Hotel Amenities, Conveniences, And Supplies – Back To Basics To Find What Works For You!

Guest satisfaction is the focal point of the success of hotels. From the maintenance staff to the ownership, everyone works toward excellence and ensuring that every guest is delighted with their stay. To that end, hotels study what matters to you, as a guest. If you care about specific hotel amenities, conveniences or hotel supplies, this article will definitely give you insights to get you the right hotel accommodation with the amenities that fit your needs.

The fact is, there are many facets to hotels. Whether it’s a helpful guest services staff, housekeeping using quality hotel supplies to clean guest rooms or conveniences and amenities offered by the resort, all are equally important to the end goal, doing everything possible to ensure that every guest is delighted every time.


Why All The Fuss About Hotel Amenities, Conveniences, and Supplies?

Hotel amenities can make or break a guest’s stay and hotels know it. When people compare hotels, amenities such as a pool, fitness center and complimentary continental breakfast are just a few common items that add value and enjoyment of a guest’s stay. When people are reviewing hotels, amenities matter because they convey value and because an included amenity is one less thing someone has to budget for. Hotel amenities differ from hotel supplies in that hotel supplies are items you buy or offer that guests may take with them.

Hotels that offer conveniences are typically mid-level or pricier and while many are complimentary, some are offered for a small fee. ATM machines, stamps, brochure desks, laundry service, dry cleaning and valet parking are among the many conveniences some hotels offer their guests, for their comfort and, you guessed it, convenience. While they’re neither amenities nor hotel supplies hotel supplies, they are nonetheless valuable to resort guests. They tend to be services that former guests have suggested or requested, too.

Hotel supplies are a very important part of every lodging guest’s experience though they may not realize it. Shower curtains, fluffy bath towels, complimentary toiletries, ash trays and luggage racks are just a few of the important hotel supplies, that are appreciated touches in any guest room. Not only do they double, in many cases, as decor, they’re also functional and add value to the room. That said, hotel amenities will vary based on the class of accommodation in terms of materials used and product quality. For example, microfiber slippers and bathrobes and espresso machines are among the hotel supplies typically found only in pricier hotels and spas.

People anticipate a spotless, comfortable guest room furnished with quality hotel supplies; anything less is a disappointment. Durable hangers, complimentary toiletries, in room coffee, a working luggage rock and absorbent towels are among the many hotel supplies and amenities that people view as standard, items they expect to be in their guest room.

While a small percentage of people don’t make use of the complimentary toiletries, the vast majority of guests in hotels appreciate the sample size beauty supplies and notice if they’re sub par or missing. In fact, like complimentary toiletries, there are many hotel supplies that are basic for most hotels. Some hotel guests walk into their room then sit or lay down on the bed immediately. They are sometimes known as ‘bed testers’ and, if the bed’s comfortable, the other details are far less important. On the other hand, some people walk their rooms, turning on lights and checking for hangers, an iron and an ironing board in the closet among other hotel supplies in their room.


Guest’s Perspective – Great Hotel Amenities Make Great Hotels

When you look at hotels to reserve a hotel room, you expect the one you choose will be furnished with certain standard amenities. You probably also expect the common areas to be appropriately outfitted as well. While your standards may vary from those of other people and what’s minimally acceptable at hotels will vary, there are certain basic hotel supplies that you, and other members of the general public assume will be in hotels. Comfortable seating, quality linens, absorbent bath towels and complimentary toiletries are hotel supplies you’d probably say are standard. If you’re like most people, when you review hotels, and choose one, the location, amenities and hotel supplies are among the reasons for your pick.

In a very competitive travel industry, amenities set the ambiance for the hotels themselves. They also have the power to impress instantly; they can be lifesavers. However, when you find hotel supplies and amenities lacking it leaves a negative impression and may cause you to doubt your choice of hotels. From the guest rooms to the conference rooms and the fitness center to the front foyer, each aspect of a hotel should reflect comfort and warmth. Spotless hotels, and guest rooms, having been cleaned and thoroughly detailed with quality hotel supplies, encourage guests to relax.

Do you look at hotels through a prism of “what can I afford?” Well, you’re not alone. More people than ever before are picking hotels based in large part on room rate, rather than location, amenities, hotel supplies and conveniences. That’s not to say that you don’t expect your guest room to be clean, ready for your use and replete with quality, useful amenities and hotel supplies. Additionally, most hotels focus on their guest bathrooms. Most are outfitted with durable shower curtains on curved shower bars, absorbent toilet paper and steam irons in good repair. Complimentary amenities also leave a wonderful first impression.

When you’ve reserved a guest room, maybe in part because of the offered amenities, hotels know you expect them to be available or ready for your use and rightly so. As a result a variety of standard, quality hotel supplies, everything from laundry bags and irons to wash cloths and bar soaps, are offered by most hotels as fixtures of their guest rooms. They, along with the bed linens, furniture, curtains are hotel supplies that speak volumes about both hotels and the rooms in them. However, like many travelers, you probably pay as much attention to the smaller details, like the coffee machine and the coffee, among other important hotel supplies.

If you’ve traveled in the last year or so, you know that hotels are putting their best foot forward, so to speak, even in the face of higher rates and more room availability. They’re paying attention to the details, trying in many cases to best one another with new amenities, in addition to the common ones. Hotels know that many factors that play a part in your opinion your stay and that great amenities make great stays. They want to make you happy because they know that you’ve got multiple choices and they want to be your hotel of choice. Ultimately, hotels want to use their hotel supplies, amenities and conveniences to win your business.


Now It’s Time To Pull The Trigger…..Overwhelmed By A Large Volume Of Accommodations To Choose From? Here Is How To Select The Right One For You!

Whether embarking on a business expedition, fun road trip, or as an overnight stop over, there are certain parameters based on which you need to select a hotel. You are shelling out your hard-earned cash, so settle for nothing less than the absolute best your money can buy. A trashy motel can ruin your holiday experience, just as a luxurious hotel can make the trip all the more enjoyable for you. There is a reason why five-star hotels are priced so high. It is the state of the art facilities, impeccable hospitality, distinct opulence, and quality housekeeping services offered that sets five-star hotels apart from other low-rated hotels. You have made bookings for hotels based on prices, location, and ratings; now make your bookings based on the hotel amenities offered.


Chalk out the basics

Before you start your search process, you first need to decide which hotel amenities are essential for you and which are luxury. If you have a baby, you might consider babysitting service as mandatory. Similarly, if you hail from some foreign country, then having a currency exchange option at the hotel might seem like a safe bet. Having clear priorities will help you narrow down your search results.


Shortlist hotels

Look for a website that allows you to search for hotels based on the amenities offered. When you find such a website, you will find a designated option on the Web page that allows you to search specifically based on the desired hotel amenities. Simply enter the hotel amenities that you want and wait for the search engine to offer you exactly that. Once you have the list of potential hotels with you, the next step is to compare rates, amenities, and ratings of the hotels and make your choices accordingly.


Background check

Do not go by everything that you see on the hotel websites or brochures. There are good chances the ads that you come across on the Internet are inaccurate. What you need to do in this situation is to conduct a background check. Call up the hotels and verify with them if they actually offer the hotel amenities listed in their websites. If you find the hotel to your liking, go ahead and make your reservations. If you find the hotel unacceptable, then carry on searching.


The must-have hotel amenities

There is no end to the list of hotel amenities that you might want. However, here is the list of some basic hotel amenities that you must have:

Coffee and food are two of the more important amenities to look for in hotels. And if there is a coffeemaker in the room, all the better! Some places have stopped putting a maker right in the room, but sometimes if you ask for a complimentary cup to be brought to your room, they’ll do it. Others have just made it difficult to find the coffeemaker, so if you’re having trouble locating it, call the front desk and ask. If you don’t mind going to the lobby, many hotels have gourmet coffee chains or smaller coffee carts in their lobbies. And when it comes to food, find out just what it means when they claim there is a complimentary breakfast. Even if it is extremely basic it can come in handy, especially if you have kids. That way they get something to eat without wasting money by only nibbling at a tiny amount.

Shuttles can be fantastic perks. Some hotels offer airport shuttles only while others also offer shuttles to major tourist spots. If you’re visiting a theme park, find out if your chosen location offers a shuttle service, and if so, how often? Also ask if there is a charge and how much it is, so you can figure out if it’s worthwhile.

Free Internet access can be surprisingly difficult to come by at the fancier places. Basic motels often offer free Wi-Fi while the more upscale locations sometimes charge. If you need to check your email for work or even if it is just pleasure, make sure you find out what the Internet availability is ahead of time. Don’t assume it’s going to be free. If there is a charge, find out if it is per-day or per-use, and decide just how important that amenity is to you. Sometimes you have no choice but to have Internet access and other times you can go without.

Take into consideration whether or not there is any form of free entertainment. The most popular form is indoor pools, but some hotels also offer game rooms, board games, and movies. Ask the front desk what they have, because there may be times when you need to keep your family entertained without leaving the room or building. If there is a pool, ask about rules for use. Wherever you choose to stay, make sure they have the amenities you and your family need for a pleasant trip. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the difference between a good trip and a great one.

Others are 24-hours housekeeping services, fitness centre, and an in-house medical staff. You need to realize that you might have to compromise at some level. If you have a list of 15 must-have amenities and, at the same time, are not willing to shell out the money required to meet such expectations, you will be limiting your own choices. Remember, the narrower your list is, the more options you will have.


Simple way to cut cost

Making bookings well in advance can help you save big bucks. See if you can find any discount codes or coupon that will help you save more. Verify with the hotel staff if they have any ongoing promotional scheme or seasonal discount offers. Whatever you do, make it a point to get quotes from at least three major hotels and compare rates to get value for your money.

You will be surprised that by applying these simple tips how much money you can save without compromising on quality of services or hotel amenities offered.


In conclusion, hotels that want guests to feel wanted, welcome and pampered need to find just the right combination of amenities, hotel supplies and conveniences. While they’ll differ depending upon the level of lodging, the furnishings in hotels matter and they’re important not only in a guest’s selecting a certain hotel for their stay but also in contributing to guest satisfaction. Guests do notice when hotel amenities are absent and they’ve been known to turn a guest’s stay around. Hotels in competitive markets and those striving for high occupancy rates and happy guests are more likely to offer a greater selection of amenities.

Still unsure? Look no further, we have compiled a traveler guide of where to stay for the rest of holiday destinations around the world just for people like you…..Happy holidays!