Christchurch New Zealand – The Garden City And Gateway To South Island

Christchurch New Zealand is a great place to visit during the spring and summer months with the bright colours and warm weather. The central city revolves around the Christchurch Cathedral in “the square” which does not have the grandeur of Cathedrals in the UK but is a great asset to the city.

There are many aspects of 19th century England in the old buildings and the feel of the city will make you feel a little bit homesick if you are from England.


Attractions And Things To Do In Christchurch New Zealand:


Explore Christchurch New Zealand Parks And Gardens

While you’re in Christchurch New Zealand, take some time to explore the city’s heritage parks and gardens. Each unique in its own way, they all offer the city something different.


Riccarton Bush

Riccarton Bush is one of two pieces of forest that remained after huge fires swept through Canterbury during the moa hunting period and is the only one still standing after the piece in Papanui was cut down in the 1850s. A fence to keep out predators surrounds the patch of forest that is filled with tall, proud kahikatea trees. Take a walk through the forest with a guide from the Riccarton House & Bush and learn about the history of the area.


Hagley Park

The largest park and open space in Christchurch New Zealand, Hagley Park to the west of the city’s CBD is a must-visit. With a golf club and frequent events, circus visits and festivals, there’s a lot more to do than just walk around while you’re there.

Christchurch’s Botanic Gardens lie within Hagley Park, sprawling for more than 21 hectares themselves. Home of beautifully and well-maintained exotic and local plant life, there’s nothing like a relaxing amble through the Botanic Gardens during a warm summer’s day. Watch the woodpigeons, see more than 250 different types of rose in the Rose Garden and stop off for an ice cream at the cafe near the playground.


Edmonds Factory Garden

Created by Thomas Edmonds, famous all over New Zealand for his popular baking powder brand, Edmonds Factory Garden was an incredible place to visit. Displays changed every year, lawns were incredibly well manicured and visitors were always walking through. From 1923 when the garden was planted until the 1990s, it was the pride of the many different gardeners who worked on it until the main building was razed to the ground and the factory itself demolished to make room for a petrol station. With help from the locals and Linwood High Students, Edmonds Factory Garden in Phillipstown has been restored to its former glory and is once again properly maintained.


Canterbury Museum

If looking for some truly unique and fascinating exhibitions while in Christchurch New Zealand, then the Canterbury Museum is your,  you will find ton of artefacts in the museum located on Rolleston Avenue. Driven by the incentive of becoming a world class museum, a visitor can expect a truly worthwhile experience. One of the museum’s most treasured possessions is a collection of artefacts from the heroic age of discovery in Antarctica.

The collection that is owned by the museum can be divided in to seven spectrums. The collection from Antarctica displays the unique tools that were used and a portrayal of their lifestyle. A wonderful display of the culture can be seen in the Peoples of Waitaha/Canterbury section, where a look at its past, present as well as the future can be seen. Iwi Tawhito depicts life in New Zealand before the Maori ever came in to contact with Europeans. Our Land and Animals section displays the geological and biological history of the country with special focus on Canterbury. Windows of the World will take one through scientific and artistic portrayals of the rest of world, with special focus to those migrants who live in the city. The Costume Collection is also a commendable exhibit where pieces from far back as 1790 to 1970 can be found.

The museum commenced operations over 130 years ago, and today it amasses to 2.1 million pieces. Tours of the Canterbury Museum are an ideal way to explore the many artefacts. The guides are trained teachers and offer unique information related to the exhibits.


Ferrymead Heritage Park

Ferrymead is set up as an early 1900s Edwardian styled town. Ferrymead gives visitors a glimpse into completely different time period with tram and train rides alongside heritage collections at the park’s museum. It’s a fantastic day for the kids to learn something new or for you to take a tour through a different way of life. Holidays in Christchurch New Zealand are not complete without visiting the Ferrymead Heritage Park on Ferrymead Park Drive in Heathcote.


Rawhiti Golf Club

Rawhiti Golf Club is located in the seaside suburb of New Brighton, Christchurch New Zealand. The 18 holes with a distance of 5400m is Par 70 for men and 73 for ladies.

The straight tree lined fairways can look deceptively simple but offer a challenge to golfers of all abilities. The well turfed (and drained) rolling green fairways ensure pleasant playing conditions all year round.

The club was established in 1931 and has a reputation as a friendly club that welcomes affiliates and green fee players alike for a drink and a snack after your game. Club day competitions are held on Sunday and Wednesday mornings, leaving Saturdays free.

If you want to go further with golf in your Christchurch New Zealand holidays, there are about 20 courses within a 20km radius of the centre of city, plenty of options for everyone. Three of the best golf courses around are the Christchurch Golf Club est1873 (second oldest club in New Zealand behind the Otago Golf Club est1871) at Shirley, Terrace Downs a newer course towards the Ski field of Mount Hutt and Clearwater another new resort style course and home of the NZPGA championships and a USPGA Nationwide tour event.


Tanks for Everything

Tanks for everything is the only place in New Zealand, that can give you an opportunity to experience the ultimate military tank adventure and allow you to drive one.

Find out what it is like to drive a range of ex-military vehicles from the rugged jeep, 4×4 ferret scout car, amazing amphibious Hagglunds to the fully tracked 16 tonne FV432 battle taxi or our biggest star the 52 tonne Centurion Main Battle Tank. The latest addition to the fleet is the T-55 Soviet Main Battle Tank.

After an initial safety briefing, one of Tanks for Everything instructors will familiarize you with your vehicle. Under their supervision you will then take control of the vehicle on our purpose built track.

They do cater for individuals and groups, it is definitely a unique place to visit and experience while you are in Christchurch New Zealand.


Punting on the Avon

Summer or winter, glide along the peaceful Avon River in Christchurch New Zealand, wrapped in luxury, as a skilled boatperson propels you through a romantic wonderland. In spring and summer the sunbeams sparkle and ducklings dive; in autumn and winter the river-level view provides magical photographs.



The central city also has some great pubs, clubs and restaurants with many situated on “the strip” on the Avon River in Oxford Terrace. If you want some great New Zealand lamb try the rack of lamb a Pedros on Worcester St. Christchurch also has many great Thai restaurants for some great healthy cuisine. The late nightlife is only really alive on Friday or Saturday nights so don’t expect to much going to any night clubs during the week.


Ride The Tram

A good way to get a feel of Christchurch New Zealand is to take a ride on the tram around the central city then get off and go for a walk. Walking is a great way of seeing the city with Christchurch being flat and only a few of sites outside the central city that are worth a trip. Those being the Antarctic centre, Willowbank (to see some real Kiwis), Orana Park and the Christchurch Gondola. These are all easily accessible by bus.


Day Trips

Day trips are also available to Akaria and Hanmer and Kaikoura to see the whales. There are many wineries springing up all over the Canterbury region and a visit to a few is a must if you like a drop. My favourite is the Pegasus Bay winery on the way to Hamner about 30 minutes North of Christchurch New Zealand.



During the winter Skiing becomes a great reason to visit Christchurch New Zealand with Mount Hutt near Methven around 1 ½ hours from Christchurch city central and is usually the first major ski field in New Zealand to open for the new season and close. There are many other smaller less corporate ski fields within 2 ½ hours drive of the city



If you are around and you have never seen a game of rugby, catch a game between the Crusaders and any other of the Super 14 opponents at Jade Stadium. This will drop you right in the middle of New Zealand sporting life.

Overall, it is obvious that Christchurch New Zealand has a lot to offer to tourists, there are ton of attractions and things to see to suite everyone’s taste and budget. All now you need to sort out is arranging your accommodation.


Accommodation In Christchurch New Zealand

Most accommodation in Christchurch New Zealand is near the middle of town and one of the best places to stay would be around the Arts Centre, Art Gallery and Hagley park botanical gardens.

For the young at heart or cash strapped couple there is budget style accommodation available that you could choose to stay in. But on the other side, one can also choose a hotel Christchurch that offers you that little bit extra and enjoy a stay in luxurious surroundings. Here are accommodation options to explore before heading to Christchurch New Zealand:


Apartments in Christchurch New Zealand

If you are traveling with your family you could try an apartment where you and your family could stay and prepare your own meals, therefore saving money to go to some special places for sight seeing like Lake Wanaka. You could have a very comfortable home unit which come with all amenities supplied.


Christchurch New Zealand Backpackers

This is another type of alternative Christchurch New Zealand accommodation you may like to try. Not only are they fun places to stay but you can meet people from all over the world and experience their ideas and culture in the most pleasant of surroundings. Backpackers have many facilities available including parking which is important should you decide car rentals New Zealand will be a cheaper way of getting around while staying in Christchurch New Zealand.

You and your family could leave Christchurch travel to places like Nelson, Lake Wanaka or Akaroa and enjoy a stay at these wonderful places too.


Akaroa Accommodation

Situated in the heart of an ancient volcano, this great little destination may be just too good to visit for only one day. You could have a look at what accommodation Akaroa has to offer and stay in this unique French settlement and take a scenic tour to see the delightful Hector Dolphins and other wild life this area has to offer.


Wanaka Accommodation

Lake Wanaka has many types of accommodation, most of which have great scenic views and could be your base to explore the shores of this beautiful lake. The town with the same name as the lake has lots for the family to do like take a picnic on the shores or boating and fishing in Lake Wanaka. From here you could take an overnight tour to the southern city of Queenstown. Queenstown can offer some very unique experiences and your choice of accommodation can make all the difference to your stay in this part of the country. Accommodation Wanaka has something for everyone.


Nelson Accommodation

Perched on the shore of Tasman Bay this part of New Zealand is surrounded by beautiful beaches, National Parks, magnificent scenery and is a favourite with tourists. This area at the northern tip of the South Island is a delight to explore and is also important in the early history of New Zealand as it was named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman who stopped here in 1642.


To sum it all, Christchurch is  one of the most relaxed laid back holiday destinations in the world with old English charm with the best months to visit the city being November to the end of March. How about start planning and check Christchurch New Zealand off your bucket list this year?

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