Things to Do in Dubai – Middle East is Still Fun!

Picture yourself lounging under a warm night sky, enjoying a cocktail amid a the futuristic glow of the unimaginably tall skyscrapers that surround you. This is Dubai, a city of seemingly limitless opportunity and adventure, no other holiday destinations come close to what Dubai offers. If you want it, you can find it here in Dubai. If you can dream it, someone in Dubai is probably making it happen. If you’re looking for things to do in Dubai, you’ll soon find out that coming to this city is like stepping into a different world completely.

Dubai camels on the beach

Dubai camels on the beach

No city in the world comes close to this emirate. Dubai is a place of great contrasts between the past and the present, and looking to the future. From Dubai’s desert dust and sand and the regions indigenous bedouin lifestyle, to the futuristic urban development that has transformed the city skyline, you can see for yourself the fascinating metamorphosis between Dubai’s past and present. The city’s modern attractions are juxtaposed against the historic sites, and everything familiar takes on a different style making it easy to find interesting things to do in Dubai no matter what kind of activities you’re looking for. Recent visitors to Dubai exclaim the city is friendly, clean, safe and fun.

January is definitely the most ideal time of the year to hit up Dubai. This is best time of the year to take advantage of all the things to do in Dubai that require a lot of walking outdoors. The weather feels perfect and the thermometer sits somewhere between a lovely 20 to 27 Celsius degrees making it the most amazing time to take advantage of the beach, go for long walks, relaxing on a terrace or having a drink outside with a friend. It’s also, as many in Dubai would know, a great time to go shopping.

That’s right, Dubai is a shop-o-holic’s dream, and is known all over the globe for its spectacular shopping malls. What better city to host an annual Shopping Festival? The Dubai Shopping Festival, held each year between the 1st of January and 1st of February, features chic fashion events, great workshops and brands all over the city have huge sales on everything. You can expect to find 70% off items you would never dream of finding at the price they’re going for during the Dubai Shopping Festival, and it draws in crowds from all over the world.

Dubai Mall
Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd
Tel: +971 4 800 382 246 255
Web Site:
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Sunday to Wednesday, and to midnight Thursday to Saturday
Based on its total area, the Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the entire world, and of course it would be located here in Dubai! With more than 1,200 shops and services plus a wide range of activities you wouldn’t expect to find in a mall, the Dubai Mall is a must-see for anyone coming to the city. There’s never a shortage of things to do in Dubai when you’re spending a day at the Dubai Mall! The Dubai Fountain shows occur every 30 minutes from 6pm till 11pm on a daily basis, which consists of a choreographed fountain and light system. The mall’s aquarium and underwater zoo has one of the world’s largest acrylic viewing panels – a huge window into the enormous tank filled with sea creatures – measuring 32.88 metres wide by 8.3 metres high by 750 mm thick, and weighing 245,614 kilos. Over thirty three thousand sea animals make their home inside the large tank. Take a walk through the shark tunnel and see the view from all angles beside and above you. The Dubai Aquarium follow an International Standard of Ethics and Animal Welfare Policy in the development and operation of the facility.

The Dubai Mall also boasts an ice skating rink, the perfect way to cool off on those hot days (which, in Dubai, are plentiful) and can hold up to two thousand visitors when it’s transformed into a hall for various functions. The Dubai Mall’s SEGA Republic Indoor Theme Park is packed with fun things for people of all ages, such as rides, laser mazes, climbing, arcade games and more. Conveniently located inside the Dubai Mall, this 76,000 square foot fun park features fifteen different attractions and more than one hundred and seventy games – plenty of gaming fun to be had for the gamer looking for things to do in Dubai.

Ski Dubai
Adddress: Shiekh Zayed Road, Interchange 4 Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: Phone Number: +971 4 409 4090
Web Site:
Here’s another marvelous attraction in yet another mall in Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates houses Ski Dubai, a fully indoor downhill skiing plaza where you and your friends can get together, strap on your skis or snowboard and spend the afternoon on the artificial slopes and three thousand square meters of cold white snow before heading back out into the hot desert wind of the UAE.  If you’re looking for cool things to do in Dubai, it doesn’t get much cooler than this. The attraction is unbelievably huge on the inside, and there’s lots for everyone to do – including the younger kids. There’s a snow cavern filled with interactive fun for kids, a ski lift to ride to the top, twin track bobsled runs, and tobogganing hills.

While you’re on the hunt for sights to see and interesting things to do in Dubai, you can’t miss Burj Khalifa. Seriously, you literally can’t miss it, it’s the tallest artificial structure not only in Dubai, but in the entire world. Look up from virtually any spot in Dubai and you’ll see it’s towering, tapered point touching the sky. It has the greatest number of storeys, the highest occupied floor of any building, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, the tallest service elevator as well as the elevator with the longest travel distance in the world. Basically, the Burj Khalifa – in true Dubai style – goes above and beyond the norm and breaks all sorts of records. The people who work on the highest occupied floor of the building better hope they don’t forget something in their car once they finally reach their offices, because the trip from the bottom to the top is quite the distance.

The interior public sections of the Burj Khalifa is impeccably designed and decorated, blending natural and industrial materials, polished stone, hand woven rugs and Venetian stucco walls. Spaces within the towering building such as The Annex at level eleven, boasting 2526.7 square meters of “premium event space” can be booked for any kind of artistic, edgy event. High above it at level one hundred and twelve, another available space of 990 square meters waits with an incredible view of the surroundings, but you don’t have to be a billionaire to be able to get a great view from Burj Khalifa. Touching the sky 555 meters up, At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY is Dubai’s number one attraction, home to the highest outdoor observatory in the world. The attraction is at levels 148 and 125 of Burj Khalifa. When you arrive at the At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY lounge, you will be personally ushered to a dedicated elevator with interesting projections that will give you the impression that you are soaring over global landmarks as you make your way to level 125.

An incredible view looking out of Burj Khalifa

An incredible view looking out of Burj Khalifa

To book tickets, visit – it’s highly recommended to pre-book your tickets as it gets incredibly busy, especially on the weekends. The tour is wheelchair accessible, and keep in mind that the outdoor terrace does get closed off whenever bad weather is brewing. Purses can be brought up, but any shopping bags need to be left (don’t worry, there’s a check room located near the entrance) and you can’t bring in any food or drink from outside. Audio guided tours are available to rent once you’re at the top, and just in case you are hoping to get there to see the glorious sunset over Dubai, bear in mind that you should book your ticket for approximately 90 minutes prior to sundown to avoid being disappointed by any delays.

Travelers looking for thrilling things to do in Dubai will undoubtedly seek out some Dubai desert action. There is quite a variety of different tours operating out of Dubai, taking visitors to the desert to experience the fun of the wide open sandy spaces. Tourists take to the sands on dune buggies, on camels, on horses, on sand skis, on 4WD vehicles; they fly over it in planes and jump into it with parachutes. You name it, and you can pretty much do it.

Dinner in the Desert of Dubai
Operated by Fun Tours
Tel : +971 4 2830889

Fun Tours operates out of Dubai, offering their Dinner in the Desert tour which marries the very best of traditional and cultural activities of the Dubai Deserts with entertainment. It’s the perfect kind of tour for those who aren’t out seeking the biggest adrenaline rush, but rather, seeking a bit of tradition and culture from this region of the globe. You won’t be jumping out of any airplanes or dune bashing in a four by four; you will instead be treated to an exclusive night in an exotic camp site in the desert sands of Dubai. This is just the right tour for a group who are looking for enriching cultural activities and entertaining things to do in Dubai. Fun Tour’s Dinner in the Desert of Dubai excursion starts you off with your pickup from Dubai & Sharjah in the evening. Tour members are then brought to the camp site in a luxury Land Cruiser, a fun experience in itself.

The desert comes alive at night

The desert comes alive at night

Your exclusive campsite has been put together with care, and created in the form of an ancient Bedouin village. The reasoning behind this is to convey the lifestyle that was led by the ancient Arabs of the region, helping visitors of today connect with the land of the past and understand its people. The campsite mixes tradition with fun, and offers a lot of exciting and interesting activities such as camel rides, demonstrations on the ancient Arabian art of Henna painting, and traditional costumed photo opportunities.

You will have the opportunity to try the famous Shisha Smoke, and treat yourself to some traditional Arabic Coffee or Gahwa. Paired with these interesting activities is of course the Dinner in the Desert part of the tour – the tasty part of the holiday that entices all the tour participants who sign up looking for delicious things to do in Dubai. Your tour operator provides delicious meals and an unlimited amount of beverages. Your BBQ meal will be prepared on site, and you will also be able to enjoy an international buffet. As you enjoy your delicious meal you will be entertained with famous traditional dance shows such as the Belly Dance. Once all of the dancing and eating is done, there’s nothing left to do except relax and stare up into the tranquility of the universe from your place in the Arabian Desert.

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