Drawn To Explore The Coastlines And Waterways Of The World? Then, Checkout The Kayaking Destinations!

Are you looking for an adventure? Drawn to explore the coastlines and waterways of the world? Why not consider one of the kayaking best organized tours in the world from the following fantastic kayaking or canoeing locations:


The West Coast of Scotland

The rugged and dramatic Scottish coastline with its crinkled coast of sea lochs, sandy bays, rough rocky outcrops and islands, is one the perfect for sea kayaking locations in the world. Kayaking is by far the best way to see this ancient land, where roads are few, narrow and indirect, and passes can sometimes be difficult.

From Kintyre in the south to the Cape Wrath at the very top windswept corner of the country, the west coast of Scotland represents nothing less than a wiggly slice of paddling paradise. At almost every turn lochs cut deep into the lumpy mainland, offering sheltered sea room for the paddler. Wild, exposed shores and channels test and entertain the sea kayaker, and short tide-bound rivers thunder to the shore; whitewater fans battle amidst the foam. Look up from your journey, and mountains tower in every direction, their rugged slopes often dropping direct into the gin-clear sea. Golden eagles survey their realm from high overhead, stags stand vigilant on the heather and pine-covered slopes, while seals, otters and dolphins turn a watchful eye from where they share the wet stuff with us temporary inhabitants. This is a very special place.

And should you ever grow tired of the mainland the myriad achingly beautiful islands lie scattered across the horizon. To provide a perfect natural defense against the almost constant Atlantic blast, each island comes with its own hills, lochs, sandy beaches, and exposed cliffs, its own often troubled history, and often its own whisky.

If all this this doesn’t have you going on internet to book your tickets, recent changes in legislation make a visit even better. Since 2005, and as long as you’re a sensible sort of adventurer, you can go just about anywhere you want (on sea, river, loch or land), do pretty much as you please and put up a tent as it takes your fancy. The only problem you may encounter is choosing a campsite amidst so many stunning options.

Along such a spectacular coast, with paddling opportunities in every direction, the job of selection is tough indeed, but here are five favorites, which we visited often in our trusty canoe.


Norwegian Fjords

Another crinkled coastline that fits on this list of top notch kayaking locations is Norway’s fjords. The Norway’s fjords carve grandly into the mountainous landscape. Kayak down beautiful fjords between towering peaks and explore the inlets and winding routes that lead far inland from the North Sea.

Fjord Norway is perfect for kayaking! With stunning coastal areas, fantastic fjords and some of the best rivers for river kayaking, the region offers adventures for padlers at all levels. Several operators offer rental kayaks and guided tours.

Wether you prefer paddling on calm and impressive fjords or gliding through the unique landscape and archipelago of the Norwegian coast, Fjord Norway has some of the best conditions in the world for kayaking.

It really strikes you when you are out there in the elements. Fjord Norway almost seems as though it was made for kayaking. This is where you will find those shallow, narrow channels and straits where other small boats are hestitant to cross – and a myriad of small islands, reefs and islets that makes navigation fun. The easy availability of key junctions on the west coast makes the area particularly well suited for weekend trips, short holidays or mini expeditions.

By the coast you will find interesting small island and islets that contribute to a feeling of a landscape that is changing for every stroke. In the fjord areas the massive formations and the many traces of a cultural landscape that strethes back thousands of years make a huge impression.

In the fjord areas you may join in on short kayaking tours lasting a couple of hours to bring you up close to the elements of nature. If you are going on longer trips on your own we suggest you prepare well and attend a course to learn survival techniques in case you should end up in the water.


Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are many sunny idylls bathed in sunshine and replete with mythology and ancient historic remains. Bathe in the warm, clear waters and paddle from bay to bay as you slow to the languid pace of Greek life on paradise islands.

With over 13,500km of coastline and over 6,000 islands And islets, Greece is a water-lovers paradise and one of the best kayaking locations in the world. The rocky coves and quiet bays make it particularly well suited to sea kayaking. Days are spent paddling along the scenic coastline, exploring water caves and stopping for snorkelling and picnics on the beach. Away from some of the more populated areas, beaches are quiet and the sleepy villages always extend their famous laid- back Greek hospitality to visitors. With a mild climate from May – October, calm seas and plenty of sun, Greece is an ideal destination from spring through to autumn.


Croatian Islands

Like Greece, Croatia has many beautiful islands dotted off its coastline. Many of these Adriatic gems are perfect for exploration by kayak. Kayaks are perfect for exploring the many beautiful bays and quaint harbours of these islands off the Dalmatian coast, and each day you will be rewarded by a new and wonderful vista.

The Adriatic Sea is warm and clear, with clean water and insignificant tides. Strong currents are rare, big waves as well. Nasty winds are rare and predictable. With over a 1000 islands, sea kayaking in Croatia is fantastic.

There are sandy beaches in Croatia, but gravel and rocks of all kinds are most likely to be found in coastal areas and on islands. You will experience sea kayaking past huge rocks and below high cliffs, explore the caves and relax in hidden coves. You will enjoy sun and warm water and discover the world of silence under the surface. Your kayak will take you where sailing boats don’t even dream of daring: very near the rocks, to the thin line between the sea and land where hundreds of colorful fish and other creatures seek food and shelter.

There is another thing that makes sea kayaking on Adriatic Sea special, unique and the best on the continent: HISTORY. These areas have witnessed the power and the glory of Roman and Ottoman empires, Venetian and Dubrovnik republic, Napoleon legions and Allied forces. The traces of these ancient cultures show on almost every step.

Sea kayaking in Croatia won’t be just a sport and nature experience but also cultural. Floating above remains of roman thermae or sunken ship and walking in amphitheater or palaces is not the same as seeing it on a picture. Come and see for yourself. The fact that only a few people know about sea kayaking in hidden parts of Croatia means that you shouldn’t wait long.


The Selinda Spillway, Botswana

The Selinda Spillway in northern Botswana is an ancient channel that connects the northern part of the Okavango Delta with the Linyanti Swamps. This channel winds through thousands of hectares of prime African wilderness. What makes it fascinating is that for over 30 years the Selinda Spillway has been bone dry! The exceptional rains and floods of 2009 caused the channel to flow once again, changing the dynamics of game movement and viewing in the area. Since 2009 the continued high floods of 2010 and 2011 have ensured that this river is becoming somewhat of a permanent feature to the wilds of northern Botswana.

The Selinda Canoe Trail was thus born, and has proved in its short lifetime to be a wilderness safari experience, extraordinaire! The canoe trail covers about 45 kilometers over 4 days & 3 nights. The trail can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests that makes the trail small and intimate. The boats themselves are very stable Canadian canoes, accommodating two paddlers in molded seats that are fixed to the canoe. The channel winds its way through vast tracts of bush home too many species of wildlife, including elephant, buffalo, lion, roan antelope, wild dog, hippo, giraffe and much more. Birding is of course phenomenal, and since the channel is essentially a river the game and birdlife of the area are still getting used to the idea of there being such an abundance of crystal clear water in a formally dry area!


The Amazon, Ecuador

Perhaps the most famous river in the world is a watery highway through the endangered rainforest. Go and have a look at this bio-diverse and stunning region before it is too late and much of it is gone for good.

Many people have dreamed about kayaking in the Amazon – gliding silently through the wilderness, listening to the sounds of primieval nature. This is your chance!


Islands of Thailand

There are many Thai islands, and there is probably one to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for party central or complete isolation in a perfect paradise, Thailand can deliver. Paddling from bay to bay, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is as good as it gets.

Not far from the crowded beaches of Phuket, you can still find deserted lagoons and islands – as long as you don’t mind kayaking to them.


Bowron Lakes, Canada

The Bowron Lake Provincial Park in the Cariboo region of British Columbia is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The park started as a game reserve under the protection of the British Columbia provincial government, was re-categorized as a provincial park in 1961 and has grown over this time to encompass over 300,000 acres of land. The park is named after a local gold rush explorer and gold commissioner, John Bowron. Participants of the canoe circuit are required to register. Only 25 canoes are allowed on the circuit each day.

The Circuit

Travel the 72 mile circuit in a clockwise direction so you are traveling with the flow of the water. The first Lake is Kibbee Lake than you will go on to Indianpoint Lake and Isaac Lake. Take a hike on either side of Issac River to view a 36 foot waterfall. At Issac River there is an opportunity to experience some white water. It is a stretch of less than half a mile but if you prefer you can portage past this area. Continue through Lanezi, Sandy, and Spectacle Lakes to the home stretch on Bowron Lake. There are several smaller lakes and rivers that you will experience. One of these lakes is Rum Lake and its warm water great for swimming.


Islands of the South Pacific

Even the phrase, islands of the South Pacific must conjure up in the minds of most of us images of heavenly palm-fringed beaches and clear, warm waters. Imagine kayaking from beach to beach and you can imagine why kayaking by or between any of the islands in this region would be sublime.

The remoteness of these island nations from the larger landmasses has created unique environments harboring equally unique wildlife – like the famed stingless jellyfish in Palau.

Indigenous cultural traditions continue to influence these islands, and expert local guides introduce you to the South Pacific way of life with the openness and laid-back style you’d expect from those lucky enough to live in this natural paradise. There are various accommodation choices which evoke the best attributes of the region, whether they be a fantastic beach resort, a shoreside eco-lodge, or a deluxe camping site on a pristine beach in Palau’s Rock Islands.


Fjordland, New Zealand

For sheer scale and majesty nothing can beat the Sounds of Fjordland of South Island, New Zealand. The kayaking to be found beneath the towering peaks, in Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound, can rival any in the world for excitement and beauty.

So, whether you are looking for a challenge, or are a complete beginner, why not get out there on your next holiday and give kayaking a go.

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