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If you enjoy going skiing you will love what heli skiing has to offer. If you are about to book your next vacation at a ski resort you should really consider going on a heli skiing adventure.

There is something humbling about drifting on the wind hundreds of miles from the nearest human settlement, soaring above the shifting patterns of nature while in the seat of a plane hardly bigger than a car. In Alaska, this may be a common experience, as one in every forty residents is equipped with an aircraft license, but even “common” experiences in Alaska can give grand perspectives.
In a state one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 with less than 10,000 miles of road, flying is a way of life. Air taxis are to Alaska what yellow cabs are to New York and water taxis are to Venice. So much of Alaska is remote, that taking a flight tour, or flightseeing, provides a view of the state that is impossible to get while still on the ground. Anchorage, the nerve center of Alaska with its quarter-million residents, quickly disappears into a sea of wilderness just minutes after take off, and what at first seem like big mountains fast become gargantuan pyramids of rock and snow. The adage, “Fly an hour or walk a week” is never truer than when, minutes out of town, you soar above the massive buttresses of Mt. McKinley or glide over the iceberg-choked waters of Columbia Glacier.


What Is Heli Skiing?

The definition of this type of skiing is really about the ability to expand your experience and expand your boundaries. Heli skiing involves taking a helicopter ride to location spots that you are unable to reach using a cable car or a ski lift. A helicopter will land in a clearing that is not specifically marked out for skiers. This means that you are going somewhere that very few people are able to reach.

What makes helicopter skiing immensely popular is not this view or no-lift point, but the powder you are going to experience in every next run. For any skier, this is as rare as experiencing a Christmas snowfall in Times Square and probably going to be one of the best organized tours in the world you have ever tried. Moreover, generally, if you go to any popular skiing spot in Vali or Utah or Chugach, you will notice that even the biggest ski resorts do not let more than 4 persons to go at once. So you have to be satisfied within your limited allotted area of around 12,000 acres. But, for heli-skiers, the limit is 150,000 acres as one helicopter can allow five skiers in a single trip to cover 750,000 acres of land. So you can enjoy exploring such a huge terrain without any trouble. What more can one want?


What Do You Get From This Type Of Skiing?

The advantage of this type of holiday is the fact that you will face new and exciting ski runs. Depending on what country you are in, you could face a range of snow conditions and differing terrains. This can be a welcome challenge to the experienced skier who is looking to up the stakes. There are possibilities of skiing down mountains that include very steep inclines as well as sheer vertical drops. Sometimes you may find that you will have to do a little mountain climbing to get from one area to another. This could add a further exciting facet to your ski adventure.


Where Can You Go Heli Skiing?

The popularity of jumping into a helicopter and racing off to isolated mountaintops to ski has become incredibly popular. You can now find this type of excursion almost anywhere in the world where there are high mountains and lots of snow. A few of the good places that offer year round quality skiing around the world. The best thing to do is to look at what the different companies in the different countries offer. Figure out what type of terrain you want to experience and this will dictate your final choice.

Why not try something different for your next vacation? Heli skiing takes downhill skiing to a different level – literally. Now, if you are an experienced skier then go for the high-altitude terrains of Alaska. Find a good heli-ski tour operator, book your weekend, and head for some extreme moments. If you are comparatively new to this sport or just a novice in this field, then it will be wiser to choose a location close to your home and try sno-cat first before you take this heli-skiing plunge. With Heliski, you can get all-in-one trips at pocket-friendly prices. Nice ski resorts, best equipments, huge terrain, excellent dining options, and, over all, budget helicopter skiing offers.


What To Expect From Alaska Tours

Many tourists have grown tired of exotic island locations and overseas shopping trips. As a result, Alaska has overtaken these more traditional destinations to become one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. This has resulted in a steady influx of tourists to this once-quiet and often forgotten state. One of the best ways to see the remarkable scenery here is to consider Alaska tours by helicopter.


See Alaska Through Different Eyes

Often thought of as an inhospitable and remote location, Alaska is in fact quite the opposite. One of the best ways to go flightseeing in Alaska is to book a Alaska tours by helicopter. This will enable you to see some of the most fantastic scenery in the world, which would usually be inaccessible by more traditional means of transport. Alaska’s glaciers offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, especially during sunrise and sunset. Booking Alaska tours by helicopter will allow you to photograph some of these scenes as mementoes for those back home who were not able to accompany you on your Alaskan vacation.


Explore Previously Uncharted Territory

A few decades ago, very few people would have considered visiting Alaska for their vacation. However, this has changed dramatically over the past few years with over 100,000 visitors now passing through this beautiful vacation spot annually. Whether you are a keen fisherman or whether you enjoy seeing the more unusual types of wildlife that Alaska has to offer, there is sure to be something at this destination that will keep vacation-goers of all ages entertained throughout their stay.


Plenty To Do In Alaska

No trip to this spectacular destination is complete without going for Alaska tours by helicopter on at least one occasion. Another exciting activity that should definitely be considered in conjunction with your helicopter Alaska tours sightseeing trip is dog sledding. Unlike many other holiday destinations, Alaska has the real deal on offer. Here, you will get to go out with a real Iditarod dog musher and his sledding team. Upon landing on a remote Alaskan glacier, you will be shown how to navigate your own sledding team. During the ride, you will be able to get closer views of wildlife like moose and bears. This activity allows children to accompany their parents.


Opt For One Of Our Custom Packages

If you are in the mood for adventure, you are welcome to book one of our dog sledding and glacier landing packages or the dog sledding, hike and kayak combination. Regardless of which option you choose, you will not be disappointed. These Alaska tours last between 2 and 5 hours, and start from as little as $650 per person. A minimum of 2 persons are required in order to book one of our tours. Ground transfers can be arranged at additional cost if required.


Sneak Preview Of Helicopter Companies Operating Alaska Tours


Coastal Helictopers

Icefield Tour

Take a flight to the glacier and be awed as you soar over Alaska’s natural wilderness and touch down on the beautiful glacial landscape for your walkabout of a lifetime.


Dog Sled Tour

Go for a spectacular flight on to the Herbert Glacier to a winter wonderland, complete with an authentic dog sledding experience.


Adventure Tour

Double your flight time and soar above the Juneau Icefield on this spectacular flight seeing experience, complete with glacier landing and walkabout.


Airboat Tour

See the Taku Glacier up close and personal in this exciting new adventure. You’ll experience the towering presence of the glacier closer than you can imagine.

Visit Coastal official website for more information!


Temsco Helicopters Inc


Glacier Tours

TEMSCO Helicopters pioneered Alaska tours in glaciers.

The company presents finished and proven tours from our bases in Juneau, Skagway, and Petersburg that earn the highest praise from our passengers.

Most of Southeast Alaska is only accessible by air, so join TEMSCO Helicopters on an adventure into this magnificent place!
You will be able to see and experience details in the landscape that would escape you in any other form of travel. It will seem as if you could touch the peaks or the jewel-like glacier ponds… It will be an unforgettable journey.

TEMSCO’s Helicopter Alaska Tours are conducted under the helicopter Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS). These are the best management practices for making your safety the top priority.

Landing Permits: TEMSCO Helicopters operates under a USDA Forest Service Special Use Permit in the Tongass National Forest.

Eco-Tourism: helicopter glacier tour landings have no lasting impact on the natural environment. Our visits allow access into natural lands while leaving the environment unaltered for the enjoyment of future generations.


Dog Sled Tours

The partnership of man and dog goes back thousands of years and continues to this day. TEMSCO will enable you to enjoy the wonderful, once in a lifetime experience of a Dog Sledding Alaska Tours!

Join their team of professional mushers from the Iditarod and Yukon Quest for a truly Alaskan Experience of dog sledding on the Denver Glacier in Skagway or the world famous Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.

Visit TEMSCOair for more information!


Era Flightseeing And Dog Sled Alaska Tours From Juneau And Denali

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be awed. This is Flightseeing. Experience Alaska’s breathtaking beauty from the air. There is no better way to discover the vast expanses of Alaska’s natural beauty.

The most experienced helicopter Alaska tours company, voted by Forbes Traveler Magazine voted Era Helicopters as one of the ten most amazing helicopter tours in the world. Why? You mean besides the pristine Alaskan wilderness and stunning vistas? Passion. Era Helicopters loves flying, loves adventure, and loves Alaska. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at Era Flightseeing official website to get more highlights of their Alaska vacation.

Era Helicopters Alaska tours start from two unforgettable locations: Denali National Park – home to Mt. McKinley and Juneau, Alaska. No matter where you choose to fly, prepare to be awed.


Era Flightseeing Alaska Tours

  • Taku Glacier Adventure in Juneau
  • Juneau Glacier Dog Sledding
  • The Extended Adventure – Juneau Glacier Dog Sledding
  • Denali Glacier Landing Expedition
  • Denali Heli-Hiking Adventure
  • Denali Excursion


Alpine Air Alaska, Inc

Established in 1991, Alpine Air Alaska has provided exceptional flightseeing Alaska tours in the Prince William Sound area as well as air transport services throughout the state of Alaska. In that time we have developed a sterling reputation with our uncompromising commitment to quality, safety and service.

Whether you’re a visitor looking for an unforgettable helicopter flightseeing tour, or an engineering company looking for equipment long-lined into a remote site, Alpine Air Alaska is your cost-effective air transportation solution.

The company has some great products for you to explore, such as:

  • Glacier Flightseeing Tours
  • Glacier Dogsled Tours
  • Film and Television Production
  • Glacier Weddings
  • Charter Services


Kantishna Air Taxi

A scenic flightseeing tour through Denali National Park and Preserve will be a highlight of your Alaska tours!  There are many Alaska tours but Kantishna Air Taxi offer the “Best of the Best!” This is the only company that can begin our flights from the closest airport (Kantishna) to the highest mountain in North America. Denali Park is the Crown Jewel of the North with unparalleled  beauty and grandeur. Unless you set off on a month long climbing expedition in Denali Park there is no other way to experience the amazing landscapes that are hidden from the view from the Denali Park road or Highway. Views from the train or bus can be awe inspiring but these sights only scratch the surface of what one can see from the air.  Denali National Park and Preserve encompasses roughly half of the 300 plus mile Alaska range. The tectonic plates uplift over 20,000 feet of granite rock from the neighboring tundra valleys creating the most dramatic view of any mountain on the planet.


In conclusion, it should be clear by now that the next time you are planning a holiday for your family, Alaska tours by helicopter should be one of the first options on your list. Whether you decide to spend your days relaxing at a hotel or go on a flightseeing trip, visiting Alaska will be a vacation experience that will not be forgotten.

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