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Where to Stay

Palm Springs Hotels – Enjoy California Holidays!

Recommended Hotels In Palm Springs For Your California Vacation! The city of Palm Springs is an oasis in the middle of the Southern California desert and forms part of the larger Coachella Valley. Palm Springs is surrounded by mountains on all sides. For many decades it has been a prime getaway destination for people wishing to escape the stress of everyday life. Every year, on average, Palm Springs attracts over one

Need A Hand With Spa Hotels? No Problem!

Spa Hotels – The Ultimate Wellness Destinations! The emergence of spa hotels is not recent. Earlier spas were located near a natural spring offering holistic wellness treatment to the visiting public. The term is more than often referred in conjunction with healing and curing than wellness. Spa hotels got a make over from the Roman royals. They developed spas with a touch of class and a feel of luxury. In

Top 18 Unique Hotels For Your Bucket List!

Unique Hotels – Ridiculously Luxury, Island, Cheap, Prison To Whatever You Name It Hotels! When it comes to vacationing, the hotel itself can be as much a part of the vacation as the destination. Before you make hotel reservations at some luxury hotel, think of all the options out there. From a tree house to an ice house, here are some of the most unique hotels from all over the

Top 22 Most Expensive Hotels In The World!

A Grand Vacation – Top 22 Most Expensive Hotels In The World! Looking for top 22 most expensive hotels in the world providing the most luxurious stay? Well, your search ends here. Find below the list of the most expensive hotels on this earth where you can spend your dreamy vacation:   1. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva When it comes to the most lavish and expensive hotel suites on the

Serviced Apartments – Essential Quick Guide!

Serviced Apartments – Exclusive Lodging Option! The majority of individuals who visit vacation destinations and do not want to go through the procedure of a hotel prefer to stay in serviced apartments or apartment hotels. The self catering accommodation provides greater flexibility and generally families like the handiness of a serviced apartment where the food can be made according to one’s own choice and most importantly the prices are cheaper. In

Maldives Holidays – The Best Maldives Resorts!

An Overview Of Some Of The Best Maldives Resorts There are about 1200 small islands that are placed in the Indian Ocean it is also called pearls of the Indian Ocean. The closest countries to the Maldives are India and Sri Lanka. There are approximately 1200 separate islands in the Maldives and only about one sixth of these are populated. Maldives is the smallest nation in Asia in terms of

Great & Magnificent 6 Themed Hotels In Paris

Themed Hotels In Paris – Providing An Escape From Reality! Need some ideas on where you should take your next vacation? Are you to trying to find a place to get away, maybe a little escape from reality? There are a number of different destinations and themed hotels that just might be perfect for you. Regardless of the nature of your stay a themed hotel can meet your needs. It doesn’t matter

Holidays In Cyprus – The Best Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus Hotels – A Taste Of Luxury Paradise! Cyprus is well known as the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who, according to legend, was born there. Although a small country, Cyprus has an almost overwhelming cultural heritage. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to over 9 000 years of civilization and history. Cyprus stands at the

Mumbai Hotels – Stay In India’s Largest City!

Relax And Rejuvenate At The Best Mumbai Hotels! Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra in India. It is the largest city in India and the most populous too. It is the commercial capital of the country and is a melting pot of different communities, languages and cultures. It is a port city and home to the huge Hindi Film Industry, popularly known as Bollywood. Mumbai

The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas | Mirage Casino Vegas

The Mirage Hotel – Bringing All The Excitement Of Las Vegas In One Place! Have you ever arrived at your hotel and thought to yourself, ‘This is perfect. I don’t even have to venture outside the resort to have a fabulous time here.’ That’s the kind of place Las Vegas is with its exclusive collection of mega hotels along the strip and the Mirage ranks right up there with some

Banff Cabins | Banff Hotels | Banff Log Cabin

Banff Cabins – Modern Amenities With Rustic Ambiance Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Banff Cabins also known as Banff  Log Cabin provides visitors to the region a unique way to enjoy their holidays. Enjoy a Romantic and unique Banff Cabins experience, conveniently located a 4 minute walk from the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and only a 5 minute drive to the world class Banff Springs

Odessa Apartments | Odessa Ukraine Hotels

There Is A Reason Why People Opt For Odessa Apartments Over Hotels! It would not take a scientist to make you believe why Odessa is one of the popular destinations of today. Tourists from all over the world hover around this fourth largest city in Ukraine in search for some serene and tranquil holiday atmosphere. The city comprises of a major seaport that is partially enveloped by the lovely blue

Atlanta Airport Hotels | Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Atlanta Airport Hotels – An Excuse To Stay Close To Atlanta Hartsfield Airport! Searching for the best Atlanta airport hotels? True, airport hotels do have an additional advantage of being very, very near to the airports, making transportations quick and easy. If you are looking for Atlanta airport hotels, then you are in luck. Atlanta has a number of airport hotels, luxurious, comfortable, having high-quality service, which will cater to

Hilton Timeshare | Hilton Grand Vacation Club

Hilton Timeshare – Your Ticket Towards Enjoyment Of Facilities In Numerous Top Vacation Destinations! Hilton Grand Vacations club is celebrated in providing a collection of its own Hilton resorts in a number of attractive vacation locations.This exclusive vacation club is intended to provide the perfect solution to the increasing need for quality vacation accommodation and planning for individuals and their families. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club facilities can be enjoyed

Top Seven 5 Stars Nairobi Hotels | Kenya Hotels

Top Seven 5 Stars Nairobi Hotels That Will Give You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck! experts have come up with the top seven 5 stars hotels in Nairobi, to help those travelers or visitors who are looking for the best of the best in terms of hotel accommodation in Nairobi. By no means, this list means the rest of Nairobi hotels have no quality or best accommodation…..our list

Best Business Hotels In India | India Hotels

The Most Popular Business Hotels In India! India is one of the fastest emerging economies around the world. People from all corners of the world are landing up in the country to get a slice of the action. This has resulted in the blossoming up of some support industries like the hospitality sector – the dramatic rise in the number of business hotels in India is an indication enough! There