restaurants with high qualities.



This inspires a lot of its visitors with its uniqueness and distinctive beauty. There are a couple of restaurants where delicious and spicy foods are served to the visitors. The most dominant class of visitors indulges in skiing at this place. It should be kept in mind that skiing is not easy for beginners. Skiing requires specific attire and shoes in order to keep safe.



The visitors come here at the opening of new seasons in order to observe the natural sights of this scenic area or region. Normally, the individuals from all over the country come here for the enjoyment of passing through the different and beautiful roads. It has also become a famous place for winter based sports.



It is also famous and includes the Enns Valley which is only 24 kilometers away from the city; Steyr. The visitors reach this area by lifts as a means of transportation. There are a lot of slopes on the South Eastern side of the mountains. These mountains are very suitable for the intermediates and beginners in the art of skiing.


St Christoph

If going out in full flow for a lot of fun is not your choice of Austria ski holidays then you can choose St Christoph, a destination close to a very entertaining St Anton. The relaxing in St Christoph is pleasant mostly because it is located above the sea levels and that to as high as 1800 metres. It is well known for this feature it exhibits. If you are just a beginner in skiing then Austria does not leave you far too. A famous destination Lech supports all the Austria’s ski resorts and it is especially for beginners and the ones at intermediate level. The open slopes in this region are as big as 180 kilo meters and tended pistes grab away 260 kilometers. We can surely say the Lech provides a huge variety for everyone.

A grand opening ceremony is held at this place indicating the start of the very famous ski season in the whole of Austria.



Ischgl is a skiing area in the Silvretta Arena. The snow covered mountains in Ischgl feature a lot of slopes and lifts. It is frequently voted as one of the top destination for skiing sports. Ischgl is a very well known winter resort in Austria. The skiing area is guaranteed snow from December to April. The slope is perfect and there are many helpers at the Ishgl’s mountains. Ishgl has the best snow making machines in the world. Ischgl is equipped with modern lift facilities. The lift will connect you to the Silvretta Arena ski area. The lifts and cable cars in Ischgl are safe and fast. It is able to transport a large amount of people without problem. The high transport capacity allows visitors to enjoy skiing without having to queue up. The cross country skis allow you to ski at your own speed. Families can perform ice skating. Tourists can go tobogganing downhill with their friends. If you don’t want to ski, you can go winter hiking in the Paznaun valley.


St. Anton

St. Anton is a paradise ski resort that can be enjoyed by the family. St. Anton has about 2680 inhabitants. The snowparks in St. Anton offer double Kickerline. The Kickerline is equipped with 2 jumps. The jumps are located 7 – 11 meters in between each other. On the left side, you will find many types of obstacles. The small and medium obstacles in the Kickerlines are designed by Rene Schnoller and Alex Fischer. In St. Anton, you will find several sports shops that sell snowboard equipments. Rendl area has three funpark slopes with different distances. You can arrive at St. Anton by taking the train, shuttle bus, airplane and car. The nearest airports to St. Anton are Innsbruck, Friedrichshafen, Zurich and Salzburg airports.



Saalbach is a large ski resorts in Austria. It offers three snowparks. The snowparks are located at the Jinterglemm Leogang. There are many sport shops that sell skiing equipments for people who want to go skiing. Saalbach offers beginners slopes for people that are new to skiing. Advance skiers can ski on the more challenging pistes that are located near to the village. In addition, it offers extra wide carving pistes. There are more than 40 comfortable huts on the ski resort. It is equipped with 55 cable cars and lifts. The 200km slopes are available in different difficulty levels.

The slopes are marked with different colors to inform the skiers about the difficulty levels. The 90km slope that is marked with blue is designed for beginner skiers. The red slope has a distance of 95 km and is for the Intermediate skiers. The black slope has a distance of 15 km and is used by advanced skiers. The carving fun park is designed for young and old skiers. The fun park are groomed and shaped daily by the professional shapers at Saalbach. The moguls are available at the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang. The snowpark offers a wide range of facilities including kinked box, easy kicker, cliff jump, 20 m big pro kicker, bumps and etc.



The other destination famous in Austria during the ski season is Zurs. Here the whole season of ski is filled with a lot of enthusiastic firework, a lot of music and great fun. The one specialty left of the famous Alberg circus for ski in Austria is the variety of tastes this place provides for every type of athlete present in Austria. It fulfills to all the needs of everyone from the very beginners to professionals. It has various routes leading from cross-country for all the treks and snowboarders in addition to the general and regular skiing stretches present downhill.

In conclusion, the all the other popular skiing areas or places; Sternstein Lifte, Feuerkogel, Forsteralm and Ybbs Gaflenz entail the same characteristics as the above mentioned have. These are best ski areas in Austria which are famous throughout the world, to find out more on ski resorts in Austria please visit Skiing in Austria.


This winter wonderland promises an unforgettable time with the snow. Austria ski holidays are an ultimate tour package super charged with the adrenaline rush. Even those who are not experts can find many guides who can train them excellently and at least give them a taste of what the snow filled lands of the country are all about. With so many favourable spots to choose from, one can customise the right blend of safety and risk. For the experts of course, it is a place to forget everything but skiing, even themselves.

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