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Travel Hacks

Unbiased Review of 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies!

Unbiased Review of 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies! CSA Travel Protection Web Site: Get the Details: CSA is one of the most well known and best travel insurance companies out there. This company features plans that usually come to total less than the average travel protection prices, yet still manages to offer coverage with caps above the average amount, in addition to other bonuses you don’t always run across

Student Travel – See the World Before Adulthood!

Student Travel – See the World Before Adulthood! If you’re a student looking to take a break, look no further. Whether you’re looking to go for a quick getaway, a trip lasting a number of weeks, or even months, there are plenty of opportunities out there for students on a gap year or just a breather from their studies. Taking a break to see parts of the world is an

How to Take Advantage of Last Minute Vacations

How to Take Advantage of Last Minute Vacations Stop what you’re doing right now, and ask yourself: Is there anywhere else you’d rather be at this moment? How about trekking through a forested mountain range, knowing that you’re going to be at the peak of the mountain by lunch time to enjoy that incredible view? Or sitting outside a restaurant in Mexico enjoying a refreshing drink with a friend? How

20 Top Travel Websites to Plan Your Holidays

20 Top Travel Websites to Plan Your Holidays 1) AirfareWatchdog: If you’re looking for travel websites in hopes of a great airfare deal, Airfare Watchdog is one of the best sites for travelers ready to go when a great deal pops up. Airfare Watchdog keeps a close eye on airlines in anticipation of fare sales. They use rewards programs  to take advantage of promotional codes and discount offers that are

Backpacking Europe Ideas – A must Read!

Backpacking Europe Ideas – A Must Read for Every Adventurer! How good does it feel to pack your essentials in a backpack, fly on an airplane, and go to Europe? Backpacking Europe is one of the coolest things you can ever do as a traveler. Europe is full of life and adventure. It is an experience in itself. There is so much to see and so much to experience. You’ll

Top 20 Places to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Top 20 Places to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Looking for cheap airline tickets? Maybe you’ve got your eye on a great vacation destination overseas, or just want to fly across the country to visit a friend for a week. Perhaps you just need a holiday and you don’t mind where you end up so long as it’s sunny and cheap! We’d all like to fly for less, after all, airline

How To Best Deal With Airline Delays

How To Best Deal With Airline Delays If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are you know that sinking feeling all too well – the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as soon as the captain announces that your flight will be delayed. You slump back in your seat and try to will away the stress headache you feel coming on, as your mind tries to sort out

10 Top Airlines to Consider Flying With This Year!

10 Top Airlines to Consider Flying With This Year! What is it like to take to the skies with one of the world’s top airlines this year? Since 1999, United Kingdom based airline rating consultancy Skytrax (formerly known as Inflight Research Services) has been asking people like you to evaluate airlines and awarding them accordingly based on a list of categories and criteria. What does this mean for the prospective

When is the Best Time to Book Flights?

When is the Best Time to Book Flights? You’ve got your sight set on on that piece of tropical paradise – or perhaps you’re looking forward to a trip back home to visit your family and catch up with old friends. You’ve secured your accommodation, booked your time off, and you just can’t wait to start packing your bags! After meticulously planning out the who, where, and how (all the

Houseboats are a unique vacation experience

The Reason Why Houseboats Are A Unique Vacation Experience Curious about houseboats? You love to travel, but you also love the familiar comforts of your own bed and kitchen. Who doesn’t?  Unwinding on your own sofa with a book after a long day of exploring a fabulous new vacation spot, relaxing in your own tub after a hike.  No checking in or out of a hotel room by certain times

How to Travel Europe by Rail

How to Travel Europe by Rail Rich and incredibly diverse, the nations of the European continent offer a wide array of breathtaking sights, great climate, delectable cuisines, and awe-inspiring culture. Europe, the second to the smallest country by surface area, has about 50 countries, with Russia being the largest and Vatican City being the smallest. It’s the third continent with the most number of people, next to Africa and Asia,

Traveling While Pregnant – Tips For Safety & Comfort

Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Travel! Travelling while pregnant is safe and often provides a much needed distraction from the stress of preparing for a new baby. A few minutes of extra thought and preparation can make your journey relaxing and worry free. If your itinerary will take you on the road, make sure to schedule a little extra time for bathroom breaks. Plan to stop at least every

Sneak Peek – Taxi Experience Around The World

Preview Of The Taxi Experience Around The World Let’s take a quick journey around the world, travelling only by local taxis. It is going to be an interesting ride, as every continent has its peculiarities when it comes to the cab industry. They range from unusual traditions and quotes, to varied types of vehicles.   Africa The first visit will be to Africa. One interesting thing that can be found

The Most Popular Travel Apps Worth Knowing About

Top And Best Apps for Traveling At this very moment, we can guess that about half of the world population is dreaming of traveling to some place exotic and half others are already there. Irrespective of where you might be going and what you have planned, iPhone perfect companion for the travel “Just about Everything” full of handy apps and features your mobile phone can be you’re trip savior too. You

Tips & Why Do Travelers Choose Bus Tours?

Bus Tours Are A Great Way To Enjoy Holidays Without Stress On Your Side! The amount of money available for discretion spending is never enough to do all the things we want to do. So, we continually look for more cost-effective ways to travel. Travelers are also looking for travel options that are easy. They want to go to places every day that are different, inspiring and fun. Here are some

Hotels No Show Charges | The Whats & Hows!

No Show Procedure In Hotels – What Happens If You Do Not Show Up For The Reservation You Booked? Major hotels make a good amount of revenue out of billing guests who didn’t cancel their reservations in time, for rooms that went unused that they carelessly didn’t cancel out. The hotels today look for every source of revenue they can find as our travel industry is taking quite a toll.