London Boat Trips – You Don’t Always Need A Full Week Or More To Enjoy A Cruise!

Including London boat trips in your vacation if you are visiting the United Kingdom is something that is well worth trying out. If you want to see the iconic landmarks of London from the river Thames this is the best way to do it in style.

River travel is obviously a relaxing way to travel, so why not combine this with a Thames river cruise for a fantastic day out.

If you want to see some of the sights of London, for example: Big Ben, The Tower of London, the London Eye, then what better way to achieve this than by a Thames river cruise.

River cruising actually makes the experience different for you too, so even if you have already seen many of these places, seeing them from the river Thames from the deck of one of the many London boat trips that populate the London River is an experience to be recommended.

Beat the cut-throat wind with exciting London boat trips on high speed boat along the monumental River Thames. These high-speed London boat trips are one of the most stirring ways to explore the capital. Simply opt one of the finest London speedboat tours from below and embark on your action-packed journey through the waterway. With no doubt, you are going to experience some of the best organized tours in the world with London speedboats!


London RIB Voyages

London RIB Voyages are great to see London’s iconic landmarks whilst whizzing along the River Thames in comfy RIB boats. These genuine high speed London boat trips are suitable for all the ages and give a fast-moving experience each time. Super, faster voyages use the avant-garde speedboats that go to the next with a speed up to 35 knots. These adrenalin-fuelled tours provide voyagers a plethora of speedboat adventures. In addition, their few award-winning comedians entertain you throughout the cruise.

There are many reasons that make London RIB Voyages the perfect way to enjoy you vacation. TIME OUT has rated London RIB Voyages as one of the top five things that you must do while in London. The London RIB Voyages have been awarded a gold tourist attraction award in its first year of service.

London RIB Voyages travel a much larger area of the River Thames than conventional London boat trips. This means that you and your family will be able to experience even more in the hour long round trip that is offered. This trip takes you under the bridges of the Thames. You are so close to the water that you will be able to experience the true feel of the Thames.

On every trip there are expert guides that offer you a wealth of information that will teach you something new, while entertaining you at the same time. On all London RIB Voyages the groups are limited to a maximum of twelve passengers so you and your family will be able to fully interact with your guide, asking any questions that come to mind. All guides are accredited and have completely explored and researched the Thames and its interesting history.

London ridge inflatable boats (RIB) are licensed to carry its passengers in a totally safe and comfortable manner. These boats provide a great, relaxing London boat trips option for a great price. Don’t let the price make you feel unsafe because all of the skippers are commercially qualified. Every skipper has had years of experience in high speed, rigid inflatable craft.

Experiencing a London RIB voyage is the perfect way to relax while learning a lot about the area of the Thames. You are choosing the most unique and informative way to experience the London boat trips along River Thames in a purpose built rigid inflatable boat. This is by far one of the most affordable and totally safe ways to see everything this area has to offer.

You can rest assured knowing that you will always be required to have an experienced and professionally trained guide on board as you cruise through the water at a comfortable speed. You get to see all of London’s most popular tourist attractions with an added bonus. You get to explore parts of the river that are inaccessible to larger luxury boats when on a RIB voyage.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions that are visited while cruising the River Thames on a RIB Voyage include the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London, the London Bridge, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the House’s of Parliament.

It is always recommended that you and your family, friends, or coworkers bring comfortable clothing to wear such as trousers or jeans, and of course the necessary amount of life jackets are always required. You can also bring waterproof jackets and goggles (if they are not offered to you by the company you booked your RIB voyage with).

You can expect to be on a RIB voyage for around one to two hours on a weekday. If you or anyone in your party has an existing medical condition that may be affected by this experience then you should consult your personal physician prior to taking part in the trip. These types of boats can have unpredictable movements at times that can aggravate existing medical conditions. This is not a trip for pregnant women.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you are taking a solo trip, couples get away, or an entire family vacation, you will be able to experience the London boat trips along River Thames in the most comfortable way on a London RIB Voyage. The prices are always very reasonable and worth ever cent.


Thames RIB Experience

A one-of-a-kind, high-powered boat ride through the heart of the capital, Thames Rib Experience is a unique way to experience the sounds and sights of the world’s preeminent metropolis. Start off your hour long London boat trips in any of their elegant, futuristic RIB boats and enjoy the exquisite views of the city. Their daily guided tours cover most of the popular attractions in the capital.

London is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It’s rich in history and historical sites. There’s no way you can visit London without trying to visit as many of these historical places as possible. London boat trips along the Thames river are a very popular and enjoyable method to take in London’s history. The Thames river itself has a very important role in the history of the city. It was where the Romans settled over 2 millennia ago to create one of the most ancient societies in history.

Imagine seeing the famous sites of London while comfortably sailing down the Thames river. You’ll be able to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, the famous Big Ben, the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe. If you’re a tourist who only speaks a foreign language, there’s no need to worry; there are headsets in the majority of London boat trips that provide commentaries regarding the different historical sites in several languages including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and other languages. London boat trips vary in duration and in the size of the boat. Duration of the tour ranges from 20 minutes up to 2.5 hours according to your choice. Boats touring the Thames can carry a small number of people or larger numbers reaching 380 individuals. However, keep in mind that you will have to plan ahead regarding your means of transportation upon docking. This is because most tour boats depart from one pier at the beginning of the tour, then dock at a different one when it’s over. If it’s more convenient for you to go on a circular boat tour, those are also available but not as much as the other type. These circular tours usually take about 50 minutes. The majority of London boat trips tend to depart from one of four piers; Westminster Pier, Waterloo Pier, Tower Pier or Greenwich Pier.

There are special types of tickets your can buy which give you different options. There is one type that can allow you to leave the boat for dry ground at whichever pier the boat docks at to see any historical sites from a closer position. There’s another option where you can buy a ticket that includes both boat and land transportation. Therefore, you can leave the boat at any dock and use the very same ticket for a bus ride or the like. Things don’t get any more convenient than that!

When it comes to food, there’s no need to worry. This is because you can book one of the many London boat trips Thames cruises that serve lunch and dinner. Not only will you enjoy the view in a relaxing atmosphere but you will also be able to share a tasty meal with your family and/or friends. These are not the only accommodations available on the London boat trips. In case of the presence of a physical handicap, that won’t be an obstacle to enjoying London by means of the Thames boat tours. This is because there are upper decks designed to be accessible to wheelchairs and still provide a wonderful view of the city.

If you’re looking for a way to make the most out of your vacation in London, a boat tour Thames cruise would truly be an excellent choice.


London River Cruises

A spellbinding river boat cruise along the historic Thames provides an exclusive view of London. Explore some of the city’s highly sought-after locations from the water, including the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.
Dinner Cruises on the River Thames:

Amazing food, sheer entertainment and spectacular views, a London river cruise offers all this at one place during an incredible voyage. Plush cruise moves across some of the city’s most coveted sights, including Tate Modern, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge.


Glass Riverboats And Outdoor Dining

Bateaux London’s freshly revamped Naticia provides panoramic views of the metropolis. Cruise and dine in style in Naticia’s highly sumptuous surroundings and explore all the capital’s finest sights in your enthralling journey. Your cruise on the River Thames becomes exciting with heaps of classy facilities like a bar, small lounge area, cloakroom area and washroom.


Now since you have an idea of how great London boat tours can be for your vacation, let’s talk about getting there. Booking a London boat trips in advance is easy to do, you can also take a cruise without booking, most London boat trips have space to take you as you show up, although a pre-booked cruise will make sure there will be space on board.

If you want to see different parts of London or something in particular, or perhaps you want to make sure the cruise calls at a specific place, then organizing the cruise yourself and picking the correct one for you can be done with a tiny bit of research on the Internet.

As a thought why not make the London boat trips an integral part of your day trip. Rather than mixing bus, tube or taxis, you can use the river cruise to traverse London, allowing you to still get off and visit some of the novel places in London.

If you are planning London boat trips in the winter months during November through March, you should be aware that the weather can be quite cold and brisk so make sure you wrap up warm, most cruise boats will have inside areas though so you can easily keep warm whilst enjoying the Thames cruise.

You might also consider hiring a boat yourself so you can tailor the London boat trips exactly to you own liking.

Even though private hire boats can cost quite a bit it usually works out quite cheap per head, especially if you have quite a large group in mind. Costs are usually £900 to £1500 for the day rental.

Why not try seeing London at night, the majestic Big Ben and Houses of Parliament lit up at night time are made extra special when viewed from the Thames river and something worth doing.

Many of the London boat trips will provide not only food, but also Live entertainment, this is especially likely if the cruise is in the evening, you may need to pre-book and not all cruises will have this feature.

At this point, there is nothing more to write as it should be obvious London boat trips will make the best of your London vacation experience, enjoy your vacation to London this year!

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