10 Safest Countries in the World Worth Traveling To

With some regions of the world obviously a little more dangerous than others to risk traveling to, some might be wondering which countries are among the safest in the world worth traveling to? Many might seem obviously safe, but a couple might come as a surprise! Peaceful countries with low crime rates, the least amount of natural disasters, low corruption, and an all-round good quality of living make for great getaways on this list of 10 Safest Countries In The World Worth Traveling To!


Canadians in Alberta

Canadians in Alberta

Location: North America
Capital: Ottawa
Official language(s): English, French
Population: 35.16 million
Reasons why Canada is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: With one of the best quality of living rankings in the world, a famous health care system, and a well-known general friendliness, Canada is one of the most peaceful nations in the world. It’s an extraordinarily multi-cultural and accommodating country known for its Peacekeeping efforts and low levels of violent crime.

Location: South America
Capital: Montevideo
Official language(s): Spanish
Population: 3.407 million
Reasons why Uruguay is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: Uruguay enjoys a very low rate of violent crime in South America, tap water is safe to drink in all major cities, and it was the first Latin American country to pass a civil union law. Uruguay is a popular vacation destination, regarded as being safer than it’s neighbours, and it’s also a welcoming country to gay and lesbian visitors. Gay marriage is recognized and legal in Uruguay, and even gay travelers to rural areas typically experience little overt discrimination. This acceptance and general warmth makes this progressive country one of the safest to travel to.

Location: Europe
Capital: Reykjavik
Official language(s): Icelandic
Population: 323,002
Reasons why Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: The quirky little volcanic nation on the top of the globe takes home the gold medal for being the safest country in the world, with it’s extremely low crime rate and top notch social welfare system. The biggest threat you face in Iceland is accidental injury. Iceland is a great place to explore its natural geological formations and fascinating countryside, and the city is a welcoming place where everyone feels relatively safe and at ease. Medical assistance in Iceland can be tricky if you’re in a remote area, so plan ahead. There’s very little danger of violent crime, property theft or vandalism in Iceland, and their quality of life is impressive. The overwhelming majority of Iceland’s little population is middle class and content, feeling safe when they go out walking at night.

Location: East Asia
Capital: Tokyo
Official language(s): Japanese
Population: 127.3 million
Reasons why Japan is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: With its extremely strict policies on guns and drugs, and very low levels of homicides and other violent crimes, Japan is where it’s at when it comes to safe counties. This nation goes out of its way to make visitors feel welcome and safe. You’ll do a double take when you see a group of girls leave their purses and cell phones on their fast food restaurant table completely unattended while they go to the restrooms, or very young children riding the bustling Tokyo Metro subway to school by themselves. Police can be found in small police stations called Kōban throughout the country. Rather than feeling like you’re being scrutinized and watched, the Kōban and Japanese police make you feel very secure. You can approach a Kōban for directions, use it as a lost and found, and of course seek one out in an emergency. You’ll find that you can get along easily in the major cities like Tokyo on English only and that Japanese people are conscientious and happy to help point you in the right direction if you need assistance. Ever courteous, clothing store employees will shower you with a barrage of irasshaimase‘s to let you know that you are welcome and that they are there to help. Their medical facilities are excellent, and you’ll find that wherever you go you feel at ease, safe and that everything seems clean and orderly. Even in crowded areas, life is calm and methodical – and quiet. A room filled with people waiting on the train in Tokyo is strangely silent to western ears accustomed to noisy chattering and random music blaring from people’s earphones – in fact, public transportation such as the Tokyo Metro, trains and buses have signs posted asking that people refrain from talking on their phones as it is loud and rude to others around them, and ask that they use text messages to communicate instead. The noise level in Japan is known to be kept where it belongs – in the deafening cacauphony of the pachinko parlour.

The Seychelles
Location: Indian Ocean, off East Africa
Capital: Victoria
Official language(s): French, English, Seselwa
Population: 89,173
Reasons why the Seychelles is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: This blissful little archipelago off the coast of Africa is a well-known destination for those looking for a great place to unwind and go diving, see the nature reserves and chill on the beach. The police can be found looking out for the safety of everyone in and around the islands – since the Seychelles economy relies heavily on tourism, it’s their reputation on the line. The violent crime rate is very low, and the majority of the crimes tourists ever face come from having their valuables picked up by thrives after leaving them laying on the beach.  Avoid bringing valuables with you when you’re out sailing and swimming. You’ll find that the locals are helpful and friendly.

Location: Indian and Pacific Oceans
Capital: Canberra
Official language(s): (unofficially) Australian English, Australian Aboriginal, Tasmanian among others
Population: 23.13 million
Reasons why Australia is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: Australia is a really big, really fun, and really safe country to plan a vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a group making plans for a tour to some fantastic sites, a couple on a honeymoon getaway to a resort, or a solo backpacking female – you’ll find that Australia is accommodating, friendly, curious, and an all-round secure place to travel to. Tap water is almost always safe to drink,(and usually marked with signage if it isn’t) they have a high standard of health care and great medical resources, and a great quality of life. Use common sense as you would anywhere else, and you shouldn’t run into any trouble visiting Australia – in fact, tourists are more commonly warned against natural dangers such as rough surf, sweltering desert heat, and animals.



Don’t expect to be able to dive into any beautiful looking body of water you come across while trekking around this country. Sharks and crocs share those waters too! Follow the basic safety rules in Australia and you’ll have heaps of fun.


Location: Europe
Capital: Stockholm
Official language(s): Swedish
Population: 9.593 million
Reasons why Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: This gorgeous Scandinavian country ranks at the top of the most peaceful countries in the world with a stellar Global Peace Index score, and their very low violent crime rate is a reassurance to any potential visitors to Sweden. You can expect to be able to walk the streets, see the sights and enjoy your Swedish holiday unscathed, provided you use common sense. Tourists may be warned to steer clear of Stockholm Central Station in the middle of the night, but otherwise the capital city isn’t they type to have any rough or bad neighbourhoods and is best seen on foot or bicycle. Rural areas are exceptionally safe – with the caution to keep an eye out for moose crossing the roads after dark which, much like rural Canada, Scandinavia and Russia, can cause dangerous car wrecks. Another good thing to note while in rural Sweden is that outside of the city you are less likely to get by on English only, so if you need assistance you should have some key phrases translated to Swedish and know the name and number of where you’re staying.


Location: Europe
Capital: Copenhagen
Official language(s): Danish
Population: 5.614 million
Reasons why Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: Denmark is definitely one of the most progressive, tolerant and welcoming countries you can hope to travel to in your lifetime, making it one of the safest countries in the world to plan a holiday. Danish people are polite, and known for their friendliness and helpfulness, and you shouldn’t have any problems finding your way safely about the country. They have a very low crime rate, and it’s generally a very safe place to walk alone even at night – just be sensible about it. The biking and walking trails in Denmark are well lit in case you happen to be on them when night falls. Denmark is also an extremely family friendly city.


Portugal festival

Portugal BOOM festival

Location: Europe
Capital: Lisbon
Official language(s): Portuguese
Population: 10.46 million
Reasons why Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. You can rest assured that tourism in Portugal is typically “uneventful” in the sense that the low crime rate, stable government and terrific standard of living provide nothing but good times for the Portugal tourist. Portugal is generally a safe place to enjoy a wide range of activities with little worry of any sort of crime – violent or otherwise. This beautiful country’s vibrant safe cities, gorgeous relaxing beaches, incredible mountain ranges keep tourists coming back for more.


Location: Europe
Capital: Helsinki
Official language(s): Finnish, Swedish
Population: 5.439 million
Reasons why Finland is one of the safest countries in the world worth traveling to: Finland is known for being a safe and peaceful place. Even though Finland is a nation that requires mandatory civil and military service from its young citizens, the country’s solitary participation in fighting has been as a part of joint United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Finland has an education system that is ranked 4th best in the world, a standard of living that is enviable, a stable political environment and a general easy going nature. Property crimes such as vandalism or theft are very low, and the country is generally an accepting and friendly one. Not only is Finland one of the safest countries in the world to visit, it’s the safest internet country. Based on a study by popular anti-virus company McAfee, domains that end with Finland’s “.fi” are the least likely to cause you security problems. Safety is the name of the game in Finland.

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