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Chile Holidays

Ever heard of Atacama desert in Chile?

Ever heard of Atacama desert in Chile aka the hand of the Desert? Desierto de Atacama or Atacama desert is 1255 km long and is renowned to be the driest non-polar desert in the world. Located in South America, Atacama is composed of stony terrains, sand, salt lakes, and felsic lava. To its east you can find the mighty Andes along with towering volcanoes standing for 6000 meters in height.

Trips To Easter Island | Easter Island Holidays

The Mythology of Easter Island Mention Easter Island and most people immediately think of the enigmatic giant stone faces placed along the coastline that stare stoically, either out to sea or inland at the inhabitants. Being part of the Polynesian triangle in the Pacific there are many myths and legends attached to this remote and mysterious island, with many of the ‘facts’ being barely indistinguishable from fanciful conjecture. However, what

Patagonia | Travel To Patagonia South America

Patagonia – The Chance To Soak Up The Landscape And Cultures Of Both Argentina And Chile! Patagonia is known to be one of the most amazing and top destinations in the world. The prestigious holiday destination of Patagonia South America, positioned between Chile and Argentina attracts visitors from all over the world for various reasons. This region comes with a lot of history, mountains, lakes, hills, beautiful flora and fauna. A