Recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island Tours That You Will Enjoy

There is no doubt about it, a St. Thomas vacation is perfect for everyone. A great way to enjoy the beauty of the island is to go on a St. Thomas tour. The island tourism operators and agencies have some of the best organized tours in the world available, so everyone will be sure to find one that meets their needs. Make sure to check out these recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy.

Tours come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is essential to choose the one that is right for you. Start by honestly asking yourself what you want from the tour. Some people want an adventure tour. Others prefer a tour that allows them to shop till they drop. Still others prefer a tour that allows them to visit lots of historic sites. The great news is that operators offer many different types of tours in St. Thomas.

Now, consider what activities that you really like to do when on vacation. This allows the participant to choose a tour that is exactly right for them. Matching the exact activities that one wants to do with recommended tours in St. Thomas is very easy.

Make sure to also consider what group size makes you the happiest. Some recommended St. Thomas Virgin Islands involve large groups of people, while others are intimate tours for families or other small groups.

Some tours in St. Thomas basically offer transportation to selected activities. On other tours, the tour guide stays with the group the whole time and leads the activity. It is important to decide which type is right for you. offers a three or four day tour featuring the highlights of St. Thomas and of St. John. One of the reasons that this comes as a recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tour to enjoy is that all the employees live on the island and love it. The first day of this tour starts with pickup at the airport and continues with a welcoming reception for all participants arriving before the early evening. Then, the second day, starts with a trip up a twisting mountain road until tourist reach the Drake Seat and Sky Line Lookout, one of the best places to see all of the island. Then, the tour travels to the heart of Charlotte Amalie for a two-hour tour of seven historical sites. After a beachfront lunch of local cuisine, the tour takes a quick swim before heading back to the hotel. On the third day, the tour heads to St. John and then on the last day heads to The Baths in Virgin Gorda. This company also offers several other tours that are much shorter and cover one specific interest.


Virgin Island Ecotours

Another highly recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tour company is Virgin Island Ecotours. They offer two tours on the St. Thomas side of the island. The first tour is to the Mangrove Lagoon. This lagoon contains hundreds of small islands built up of mangrove trees. The very usual formation of the area allows offshore coral reefs, diverse reef fish populations, and shoreline stabilization.  The first tour lasting 2.5 hours allows visitors to paddle through this area along with a guide. Looking up allows visitors to often see blue herons, night herons, egrets, yellow warblers in their natural habitat. The company also offers a three hour tour that includes a hike through the mangroves forest to an extremely rare geological blowhole. Visitors on this hike, then snorkel in a coral-fringed mangrove nursery. The company also offers a five hour tour expanding the time to do each activity.


Stormy Petrel and Pirate’s Penny Tours

Stormy Petrel and Pirate’s Penny Tours offers two recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. On the

Cooper Island Beach Club

Cooper Island Beach Club

first tour, visitors leave early in the morning from Red Hook and cruise down the north shore of Tortola. This is an area that many visitors to the island never get to enjoy, but one that is extremely beautiful. Then, those on the yacht stop at Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. This original capital of the Virgin Islands is an outstanding place to shop in many quaint boutique type stores. Then, the tour continues on to the Baths for some snorkeling fun before heading to the fabulous Cooper Island Beach Club for lunch. In the afternoon, the yacht stops at a secluded reef for some more snorkeling fun. The second tour follows the same morning and lunch routine before heading to the beach at White Bay’s Famous Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke for drinks.


Nate’s Custom Charters Day Tours

The slogan at Nate’s Custom Charters Day Tours is that it is your day, so do it your way. The company offers four different types of island adventures making it one of the highest recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. The captain of the boat, Nate, grew up in St. Thomas and has been offering tours to the public from his charter boat for 15 years. A popular tour that can be arranged is a history tour with stops at Blackbeard’s Castle. Local legend says that Blackbeard used this castle to spot ships that he would then rob. This tour is often combined with a stop at Norman Island, locally called “Treasure Island.” Many experts believe that Norman Island was the inspiration behind the iconic Treasure Island book. This company also offers trips to many of the island’s exotic beaches, snorkeling tours and fishing tours.


Sunny Liston Tours

Sunny Liston Tours offers four different highly recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. A favorite tour of this company is the shopping tour. Visitors are picked up at their hotel or cruise ship for a fun-filled duty-free morning of shopping in the Charlotte Amalie district on your own. After lunch on your own, then guests are whisked to see the beautiful sights from Mountain Top. Next, guests can swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and parasailing before returning to their hotel or cruise ship. Visitors can also schedule a four or six hour private tour.


Godfrey Tours

For over 23 years, Godfrey Tours has been offering highly recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours. They offer shopping tours in Charlotte Amalie that last from 3/4 hour to 2 3/4 hours depending on which ship. They can also pick you up at local hotels. After shopping, this tour then takes you to see Bluebeard’s Castle, Blackbeard’s Castle, Hassel Island, Water Island and St. Croix on your way to Mountain Top where you can enjoy a Rum Banana Daiquiri, believed to be the best in the world. Then, guests will be returned to their ship or hotel.


Chamber of Commerce Free Walking Tour

Emancipation Park

Emancipation Park

The Chamber of Commerce offers unguided free walking tours of St. Thomas. Visitors can pick up a map at the Chamber office near where the cruise ships dock. Visitors can follow the map to see the highlights of St. Thomas. The first stop is King’s Wharf where the United States brought St. Thomas from the Dutch for $25 million dollars. The second stop is Fort Christian which is the oldest standing structure in the Virgin Islands. The third stop is Emancipation Park where African slaves were freed much earlier than in the continental United States. Other stops on this unguided tour include Grand Galleria, Central Post Office, Frederik Lutheran Church, Government House and many others.


Island Tours VI

Island Tour VI offers seven different recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. Those who are looking for some adventure on their vacation may want to consider the adventure tour that includes a choice of such fun-filled activities such as ziplining, wind surfing and paint ball. Other tours include a history tour, island sightseeing, shopping, beach and a family tour. Guests can also customize their own tour packages.


Tropic Tours

Since 1961, Tropic Tours has offered full-day tours of St. Thomas. These tours start at the airport and start by showing guests breathtaking views of Magen’s Bay, St. John and the on-going chain of the British Virgin Islands before stopping at St. Peter’s Greathouse where you can climb to Mountain Top. Visitors then go to Yacht Haven Grande where they can enjoy a leisurely lunch and shopping in up to 50 duty-free shops before guests are returned to their hotel or cruise ship.


Air Force 1 Fun

Air Force 1 Fun offers 15 different tour packages that guests can choose from when visiting St. Thomas making them one of the most recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. One of the highlights of many of the tours for this company is that they do not offer a former tour, but concentrate on getting guests to many of the best beaches found on St. Thomas. One of the tours even gets guests to Meagan’s Beach that National Geographic Magazine has named one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Once at the beach, visitors can rent lounge chairs or choose a more active vacation by renting kayaks, paddleboats or sunfish.


Active Island Tours

Those who enjoy beginning the day with some activity will enjoy the power walking and running tours from Active Island Tours. On the running tour, participants meet just outside where the cruise ships dock to start a 5k run that allows participants to stand in front of Fort Christian, run up the iconic 99 steps that is actually 103 steps long, and run by several other historic sites in the Charlotte Amale area. The power walking tour follows the same path, but at a little slower pace.


Golden Age Ranch

Golden Age Ranch offers horseback rides across the island while the guide informs participants about the local history and lore. Most of the horses used on this trail riding experience are retired Caribbean racing horses that have been rescued. Much of the trail ride takes place on the beaches of St. Thomas. Depending on weather conditions, the ride may also include a quick horseback dip in the ocean. All money raised from this tour goes to support the ranch which is a nonprofit activity.

There are many highly recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to enjoy. Start by choosing the activities that you want to do the most and then consider the size of group that you would like to go with on your tour. Decide if you would like the guide to stay with your group or if you are signing up for the tour simply for the transportation. Understand exactly what is covered in the tour and what expenses you will be expected to cover. Most important of all, remember when choosing one of these recommended St. Thomas Virgin Island tours to stay flexible. Things may not always go the way that you want them to go, so relax and have a good time. You are on island time after all.

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