Chicago Boat Tours – Experience Lake Michigan & Know Why Chicago Got The Nickname “Wind City”

For those interested in taking a group boat tour, Chicago area options are plentiful. Choosing the right Chicago boat tours is important. You’ll find small and large boats catering to different wants and needs. Massive Lake Michigan has created a vibrant economy for those in the tour boat industry which works well for the consumer because regardless of your reason for wanting a boat tour, Chicago, IL options make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Let’s look at some of the options you’ll find for various Chicago tour boats.


Chicago Boat Tours Available Options

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Illinois, something everyone should consider doing is to enjoy the lake. When it comes to options in Chicago boat tours, Lake Michigan has a lot to offer including dinner cruises, various tours, charters, and more.

You can book one of Chicago boat tours for your group that can be used around a pre-planned event or arrange it as a guided tour with brunch or dinner, dancing, entertainment or whatever. Some people even book these luxurious ships for weddings or family reunions or company parties.

Or if you’re heading to Chicago individually for some site seeing, a great item to add to your To Do list is to look into Chicago  boat tours. If you’re looking for a Chicago line cruise for a group of fifty or more, you can choose to take an historical tour, an architectural tour, or a sightseeing cruise. Chicago is a vibrant city with a beautiful waterfront and people choose to take a Chicago line cruise for fun, for romantic interludes, and even book cruises for special events such as weddings. You can take a sightseeing tour just for the sake of it or you can integrate a tour of the Chicago shoreline into another event as well such as an employee party, a wedding, family reunion, or other event.

Here are the general categories of Chicago boat tours available:

Chicago boat tours on the shoreline – Chicago has a lot of sights to see and a great perspective to see them from includes taking a shoreline boat tour. Chicago landmarks along the water have a rich history and a tour can help you learn more about this city.

Chicago, home town to the skyscraper, and home to more bridges than you can shake a stick at, is a place any architectural buff should visit at least once in their lifetime and the view from the water is breathtaking. Even if history and architecture isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy one of these cruises more than you’d expect!

Historical sightseeing Chicago boat tours – Chicago has a vibrant history with and learning about it as you cruise the shoreline in a luxury yacht could make history anything but boring for anyone. Learn about the buildings and their purposes as well as the stories that surround the city from a view that you won’t soon forget.

Any of the sightseeing Chicago boat tours can be a few hours or can last the day with food and drinks aboard the cruise that continues into the evening. Some special events can be planned around tours and integrated with special occasions such as weddings or anniversary celebrations and if you pick the right summer day for your cruise you could even watch fireworks from the water to top off the event.

Architectural Chicago boat tours – Chicago is known as a great place for lovers of architecture to visit due to the diverse range of structures in the city. When you book a stay in a youth hostel in the city, you are sure to be struck by the unusual designs of some of the buildings, as well as the towering skyscrapers that dominate the skyline.

But if you want to get a different perspective on this urban centre, Chicago boat tours is where its at. With vessels heading out most days, you will certainly be able to find one that is near whichever of the Chicago hostels you are staying in.

And if you want to learn more about the buildings and the city’s history, then a tour dedicated to architecture is certainly the way to go. There are several Chicago boat tours, with local experts guiding you through the structures you see as you drift along the river.

You’ll also find that the waterway plays an important role in the city’s development, with Chicago being located on the banks of the river that shares its name and on the shores of Lake Michigan.

An ideal starting point for your river cruise is the Wrigley Building, one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the city. Construction on the two white towers began in 1920 and the shape of the towers was designed to mimic the Giralda Tower found on Seville’s cathedral.

But this is far from the only interesting architectural structure you will see during your tour and you will learn all about how the city has developed – and how the use of buildings has changed – over the years.

If you are trying to save your pennies during your trip, you may want to take a ride on one of the water taxis as an alternative to Chicago boat tours. The water taxis will take you to various locations around Chicago.

For a one-way fare of $2 (£1.24), you can cruise along some of the city’s waterways in a bright yellow vessel and catch a glimpse of the towering buildings on either side of the river.

Other Chicago boat tours:

  • Dinner Cruises
  • Lake Michigan Brunch Cruises

Whether you’re interested in a cocktail cruise at sunset for your party of 50 or more or are looking at day long dinner cruises, Lake Michigan is very picturesque. During the day you can arrange a group shoreline tour and learn all about the history and architecture of the area while you dine in luxury on a beautiful ship.

Those who take later Chicago boat tours can catch a glimpse of this city at sunset and if you’ve ever looked at photographs of Chicago sunsets, you’ll realize just what a treat it is to be out on the water witnessing such spectacular displays of natural color. When it comes to cruises, Lake Michigan area residents often spend time on the water whenever they can and Chicago’s Navy Pier offers a multitude of things to do (such as rides, shopping, dining, and local special events)and ships to choose from.


Chicago Boat Tours Booking

There are a lot of cruise lines offering Chicago boat tours but they’re not all created equally. How do you choose the Chicago line cruise that is right for your group? Look for a cruise ship that offers adequate space based on your number of guests. When you have a group, for instance, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of extra room. If you have a group of fifty, for example, you might want a ship with more than a capacity for 50 so you’re assured of plenty of leg room.

If you want to book any of the Chicago boat tours for your group, it’s a good idea to book well in advance and have a discussion with the cruise company to ensure your event can be planned to meet your specific expectations.

If booking for a large event, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed with the luxury and available Chicago boat tours options for making your event a success. A lot of Chicago companies book larger luxury ships for annual employee appreciation events or for customer appreciation events. There are entertainment cruises, luxury cruises where you’re pampered, and more. Whether you want to spend a bit of time on the water and some time on Navy Pier with the many things to do or want to be out on the water from the morning until night so you can experience the full effect of seeing the Chicago skyline at every time of day, there are great Chicago boat tours’ options.


Looking For More Than Normal Chicago Boat Tours? Welcome To The Windy City!

A lot of contentions have been made regarding Chicago and its famous nickname. Some say it isn’t really the sea breezes the city was named after but its politicians who overly promoted the city at one time that they were known to be full of ‘hot air’. It also referred to most Chicagoans ability to exaggerate on some issues. However it was coined though, the name seems to have adapted itself to the city weather and Chicago to date has some of the best organized tours in the world and has become one of the most relaxed destinations for sports requiring a strong amount of, what else, wind.

Sailing is one of the sports Chicagoans take part in. Chicago has all the elements required for sailing. Smooth waters provided by Lake Michigan and ample winds for sail give just the right touch for the sport. There are several Chicago boat tours in the area which provide a sailing tour with boats even beginners can have fun in. Beginners who want to get their hands dirty with sailing lessons can avail of several different training and charter by award-winning Captain Ben Sells. Those who want to simply let the professionals do their job and just enjoy the view can also do so, getting the famous Chicago skyline and lakefront as scenery. The sailing tour will also stop over certain attractions such as the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium before turning back to the lakefront to cap the day.

Another Chicago sailing charter service, Windy City Sailing, provides morning sailing trips through the Michigan lake front. It includes a two-hour trip with complimentary Continental breakfast. The amenities inside the cabin include an elegant feather bed, air conditioning, satellite radio and TV or you can simply bask in the deck to soak in the fresh Chicagoan sun. Windy City sailing also has first class dinner packages available and can go hand in hand with a bed and breakfast package which can be given as gifts or simply a weekend getaway even for locals.

For more experienced sailors, one can simply rent a yacht with Sail Chicago, providing top class boat rentals for 50 years. Its fleet includes Rhodes 19, Shields and Motor Cruisers.

The best time to go Chicago sailing is during the Fireworks Sails, hosted by the Navy Pier during Chicago’s Labor Day on the 1st of June and is succeeded by a fireworks display on June 3rd. The sailing charter is a great way to see the sights of the day including the famed Air and Water show without having to contend with the rest of the crowd.

Make a day out of Chicago sailing, and see the city through the lakefront. This option isn’t available for locals alone now since one can simply fly off to and from Chicago easily with several of the Chicago cheap flights available online. Check constantly as promos and discounts tend to be available round the clock and go out just as easily. Don’t be afraid to reserve those tickets because a day or weekend out is definitely a trip worth taking. Going to the windy city has never been more appropriate especially with different water and lake attractions just around the corner. Reserve a ticket now. Almost every major airline except Virgin flies to Chicago daily. Midway airports are also available if you can’t find a direct flight to O’Hare.


To sum it all, Chicago boat tours that take time to pamper guests could provide you with everything you need to make the event memorable. As discussed above, the options come into different categories that can suit anyone’s taste of vacation and budget. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a visit to family and friends, or a business trip to Chicago, make sure you give yourself time to explore and enjoy one of the Chicago boat tours….you will thank yourself for making that leap.  Cruising through a city on a boat is always and will always be a highlight for anyone’s holidays!

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