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Oman Holidays

Salalah – A Colorful, Subtropical Oman City!

Salalah – A Colorful, Subtropical Oman City! Are you dreaming of a sunny getaway, where time stands still? Salalah is known for captivating all who enter with its serene natural beauty. Languishing peacefully on the Indian Ocean, Salalah challenges your preconceived picture of Oman. With it’s white sandy beaches, palm trees, and turquoise waters that stretch on into infinity, it’s easy to imagine you’re in a tropical Caribbean paradise. You have discovered Salalah. This mesmerising city in Oman is

Here is Why Muscat is the Powerhouse of Modern Oman

Here is Why Muscat is the Powerhouse of Modern Oman Welcome to bustling, busy, cosmopolitan Muscat – the port capital of the geographically diverse nation of Oman. The city referred to as “Muscat” is actually a conglomeration of three different smaller communities which have, over time, expanded to the point of meshing together as one large city, now taking the name of Muscat as a whole but retaining their individual quirks and charms. Muscat’s

Oman – a Nation on the Arabian Peninsula

Oman – a Nation on the Arabian Peninsula Oman is one of those exquisite holiday destinations that flies under many travelers radars, offering so many priceless opportunities for exotic getaways, luxurious accommodations, traditional cuisine, modern holiday amenities, and exciting encounters. Oman is known for it’s chic and luxurious hotels which can be found all over the country. Accommodations in Oman need not be boring – there are plenty of different experiences

Musandam | Visit the Sultanate of Oman | UAE

Musandam – An Exquisite Tourist Spot In Oman Musandam is one of the most porsche holiday destinations in the Middle East, situated at the northernmost tip of the Sultanate of Oman. It is on the Strait of Hormuz, separated from the rest of Oman by the east coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Musandam also includes the exclave Madha which is completely enclosed by the United Arab Emirates, inside of which is a truly tiny exclave called Nahwa that