Popular And Exciting Things To Do In Fiji With Family

There are many reasons to go on a family vacation. Regardless of the activity, as the old adage goes, “the family that plays together, stays together.” Therefore, going on a vacation is a wonderful way for both you and the kids to disconnect from everyone else and concentrate on building memories together. Secondly, vacations are a wonderful way to teach your children the joy of learning. It is not necessary to plan an educational vacation for this to occur, while you are on vacation, you can teach them about family values and how to act when things go right and wrong. Thirdly, you are feeding positive memories into your child’s memory bank. Then, when things get rough, and they will, your child can draw on these memories for strength. Furthermore, you are teaching that life is an adventure where each moment should be treasured. Finally, you and your kids really do need time to relax.

That said, picking the best of all holiday destinations that meets your preferences means a great chance to enjoy with your family. Talking about ultimately family vacation, Fiji is definitely one of those great places with ton of exciting things to do for families, for this reason we are giving you a sneak preview to help make better decisions.


Lavena Coast

The Lavena coast is the furthest eastern point on Tayeun Island. Families with young children may want to

Lavena Coast Rainforest

Lavena Coast Rainforest

consider taking the bus straight to the waterfalls located there to explore things to do in Fiji. Other families, however, will enjoy hiking to the Lavena coast. This moderately easy hike that is just over seven miles long starts out on beautiful white sandy beaches that are dotted with rock pools where the kids may enjoy picking up rocks. Then, it continues on to a waterfall. Brave kids and their parents can jump off the top of the waterfall and landing in the rock pools below, while the more timid can just swim in the rock pools. A great way to get back to your starting destination is by kayak that is available for rent very nearby.



Snorkeling is a popular and exciting thing to do in Fiji with the family. Many places rent snorkeling equipment, and some of the hotels will even let you use their equipment without paying additional cost. If children can swim, then they can easily snorkel after learning for just a few minutes. One of the best places to snorkel in Fiji is Tayeun Island that is known as the soft coral capital of the world. Families often encounter turtles, blue spotted rays, thousands of tropical reef fish while snorkeling. The highlight for many snorkelers is encountering dolphins in their natural habitat. Additionally, snorkelers can see hundreds of varieties of coral.



Fiji consists of over 330 islands. The water around most of the islands is crystal clear and very smooth. In fact, many experts list Fiji as one of the top 10 places in the world to kayak. One family friendly sea kayaking experience is located along the Debu coast where kayakers start out kayaking through a mangrove swamp before kayaking along the coast and entering Pacific Harbor. Other fun things to do in Fiji with the family is kayaking on the Navau River. Families often combine this kayaking adventure with a visit to the Wainadiro Village. This village is a great way to experience typical Fiji live.



There are many sailing opportunities in Fiji. Most families looking for things to do in Fiji choose to sail on catamarans that are at least 42 feet in length. One of the most popular areas for these trips is the Viti Levu area because of its proximity to many of the resorts that families choose to stay in while on vacation. Other families choose to sail to Yasawas for an authentic ethnic experience. Still other families choose to sail to the Lau group of islands and enjoy some alone time in this more untouched local. Families who want to introduce their children to history in a fun and relaxed atmosphere may want to consider sailing trips to Ovalau Island. Regardless of the location, families need to check to make sure that children are allowed on that particular boat.



Things to do in Fiji include kiteboarding. Fiji is a great place for families with older children to learn this activity

Namotu Island

Namotu Island

together. Namotu Island, Nananuira, Malolo and other spots of the west coast of the main island are particularly popular spots for this activity. This area is filled with waves of varying height so everyone can find one that fits their ability level easily. If your family is interested in doing this activity, then try to plan your vacation between June and September when the trade winds are most consistent.


Bike Riding

The Nadi Mountain Range has several mountain bike paths just waiting to be explored. Bouma National Heritage Park and the Bouma waterfalls on the island of Taveuni also offer outstanding biking locations. Maravu Plantation Resort, amale Resort, Koro Sun Resort, Naveria Heights Lodge, and Wellesley Resort typically offer bike rentals or complimentary bikes to their guests. Several tour operators offer these things to do in Fiji.



Things to do in Fiji include paddleboarding. When considering stand-up paddleboarding consider boards that have viewing windows built into them. These make an outstanding way to introduce the family to what lies under the water. If you or your friends have never been paddleboarding before, then start with at least a 105 inch board because they are easier to control.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular things to do in Fiji. If your family has outstanding swimmers, then scuba diving may be a popular sport for your family as well. Experienced scuba divers will thrill at the chance to dive with the sharks at Pacific Harbour. Frigate Passage near Beqa Island is an outstanding place to see soft coral. Diving the Great Astrolabe Reef allows visitors to dive with manta rays while enjoying seeing some soft coral. The Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef are best left for experienced divers, but offer outstanding soft and hard coral viewing.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is another popular things to do in Fiji with many of Fiji most popular islands offering horseback

Turtle Island Resort

Turtle Island Resort

riding areas. Some resorts, like the Turtle Island Resort on Turtle Island, Wellesley Resort on the Coral Coast and Maravu Plantation on Taveuni, even offer it as part of your stay. Throughout the island, families also find a variety of independent operators who offer horseback riding adventures. Many of these can be found around Pacific Harbour and along the Koro Sea.



Fishing is outstanding in many parts of Fiji making it one of the most popular things to do in Fiji with the family. Consider going tuna fishing along the southern part of Viti Levu. In the same area, kids will have fun catching the colorful mahi mahi along with wahoo. Families looking to catch really large fish should head to the deep channels of Kadavu and Beg where extremely large mackerel are routinely caught. Prime fishing time to catch a variety of fish is from May to September.



The Upper Navua River offers Class II and Class III rapids. This part of the river passes through the internationally important Ramar site that is protected because of its unique bats, iguanas, and birds that may be visible underneath and end the area’s palm trees. Wainikoroiluva also offers Class II rapids. When rafting Wainikoroiluva, many families looking for things to do in Fiji stop atNakavika Village to participate in a traditional Kava ceremony.


Helicopter Tours

Sleeping Giant Mountains, Mount Evans Ranges and Nadi Bay are just a few of the most popular spots with people looking at helicopter tours as things to do in Fiji. Some companies and resorts also offer helicopter rides from Nadi International Airport to the resorts. Still other visitors use helicopters to easily allow them to go from one island to another.



Hiking is a popular and exciting thing to do in Fiji with the family. There are many well-marked popular hiking trails. Koroyanitu National Park on Viti Levu offers short and multi-day hikes including hikes up “Sleeping Giant” Mount Batilamu. This park contains six ethnic villages, some of which offer overnight accommodations with local families.  The four-mile hike on the sand dunes of Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is another hike that many families enjoy. Bouma National Park offers four unique hiking trails that are perfect for exploring. The hikes within this national park are the perfect way to introduce your family to a variety of birds. Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve has several hiking trails with lovely waterfalls and scenic overlooks.



Many families come to Fiji and never leave their resort for very good reasons. These resorts offer so many things to do in Fiji. One of the best resorts in Fiji is the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa on Yanuca Island offering popular and exciting things to do in Fiji with family including the Little Chief’s Club the perfect place for children over four to play while mom and dad enjoy some alone time. This resort also offers power walks, bike tours, grass skirt making, nature walks and kayaking.

Another outstanding family resort in Fiji is Castaway Island in the Mamanucas. This resort offers traditional bures that can sleep up to 10 people right on the white sand beach. The Nuku Marau family pool is the perfect playground for swimmers of all abilities because of its shallow depth and its water features. The Kid’s Club at this resort offers many fun activities while mom and dad enjoy their own activities. There is no need to go hungry, because this resort features four different restaurants. Of course, one will have a great appetite after participating in all the things to do in Fiji.

Hilton Fiji Resort and Spa is conveniently located near the Nadia Airport so there is no longer travel time after a flight. Therefore, you can get on to your list of things to do in Fiji more quickly. Yet, this resort offers plenty of activities for everyone. Guests can choose to stay in one, two or three bedroom villas. Kid’s club at this resort ensures that children have fun all day long. Standup paddleboarding, kayaking, jet ski safaris, surf charters, scuba diving, game fishing, fast jet boat rides, parasailing, water sports, luxury charters, and leisure cruising are just some of the watersports offered at this resort.

Yet another great resort with popular and exciting things to do in Fiji with family is the Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji. This resort is a great way to introduce kids to unique Fiji culture while they are having fun. Unlike many resorts, this one has special activities for many different children’s age groups including a teen’s club where teenagers can go on special hikes, participate in unique tours, join the fun at sand dune adventures and even a visit to a local high school.

There are many things to do in Fiji with family. You really will be building memories that last a lifetime when you visit one or more of Fiji’s 333 islands. You can choose to plan your own adventure based on the interests of your family or allow one of the island’s resorts to help you find popular and exciting things to do in Fiji with family.

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