Aspen Ski Resort – The Mecca Of All Ski Resorts!

Skiing is the ultimate winter vacation. If you wish to ski at a world class destination this year, then Aspen Ski Resort is the place to be. Discover the beauty of this resplendent town that charms people from all over the world.

Long winters are a struggle in many parts of the world, but winter vacations can provide many exciting avenues for enjoyment. Skiing is for many, the ultimate winter vacation. Ski resorts are located in some of the most beautiful mountain locations in the world and offer many exciting activities for winter vacationers. Aspen Ski Resort has few peers in terms of its exceptional variety of skiing combined with a the great variety of other activities offered in the area.

Aspen Ski Resort rises above the town of Aspen, with a top elevation of 11,215 feet; a vertical drop of 3,267 feet; 673 acres of skiable area, with 76 runs and 8 lifts including one cable car line. Aspen Mountain is the premiere ski resort in the Aspen area, catering to advanced skiers with difficult runs. (Terrain:: No beginner trails; intermediate, 48 percent; expert, 52 percent.)

Aspen Highlands has 790 acres of skiable area with a vertical drop of 3,635 feet. There are 131 runs and 5 lifts. (Terrain: beginners, 18 percent; intermediate, 30 percent; expert 52 percent.)

As one of the foothills of the Elk Mountains, seated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Aspen Mountain, just south of the city by the same name, has long been known as a playground for the rich and famous – and it is. But it is also a great place to take a family for a fun ski vacation.

Christmastime on Aspen Ski Resort is especially wonderful! Aspen Mountain towers above the town of Aspen, with a top elevation of 11215 feet and the mountain has a vertical drop of 3269 feet. Aspen has four world class mountains containing over 4100 of terrain for skiing on. There are trails for every level of skier: 76 total including trails suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts. The ski trails are accessible by eight lifts, including seven chair lifts and one cable car line.


What Is So Unique About Aspen Ski Resort?

Aspen Ski Resort is a premier ski destination and is truly a haven for skiing enthusiasts. Aspen Ski Resort hosts winter tourists from all over the world. While the towering Rocky Mountains present a splendid view and incredibly picturesque location, there is more to this town than its beauty. Aspen Ski Resort is also known as a home and playground for some of the world’s most famous and wealthy. This combination of beauty, glamour and glitz has propelled Aspen Ski Resort from its humble mining roots in the late 1800s to today’s Aspen Ski Resort which has some of the most valuable real estate anywhere. Multi-million dollar vacation homes are common place and the downtown includes many of the most exclusive brands and shops and high-end restaurants.


Aspen Ski Resort Four Choices

The Aspen Ski Resort boasts four major mountains which are best known for skiing. Aspen Mountains offer a challenging skiing experience and experts in skiing love to slide on these thrilling slopes.

The oldest Aspen ski resort is on Ajax Mountain. It all began for this place in 1947 when the longest lift in the world at that time was perched upon its slopes. This destination has only bettered itself with age. It is not the place for the beginner, really. About half of its slopes for intermediates and the rest are for experts. This is the ideal place to visit if you have some able skiers mixing with some novices who want either to challenge themselves or just feel like they are challenging themselves.

Next door to this Aspen ski resort is the Aspen Highlands. This hill has half expert runs as well, but offers more for the beginner. This is the kind of place you could spend days, with over 130 runs to its name. The Highlands might have derived their name from the 790 acre spread and the 3645 foot vertical. Good thing you don’t have to walk or rope-tow your way to the top! There are three high speed quadruple chairs and one triple chair to take you where you want to go.

If beginner skiing or snowboarding is what you’re after, then big doesn’t necessarily mean better. The 420 acres of Buttermilk Mountain have been designed to facilitate two types of people: Snowboarders and Starters. Considering the relative newness of the snowboard trend, there are a lot that are both.

Buttermilk caters heavily to snowboarders Buttermilk as the world’s longest terrain park with two full miles of features including a super pipe, more than 30 rails, and a beginner sections.

Also, Buttermilk heavily caters to beginner skiers with slopes that are friendly to newcomers to the sport, and is home to a world-renowned ski school. (Terrain: beginners, 35 percent; intermediate 39 percent; expert 26 percent.)


This Aspen ski resort has the longest terrain park on the globe, stretching over 2 miles and containing over 25 rails. If you are going to strap a single board to your feet on this trip, you’ve got to hit the Buttermilk.

The fourth main Aspen ski resort is actually 12 miles from the city itself. Snowmass is over 3000 acres of winter pleasure. Reaching 4500 feet into the sky, the Snowmass has 84 runs, many of which can take as long to get down as it takes to drive out from the city. If you plan to hit this hill a lot you may want to find an inn closer to the area. Of course, when you are debating which of these hills to spend most of your time at, the proximity of them all to one another makes the lodging choices less crucial.

The good news about all these choices is that you can get lift passes which allow you access to all four resorts. The amount of research you put into your preparations can really help make your holiday go smoother, but it’s nice to know that you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Though Aspen Ski Resort is a winter heaven and draws in the maximum number of tourists, the area is also a year round destination. Aspen Ski Resort is astonishingly beautiful in the spring, when a variety of flowers adorn the alpine meadows. Summers offer exciting recreational activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and rafting. Aspen Ski Resort groves make the fall more splendid with beautiful views of golden leaves of Aspen covering the entire mountain area.

Since Aspen is one of the most popular ski spots around and has much to offer skiers, as well as those who enjoy the night life in a ski town, you can expect lots of crowds and long lift lines on the slopes. Remember, this is a playground of the rich and famous, and a lot of people in general choose this ski vacation spot simply for that reason – as well as for the magnificent views, the great runs, swinging nightlife, and the numerous hotel options.

That’s right, having your choice of hotels and lodges won’t be a problem, since there are a number of different places to stay in and around the Aspen area including everything from cozy and comfortable to extremely elegant, but getting your reservation in might during the ski season be – so call ahead! You might be surprised to find that some lodging is really quite affordable!


Aspen Ski Resort Has Myriad Choices

On top of having a good amount of lodging choices, you’ll find a good number of great food options as well, because the Aspen area has more than 100 restaurants to choose from.

The little town of Aspen sits high in the Elk Mountain range, a bit like a fine gem atop an ornate antique setting. From first glance, the town appears relatively unremarkable. Certainly Aspen has the quaint charm of an old silver mining town with authentic period architecture, surrounded by the serenity and majesty of the Colorado Rockies – but someone who had never heard of Aspen would likely not at first find the town to be the international mecca it has become. As soon as that person stepped into one of the fine Aspen restaurants, however, he would quickly realize Aspen is a truly unique community.

The thing about eating in Aspen Ski Resort area and surroundings is the fact that there are so many choices, and those choices can range from inexpensive, neighborhood bar and grills to ultra-pricey, sophisticated restaurants. The common theme is the Aspen attitude – which is friendly, welcoming, and appreciative.

Obviously, Aspen has a reputation for some pretense and elitism – and that is not entirely unfounded. The upper echelons of society make the Aspen restaurants and clubs their playground, and they expect the best. But even the most urbane and elegant locations treat every patron like royalty because the staff and management fully understand the level of service expected by all visitors to this little village.

The cuisine available at Aspen restaurants varies as widely as the international visitors who congregate here. Downtown restaurants can offer a simple, greasy cheeseburger alongside a creative recipe including uncommon and distinctive ingredients.

And aside from the wonderful food, Aspen restaurants understand ambiance. When dining in Aspen, even at a comfortable neighborhood tavern, visitors expect to be treated to an atmosphere that makes them feel exclusive – as though they are the cream of the crop. The Aspen hotels and resorts that cater to the ski crowd are fully up-to-date with modern and avant-garde decor, flattering and subtle lighting and fine music.

The dining rooms on the mountain allow spectacular views amid spectacular settings. Most of these resort restaurants also turn into chic dance clubs after the sun goes down. After parties can go on until well after midnight.

Top chefs from around the world grace the kitchens of the town’s finest eateries. The annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen brings in culinary experts to work alongside chefs at local Aspen restaurants.


Aspen Ski Resort & Area Nightlife


We mentioned there’s nightlife, too, right? There’s a winter concert series in Aspen, and much more to keep you entertained during your stay, including shopping and little stores as well as galleries, browsing bookstores, taking balloon rides, or you could simply observe the Victorian architecture found throughout the area or the breathtaking natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Come prepared for fun, even if you are not completely prepared to ski! Ski instructions and equipment rental are also abundant in the area, and snowboarders are welcome. There are other snow-related activities around Aspen as well, including dog sledding, snowmobiling, and some of snowshoe best organized tours in the world.


Follow These Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation At Aspen Ski Resort

The slopes at Ajax Mountain wouldn’t be a very good place for beginners to test their ski legs, as it contains many steep slopes. However, intermediate to expert skiers would find the slopes a refreshing challenge and wonderful thrill. Ajax Mountain is a ski enthusiast’s favorite among all of the Aspen ski resorts.

Beginners might find the slopes of a nearby resort to be more to their taste. The Aspen Highlands is fantastic for those who prefer less of a physical challenge and a more relaxing atmosphere. If you’re a lover of snowboarding or simply want to try it out, Buttermilk Mountain is a great area to start out at. Aspen Highlands consist of 420 acres, so there’s plenty of room for everyone without the worry of over-crowded slopes.

Twelve miles away from the town of Aspen, there is the enormous area of Snowmass which at over 4500 feet in height, it certainly provides a world of pleasure for skiers of all types. It has no less than 84 runs some of which can take as long to ski down as it takes to leave the town. If you choose to take your skiing holiday here, it might be a better idea to find accommodation in the immediate area.

With a wide diversity of different types of slopes, there is something to accommodate everyone at Aspen ski resorts. Whether you are just starting out, you are more into snowboarding, or you are an intermediate to expert skier, then you can be absolutely sure that you will find something to suit you.


Aspen is a great destination for the family – even when it’s not ski season – this town that started out as a sleepy silver mining camp transformed by entrepreneurs into a cultural hot spot has always had something fascinating to offer its visitors. And the summer view is a gorgeous sight to see as well, and they also have an Aspen Music Festival that lasts all summer long. Whether you are traveling to Aspen for its beauty, its rich history, or its skiing, Aspen is always a great vacation destination!

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