The Ultimate Argentina Vacation Is Possible If You Plan Ahead!

Formulating the idea of going for an Argentina vacation isn’t that difficult but deciding where to go when you get there makes you stop and think. Since Argentina has all four seasons, not all Argentina attractions are accessible all year long. Some of these attractions are only available in the summer while others don’t open until the winter season. Therefore, planning is necessary if there are certain activities that you would like to enjoy in Argentina.

As Argentina is located along the southern hemisphere it basks in a climate that’s the exact opposite of North America. This is why most of the time most people travel during the winter holidays to Argentina. While it may be snowing in the United States, summer is in its full bloom in Argentina. If you want to get away from the cold winter of the northern regions of America, then it is the best time to catch a flight to Argentina for warm and inviting activities like trekking, horseback riding, fishing, and sight-seeing along the Patagonia. The Andes Mountains also offers the same nature-driven activities with the exception of fishing and the addition of heavy-duty mountaineering. The beaches of Argentina’s Mar del Plata also dominate the summer scene and will most certainly make you forget that it is winter back in your place.

From April to May during fall season, horse riding and trekking are still available in the northwestern areas of the country. On the other end of the spectrum, along the northeast, you can also see the spectacular Iguassu Falls us one of the best waterfalls in the world in terms of scenic grandeur. In the winder you will be enamored by the glaciers in southern Argentina. The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most amazing sites that you will ever see in your lifetime!

If you want to take part in the whale watching tours, winter and spring are the best seasons to go to Argentina during which time you can see whales as they go near the shores of the Valdes Peninsula to feed on seals and sea lions. Winter and spring in Argentina begin in June and last until November and whales can be sighted beginning August until the end of spring season. If these are too laid back for you, you can go skiing at the Patagonia and Mendoza during winter. Subsequently, you can relax and watch the jacaranda flowers bloom in local gardens.


Sample Itinerary


Days 1-3

As with any Argentina vacation, you’ll begin your trip in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. It’s definitely worth spending a couple of days here to really get the chance to explore and soak up the lively atmosphere. Head over to the tango district of San Telmo and discover its many street dancers and performers. If you fancy a dose of culture, you could check out the Museo de Belle Artes.


Day 4-6

When your time in Buenos Aires is up, take a flight to Ushuaia; the most southern town in the world! Though Ushuaia was once a remote and secluded settlement, it is now one of flourishing holiday destinations with over 30,000 inhabitants and offers stunning views of snowy peaks.

If you fancy an active adventure, you can take a trek in Tierra del Fuego National Park which is only around 20 mins away by bus. Follow the trail past mountains, forests and lakes and take in the beautiful views from across the bay.

A bit of advice: As the weather here is quite unpredictable, it’s probably worth packing lots of layers for this part of your Argentina trip!

To top off your Argentina vacation in Ushuaia, why not follow in the footsteps of Darwin and take a boat ride along the Beagle channel? Here, you’ll pass the lighthouse at Puerto Williams which is not only the most southernmost settlement in the world but the departure place for South Pole crossings.


Day 7

Today you can begin the next leg of your Argentina vacation as you board the plane once again and head to El Calafate. Upon arrival, you can amble around this friendly town and try out some of the local Patagonian culinary specialities.


Day 8-9

During this part of your Argentina vacation, why not head off sailing amongst the mighty icebergs on a glacier boat trip? This is usually a real highlight of any Argentina travel experience! During this trip, you’ll sail towards the highest glacier in the world; Spegazinni. You’ll also need to get your camera ready to snap Upsala; the largest glacier in the world (bigger than Buenos Aires!)

During your stay here, you might also want to check out Patagonia’s most photographed glacier, the Perito Moreno (the entrance fee is around 60 pesos).


Day 10-12

On day ten of this ultimate Argentina vacation, you’ll wave goodbye to the icy land of Patagonia and head north by plane to Bariloche in Argentina’s Lake District.

One of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Bariloche is a great stop-over on your Argentina holiday. Located in the heart of the Argentine Lake District, during this part of your Argentina travels, you’ll be treated to some of the most scenic views in Patagonia.

You can really enjoy Bariloche at your own pace. There are plenty of activities to choose from such as kayaking across crystal clear lakes which are surrounded by towering peaks and pine forests; simply beautiful! Alternatively, if you want to explore more of the surrounding areas, you can also rent a mountain-bike or perhaps try your hand at horse-riding!


Day 13-14

On day thirteen of your Argentina vacation, you’ll head to your next destination (and my personal favourite), the tropical rainforest at Iguazu. I’m a real fan of green jungle and wildlife, so this is definitely my highlight of this Argentina itinerary!

Iguazu is of course home to the thundering falls and this is often a really memorable part of most Argentina holidays. The entrance fee is approx US$25, and once you’ve made your way via the little park train, and over the footbridge you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about as you begin to catch a glimpse of ‘Devil’s Throat’ which lies right at the heart of the waterfalls. The sheer vastness and almighty roar of the thundering falls is really quite mind-blowing! You’ll definitely want to keep you camera handy during this part of your Argentina vacation!


Day 15

On day fifteen of this Argentina trip, you can visit the Brazilian side of Iguaçu. What’s more, the Brazilians do claim that although Argentina has the waterfalls, Brazil have the view! And this couldn’t be truer as around 80% of the falls are actually in Argentina and so can be truly appreciated from Brazil’s side!


Day 16

Today this ultimate Argentina vacation comes to an end and you can catch a flight via Buenos Aires or if it’s easier, Rio! (Though you might want to organise an extra day or so here to really explore the famous sights).

I hope this Argentina itinerary offers a little inspiration for your own ultimate Argentina holiday! What I like the most about this Argentina trip is that it combines a great mix of colourful cities, rural escapes and a few of the oh-so-necessary touristy highlights thrown in!


Argentina Vacation Basic Tips To Make Your Trip Smoother


1. Travel Visa

Travelling to another country is not as easy as taking a bus ride to anther town. There are legalities and standard operating procedures that you must carefully comply with so that you won’t be in any hide-and-seek trouble. Either you need a passport or a Visa to be able to fly and gain entrance to a nation in another continent. Argentina travel visa is necessary to some nationalities but not all.

Argentina travel visa will take you to a trip to a stunning and elegant nation in Latin America. Next to Brazil in terms of size and population, Argentina flaunts a European appeal, affectionate culture and modern means. This soccer-crazy nation is where Europeans and North Americans mostly feel at home and comfortable because of its relatively similar Western lifestyle.

In principle, Argentina travel visa is given to non-residents of Argentina who want to visit for business and relaxation. Tourists from European nations and USA will need to present a passport only upon entering Argentina. Duration of visit is up to three months. As you reach the port of entry like landing docks and international airports, you will be made to present your passport before you are afforded with a free tourist card that expires in 90 days. Travelling as a tourist would be less trouble than as businessman because the latter must observe the three-month policy, otherwise you must obtain a valid business visa that justifies you are staying the country for official reasons and how long your trip will be.

Argentina affords four-year validity for multiple-entry Argentina travel visa. Travel requirement for nationals from United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland is just a passport. Just as long as they stay for three months, no travel or business visa is compulsory. This can be done countless times by any traveler of such nationalities. If you are seeking to stay long-term in Argentina, you must comply with the policies stipulated by the Argentina Embassy. Permanent residency permits are provided if you are involved in a profitable business. If employed by Argentina-based company, you must have your work permit that is valid for one to three years. It’s a must that you contact the Argentine consulate for one-year business visa if your business trip has lapsed beyond three months.

Argentina travel visa has different sets of policies for citizens from Asia. It is vitally important for Asian visitors to present a valid tourist or business visa before entry. A passport alone won’t guarantee entrance. For American citizens who are of Argentine nationality observe a separate policy in accordance with their time of US naturalization. The Argentine Ministry of the Interior can handle these cases but policy-wise dual citizens are allow to stay for 60 days in every visit. If 60 days are over, then a dual citizen must leave the country on an Argentine passport.


2.  If you are traveling from the United States, there are 9 daily direct flights from various U.S. cities to Buenos Aires:

-American from New York City.

-American, Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN from Miami

-Continental from Houston.

-American from Dallas

-Delta from Atlanta

-United from Washington


3.    You’ll probably be visiting more than just Buenos Aires when you go

Both Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN offer various internal flights throughout the country.  Keep in mind that they have different luggage restrictions within the country than those you’ll have on your international flight visiting Argentina.  Both companies don’t have a limit on the amount of checked bags you have but the total weight of all checked bags cannot exceed 15 kilos (or about 33 pounds).


4.    The official currency in Argentina is the Argentine peso

It comes in bill denominations of $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.  Coins have .05, .10, .25, .50 and $1 denominations.  The exchange rate normally fluctuates between $3.50-$3.90 Argentine Pesos to the US dollar.


5.    Tourist visas are not required for European and American visitors but make sure to check with the Argentine Consulate before you travel.

There are rumors that they may impose a tourist visa fee for Americans some time in the future in response to the fact that Argentines have to pay for a visa to get in to the States.


6.    If you’re a tourist and you go shopping while visiting Argentina, look for shops that display the blue and gray Tax Free Shopping decal

Under this system, you can get a tax refund for purchases on goods that were made in Argentina and that are valued at over $70 Argentine Pesos.  Ask for a Tax Free receipt and you can claim your refund at the international airport on your way back home or by mail once you’ve arrived to your home.  The VAT tax you’ll be getting a refund on is currently at 21%.


7.   Electricity

The electrical power system in the country works with 220 watt, 50hg plugs so be sure to bring adapter plugs or transformers if your electrical goods don’t already have them.


8.   Tipping

Tipping while on Argentina vacation is normally done at around 10% for services such as meals and bar tabs.  If you take any guided tours, feel free to tip them around $20 pesos if you’re happy with the service.  Cab drivers don’t normally expect a tip but many people round up to the nearest peso since coins can be hard to come by.


Hopefully we have given you a head start to build your very own ultimate Argentina vacation. Happy planning!

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