Mammoth Ski Vacation Kicks In 150 Spectacular Trails That Spread Over 3,500 Acres Of World-Class Ski Terrain…..What More Do You Want?

If you’re a true skiing aficionado, then you need to experience a Mammoth ski holiday. The scenery located around the High Sierras is breathtaking and the snow conditions are second to none. And the advantages of Mammoth ski holidays are many, whether you are a downhill or cross country skier, or even a snowboarder. This gem of a resort has something for everyone to enjoy.

About Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain in California is amazing ski resort with great eastern slopes and beautiful valleys on its sides. The Mammoth mountain is surrounded by scintillating meadows and snow covered peaks. The huge 3500 acres of area available for skiing in the terrain with 27 lifts and 3100 feet of vertical height is an amazing ski holiday destination. The secluded tree runs, gentle groomed trails and famous bowls are again an exciting and scintillating effect of the great Mammoth Mountain which is why the place is most loved by skiers. The terrain is among the highest ski elevation areas and has 15 ft of natural snowpack which makes it one of the most dependable snow depths and attracts most skiers from around the country. The longest ski seasons also allows the skiers to enjoy skiing in most of the months and the 1800 employees offer the best service to guests in most parts of the year. With well groomed country trails in Tamarack Ski Center have the best skiing area and the rentals with great dining places offer a totally elite experience. The lodging includes warming huts and dining in the rooms which is also the best facility the resort gives.The Sierra Meadows which has ski schools, which offer lessons on skiing and rentals in the equipment which can be taken to learn the sport easily. The groomed trails are one of the best in the area. The Mammoth mountain offers snowboarding to experienced and amateur professionals which is available on all runs. The snowboard park hosts national championships in the sport which the visitors participate after taking lessons from the professionals in the area. The area is filled with various shops and hotels which are a good opportunity for family holiday. The pine forests and horse-drawn sleigh is a totally mesmerizing feeling in the terrain. There are several restaurants and cafes which offer multiple cuisine to the guests and have candlelit dinner tables where the couples can relax and enjoy a romantic evening. The scenic beauty is among the best in the area and should be visited by every person looking for a vacation.

Why Should You Go For Mammoth Ski Holidays?

With 150 spectacular trails spread over 3,500 acres of world-class ski terrain, getting the most out of your mammoth ski vacation won’t be one of the many challenges you’ll have to conquer. This is after all the highest elevation ski resort in California at 11,000 feet, over 3,100 vertical feet, and the slopes here are blessed with over 400 inches of annual snowfall. And let’s not forget that Mammoth ski season stretches from November to April, the longest in the United States. Thrill seeking snowboarders will love Mammoth’s Unbound Terrain Parks. The three pipes and seven parks make up 90 plus acres of fun for experts right on down to the beginner just starting out. Nature lovers won’t want to miss out on the complimentary naturalist tours that are held each Friday, Saturday and Sunday at noon from December right on through to April. Tours are conducted on cross country skis and snowshoes and take off from the Tamarack ski center. For those of you who are romantics at heart or just enjoy a beautiful evening out under the stars, evening tours are conducted during full moon periods of December, January and February as well. While the downhill slopes are the biggest draw for skiers, the most picturesque way to enjoy the grandeur of Mammoth Mountain is either on cross-country skis or snowshoes. The Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center offers lessons as well as ski and snowshoe rentals to get you on your way. Additionally, the wide trail system in the mountains of the Inyo National Forest present peaceful forests and meadows ready to be explored and perfect for ski touring. One of the best ways to enjoy your Mammoth ski vacation is to choose accommodations that put you and your family right near the action on the slopes. To this end there are a large number of outstanding resort and rental lodging choices. You just need to decide what type of accommodation is right for you and your travel group. Couples may prefer a romantic hotel suite or cozy bed and breakfast, while larger families and groups should consider the benefits of a vacation condo rental such as Snowcreek Resort or Mountainback. In addition to the money saved by sharing the rental costs among larger groups, these beautiful properties are fully furnished homes with full kitchens and spacious floor plans. Many of these units are right on the mountain and literally deliver all the winter fun right to your door.

Mammoth Ski Options

Skiing Mammoth Downhill

No matter what your skill level, you’ll find a run to suit you if you go for Mammoth ski holidays. Truth be told, there are over 150 named runs to choose from, and each run is specifically marked ti indicate skill level. So whether your idea of a good time is to drop down an incredibly steep incline, or glide down a wide and gentle beginners hill, Mammoth has everything you need. Of course, it is advised that you start with some less-challenging runs until you get your bearings. Before you know it, you’ll probably find yourself catching some serious air on the more advanced slopes.

Cross Country Mammoth Ski Option

And for you cross country folks, there are many trails for you as well. You’ll discover that Mammoth ski holidays is a terrific experience as you glide through the various trails that are available to you. We recommend Tamarack Center for some unbelievable cross country (or snowshoeing) opportunities. There are over 19 miles of trails that will surely challenge you, no matter your skill level! You’ll enjoy the beautiful tree-lined hills as you ski the flat lands that make up Tamarack center. What a wonderful winter getaway!

Mammoth Skiing With Snowmobiles

In addition, there are opportunities for those of us who love our snowmobiles. Mammoth offers several ways to enjoy the great outdoors on some of the most breathtaking snowmobile trails that you’ll ever find. there are guides available for your journey, or you can go at it alone. Plus there are some guided tours which are among the best organized tours in the world that will take you to some hidden areas of incredible beauty, or perhaps of historical significance. Either way, you can enjoy the area on your own sled, or you can rent one! The snowmobile trails are generally available from December to April, depending on the weather.

10 Tips, Tricks And Tactics To Avoid The Crowds And Lift Lines When You Go For Mammoth Ski Vacations

Most Mammoth Mountain skiers know it gets tons of snow, but they are a little in the dark as to how to avoid crowds on the mountain after a big dump. Here are 10 tips, tricks and tactics you can use to avoid waiting in really any lift lines when you decided to go for Mammoth ski holidays: 1) Ski midweek if possible – Mammoth Ski resort is visited most on weekends by hoards of Mammoth devotees from Southern California that have regular jobs and work during the week. Wednesday is my favorite day because you can most always ski right into any chair. 2) Get to the mountain early on weekends – The first hour is the best hour on weekends. You would like to be standing in line when they open the chairs at 8:20-8:30 am. You can easily ski right into the chair for the first hour before the rest of the Mammoth devotees arrive. 3) Avoid the bottom of the mountain once you get there – Usually the biggest lift lines are at the bottom on chairs 2, 10, 8, 16, and the Village Gondola. Stay on chairs 3 and 5, or 22 and 23 to find smaller lift lines. The gondola is more crowded than chairs 22 and 23, which serve similar terrain. 4) Move around to avoid lift lines – Learn which sequence of chairs works best for you. With the popularity of the Village Gondola, stick nearer to the Main Lodge where there are less people. 5) Be prepared for wind and snow at all times – Mammoth Mountain has a history of underestimating the wind. If the website says it is calm or a “Slight breeze” that means nothing. Several days ago they said the winds were calm when they later closed the mountain due to wind. Check local wind gauges like the one on chair 1 for the accurate wind speed so you can dress appropriately. Wind chill is for real at Mammoth Mountain’s high altitudes. 6) Mammoth creates its own microclimate – When you ski Mammoth Mountain you need to be prepared for any type of weather because you are likely to experience it. 7) Chairs 25 and 12 are perfect for intermediates, and less crowded than most. 8) Experts will love chairs 22 and 23, which serve the steepest terrain, and rarely have lift lines. 9) Wear a Fleece balaclava, or carry one in your pocket at all times –  Many times people think they would not not need face protection, only to do one run and feel like their faces were going to freeze. By having a fleece balaclava in your pocket, you can put it on while riding the next chair, and not have to return to your locker or car to have the right gear. 10) Wear a helmet – You can never predict what will happen to you, or when you will need you helmet. It takes only an impact of 11 mph to be fatal when bodies collide with each other or a stationary object.  

How To Get To Mammoth Ski Mountain

Mammoth Mountain and the Mammoth Lakes area is home to the Mammoth Ski Area a large Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range found in Eastern California just 100 miles south of the Nevada state line and a short drive from the Yosemite National Park’s eastern entrance. Mammoth has become one of the go-to destinations for skiers from all over the area. These visitors understand what founder Dave McCoy recognized in the 1940’s, Mammoth Mountain retains a higher amount of snow than surrounding mountains and does so for a longer period of time. Mammoth Mountain’s snow-pack is consistently deep and experiences a long season. So, how do you get Mammoth Mountain. Here are some of the best, most-used and most-available routes over land, and air for your Mammoth vacationing and visiting needs.

Mammoth by Air

Air service to the Mammoth ski area has greatly increased over the years. The mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) is only 6 miles from Mammoth Lakes. The amount of flights will vary by season, but several airlines offer daily flights to Mammoth now. Alaska/Horizon offers daily Mammoth flights from Los Angeles (LAX) and San Jose (SJC). United Airlines offers daily flights out of San Francisco (SFO) and Sand Diego (SAN). Recently, Southwest Airlines has announced that they will be offering daily seasonal service to Mammoth as well. So basically through the major California hubs, air travelers from anywhere can catch daily inbound flights to Mammoth Mountain. Flights from Las Vegas are also available, though not as frequent, and Horizon will be adding service from Reno shortly. For those not choosing rentals, Airport shuttles for guests at certain establishments as well as taxi service for the short drive into town. The flight generally last a little over an hour. Car rentals are available from Enterprise, Mammoth Car Rental and Hertz. Taxis are available from Mammoth Taxi and Mammoth Cab.

Mammoth by Bus or Train

For large group travel or those that prefer the road to the air, there are several shuttle and bus options available from cities in the region. You will want to research Mammoth Mountain Bus or Mammoth Mountain shuttle transportation or book through a travel agent for the best results. Look into the YARTS (Yosemite Area Rapid Transit) system, ESTA (Eastern Sierra Transit Authority) for lots more information. Amtrak travel to Mammoth is available only on a limited basis during the year and will only be offered during certain times of the spring and summer months (luckily Mammoth has tons of outdoor adventure activities all year round!).

Mammoth by Car

For those who love a good road trip, there are several way to get to Mammoth ski resort. Note that many routes have difficult winter driving, and some of the routes from San Francisco are close during the winter season, so plan your trip carefully and check the roads before you head out. Lake Tahoe – US 395 travels by Mono Lake and through Bodie State historical Park and is an estimated 165 miles of scenic driving. Las Vegas – A 310 mile trek through abandoned mining towns, and desert land filled with interesting rock formations, US 95 to HWY 266, State Route 168 to USR 395 on State Route 203. San Francisco – Winter route is I 80 to HWY 50, Kingsbury Cutoff to US 395 and on to State Route 203. Summer travel through Yosemite National Park. Approximately 320 miles. Southern California – Ranging anywhere from 300 to 375 miles. This route takes you by Mountain Whitney and Death valley. I 5 north to State Route 14 North, US 395 North to State Route 203.   To sum it all, Mammoth ski vacation is an adventure like no other! This is an ideal place to meet old friends, and maybe meet new ones. You’ll find yourself making memories that’ll be cherished for years to come. For, in reality, everyone seems to be there for one thing, to have a good time!

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