Unbiased Review of 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies!

CSA Travel Protection
Web Site: http://www.csatravelpro.com
Get the Details: CSA is one of the most well known and best travel insurance companies out there. This company features plans that usually come to total less than the average travel protection prices, yet still manages to offer coverage with caps above the average amount, in addition to other bonuses you don’t always run across with other travel insurance companies. You’ll get an emergency $500 cash advance if necessary, and other possible payouts can end up being greater than what you’d receive with a different travel insurance company. On top of emergency cash advance options, CSA Travel Protection can also reimburse your costs for lost prescriptions, and offers consultation services with doctors based in the U.S. – a service only a few of the best travel insurance agencies provide.
Important to Know: With CSA Travel Protection, most medical cases will require you to be prepared to pay any of the medical fees upfront. You’ll apply for reimbursement after. Also, prior to your travel insurance purchase, you are able to download a sample contract with all of the plan details, showing you what exactly will be covered and what your duties are if you need to make a claim. After you’ve made your travel insurance purchase, you can log in to the web site to see your policy details and make any changes, however there is no online claims filing. You will need to download the forms and fill them out manually, and they have a phone line for assistance which operates 24/7.

Lost something?

Lost something?

USI Affinity
Web Site: www.usiaffinity.com
Get the Details: USI Affinity brings travelers insurance plans with three different categories, each covering your trip cancellation and medical issues that may arise whether you are planning going on vacation around the U.S., Canada or elsewhere. USI Affinity’s plans are comparable to other travel insurance agencies, with options available for higher coverage for car rental insurance, and paying for replacement prescriptions if there is an emergency. You can also count on USI Affinity for assistance in recovering from identity theft, as well as a higher-tier plan which reimburses you for your expenses you might incur during a security evacuation – a situation where you would need to leave an area due to the threat of political upheaval, in an amount of up to $100,000. USI Affinity provides its customers with solid travel insurance and coverage for the basics at a price that is very reasonable and lower than many other quotes given by competitors.
Important to Know: Despite being one of the best travel insurance companies out there, USI Affinity lacks the option for any online claim filing capability and information – in order to make a claim you have to speak to an agent.


Web Site: www.TravelSafe.com
Get the Details: TravelSafe is one of the best travel insurance providers due to the fact that the‏ir explorer plans offer you extensive coverage while keeping the price tag near or below average of the other leading insurance plans. TravelSafe brings comprehensive insurance coverage to the table while managing to cost less than you’d expect. This travel insurance provider features high payout caps, a number of plans and affordable prices. TravelSafe offers four select kinds of plans, including a plan that pertains to medical issues only, if that’s all you desire. Within each category of plan offered, you will have several choices available. TravelSafe is known for having a variety when it comes to their plan choices, making themselves known for giving great value and great variety.
Important to Know: TravelSafe travel insurance plans do not cover flight ticket changes.


Allianz Global Assistance
Web Site: www.allianzassistance.com
Get the Details: Allianz Global Assistance has a pretty helpful website, featuring a video you can watch to understand how to file claims. This is great for visual learners who understand exactly what a task entails from seeing it performed, instead of following written instructions (of course there are still written instructions,) and Allianz offers travel insurance for both domestic travel as well as international trips. While Allianz has premiums that are slightly higher than average, they also win out by having the simplest and most clear claims process. Allianz makes it easy for those of us looking for the best travel insurance coverage to simply to sign up for travel insurance and file claims if there is an incident. They have plans that are competitive with those of the leading travel insurance providers, although they lack a couple of features usually offered by the higher-tier providers. Their prices are somewhat higher too. You can choose coverage for rental cars, and Allianz features concierge services, some of which include contacting family to inform them if you have fallen ill or become injured – or to arrange for them to send you emergency funds if your own money is lost or stolen. This travel insurance company provides you with several tools to help you file your claim successfully, including their how-to video, and checklists showing you the type of documentation you’ll need.
Important to Know: Allianz Global Assistance does not reimburse you for lost or stolen prescriptions.


Seven Corners
Web Site: www.sevencorners.com
Get the Details: If you’re comparing the best travel insurance plans and providers, check out Seven Corners. This company offers travel plans for international and domestic travel, and features extensive plans with great basic coverage plus any additional situations that might not be handled by other providers. It’s good to know that Seven Corners is able to advance your hospital fees, some emergency funds or even bail money depending on what kind of adventure you are having! They also feature comprehensive travel insurance at competitive prices.
Important to Know: Seven Corners does not reimburse you for any non-medical related emergency evacuations.

Injuries can happen on holiday - get the best coverage

Injuries can happen on holiday – get the best coverage


MH Ross
Web Site: www.mhross.com
Get the Details: MH Ross offers a plan that will reimburses you for up to 200 percent of the cost of your trip cost in case of delays, giving you comprehensive travel insurance plans with great coverage of all the basics on top of extra features. Seniors will find they will need to purchase a more expensive but better plan, however the plan offers very good coverage. MH Ross is part of Trip Mate, an association of travel insurance providers, and it operates similarly to other Trip Mate companies. Nevertheless there are several differences in MH Ross plans, making them worth checking out among the best travel insurance companies out there. Their advanced plan offers reimbursement of expenses of up to 200 percent (most companies will cap their reimbursement at 150 percent, depending on the situation) of your trip cost if your travel plans end up being interrupted by an emergency situation. Trip interruptions are due to the same issues as trip cancellations – but they result in travel delays rather than complete cancellations of your travels. MH Ross has an advantage over some of the other travel insurance providers in that they feature checklists of the documents you will need for filing claims and online claim filing, making the process much easier.
Good to Know: MH Ross does not sell lower-tier travel insurance plans to seniors.


Web Site: www.insureandgo.com
Get the Details: InsureandGo offers some of the best travel insurance plans that are specific to cruise vacations. You will find however that they do not cover the less likely travel emergencies, InsureandGo does cover the basic travel insurance needs. If you’re researching companies and plans, looking for a bargain on cruise specific options, this might be your provider. If you are more inclined to choose the basic coverage, it is a great deal. InsureandGo does well when compared to other plans for how much it will reimburse for trip cancellations, trip interruptions and delays, and does better than average in situations such as lost luggage or baggage delays. What they’re best known for however, are their cruise plans with extra coverage for missed departures as well as compensation provided for any missed cruise days should you end up being confined to your cabin due to illness.
Important to Know: InsureandGo does not reimburse you for lost mileage or cancellations due to default by the carrier.


AIG Travel Guard
Web Site: www.TravelGuard.com
Get the Details: AIG Travel Guard will cover you for trip cancellations in the event that your carrier or tour operator goes bankrupt, and offers insurance plans at competitive prices at or below the average of the best travel insurance agencies. AIG Travel Guard has maximum payouts that are below average for most of the basic conditions, nevertheless they features reimbursement for cancellations due to financial default. They have concierge and other services by phone, but their web site is lacking. Their online interface can be difficult to use for many
Important to Know: The AIG Travel Guard web site also lacks good information about filing claims.


Travel Insured International
Web Site: www.travelinsured.com
Get the Details: Travel Insurance International will offer reimbursements for miles or travel rewards cards, and they have great worldwide travel insurance plans that can be used within the United States. Their prices are organized mostly by age, but are pretty close to average prices for the best travel insurance companies. The variety of insurance plans you can apply for might vary by your place of residence.
Important to Know: Travel Insured International will not provide reimbursement for any lost or stolen prescriptions.

Have a worry-free holiday

Have a worry-free holiday

Web Site: www.travelex.com
Get the Details: Travelex has several upgrade packs that you can add on to customize your insurance plan. They offers trip insurance for many common situations and have multiple additional options that suit many more specific vacation insurance needs, but those cost more than some of the other high ranking best travel insurance providers.  Travelex provides the kind of payouts one would expect for cancellation, with 100 percent compensation for costs incurred for trip cancellation and 150 percent for trip interruptions. The Travelex $1,000 delay compensation is what would be considered an average payout, and the same with the $600 compensation for your expenses incurred for your luggage having been delayed. What Travelex does not offer are some of the perks that other travel insurance agencies do cover – like being reimbursed for lost mileage or trip cancellation due to a financial default of the carrier or the tour operator.
Important to Know: Their plans are great but they are one of the most costly as well.

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