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Argentina Holidays

Ultimate Argentina Vacation Ideas For Tourists!

The Ultimate Argentina Vacation Is Possible If You Plan Ahead! Formulating the idea of going for an Argentina vacation isn’t that difficult but deciding where to go when you get there makes you stop and think. Since Argentina has all four seasons, not all Argentina attractions are accessible all year long. Some of these attractions are only available in the summer while others don’t open until the winter season. Therefore, planning is

Ushuaia | The Last Stop Before Antarctica!

Ushuaia – The Last Destination Of Argentina Before Antarctic Territory! Known for its rich ethnic mix of people and for being the second largest country on the South American continent, Argentina is for sure among the world’s fascinating holiday destinations to visit. Some Europeans refer to the Argentine people as “Argies,” a colloquialism given by Falkland Island War vets. The southern most town in Argentina is Ushuaia, a town named by

Iguazu Falls South America | Iguazu Falls Facts

No Visit To Paraguay, Brazil Or Argentina Is Complete Without A Trip To The Iguazu Falls! “Poor Niagara!” is what First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly said when she first laid eyes on the incredible Iguazu Falls. Lining the Brazilian state of Parana and Argentina’s Misiones province, the 275 waterfalls divide the upper and lower Iguazu River, creating one of the most remarkable natural sites in the world. In fact, the