Dubai Marina – This Artificial Canal City Will Blow Your Mind!

The United Arab Emirates is home to the incredible city of Dubai, and within this luxurious cosmopolitan city lies another unique urban community of its own: Dubai Marina.  In true Dubai fashion this place is over the top, stylishly designed, and impressive to witness. Unique aspects you won’t easily find in most holiday destinations around the world.

Dubai Marina from the skies

Dubai Marina from the skies

Dubai Marina is indeed a huge development, one that borders Jebel Ali which is the world’s largest port created by developers. If you’re noticing a theme here, you’re on the right track. The United Arab Emirates are famous for their grand scale human-made islands, ports and features of the like. If the UAE wants it, and it doesn’t exist, they will bend the earth’s natural elements to their will and make it happen.


This artificial canal city is of course brimming with colossal, towering skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes, with neon lights that glow at night. It is in fact a district within the city of Dubai, nevertheless it is considered by many to be a city in itself. Dubai Marina features the world famous Jumeirah Beach Walk, a promenade with a host of restaurants, hotels, splendid open-air market, fountains and endless ways to spend an afternoon.

Dubai Marina is the perfect backdrop for so many different activities. It’s greatly considered to be one of the major attraction areas to visit during a vacation in Dubai, mostly due to its attractions, but also because of the neighbourhood itself and all of its charms.
Dubai Marina is an ever-expanding canal city that was was not naturally occurring, but created to exist where it stands today, and was inspired by other waterfront developments around the world. If you think it looks pretty incredible right now, just wait. Even though Dubai Marina has so much to offer currently, this development project is one that is still growing. Upon completion, Dubai Marina will be the world’s largest marina created by developers, housing over one hundred and twenty thousand residents of UAE.


There truly is no place in the world quite like Dubai Marina. Regardless of whether you are traveling to this corner of the globe from afar or whether you are a born and bred Dubai citizen, Dubai Marina is a place that will impress you in some way – it’s virtually impossible not to find something exciting to do here. Given this area’s varied range of activities, you’ll discover that the Dubai Marina community is a vibrant and easy going part of Dubai with plenty to offer.


Luckily, Dubai Marina is conveniently accessed via the Sheikh Zayed Road Interchange 5. This location means that Dubai Marina is that much closer (in terms of accessibility) to so many of Dubai’s other attractions as well, such as Dubai Internet City, The American University of Dubai, and the Emirates Golf Club, making it an easy site to get to and from quickly. Dubai Marina also happens to be situated close to Emaar Business Park and Jebel Ali Free Zone.


Dubai Marina is easy to get to via public transport as well; there happens to be two metros on either end of the marina, and from there everything is within easy walking distance. For example, if you were trying to reach the Dubai Marina Mall by car or taxi from downtown, you would simply use the tunnel off Sheikh Zayed Road, the main artery of the city, just after exit 32. From Abu Dhabi you would use exit 32 and then follow the signs to Dubai Marina until you are on Emaar Drive – that goes for coming from downtown as well.

The best parking you can find for Waitrose market is Level B1, while the best parking for the Dubai Marina Mall’s foodcourt and cinema is on the uppermost levels of the car park.

If it’s the metro you are traveling by, JLT or Dubai Marina RTA Metro Shuttle Bus #F37 stops right in front of the Dubai Marina Mall for both drop off and pick up, and the buses that are coming and going from here service this particular station every ten to fifteen minutes. If you’re ever unsure of the bus or metro schedules, don’t hesitate to pick a schedule up from the Guest Services Desk at the Dubai Marina Mall.

If you’re taking the bus, get on the RTA Bus #8. The closest bus stop for RTA buses is located at Marina Promenade, next to HSBC. It is roughly a 10 minute walk to the mall from this bus stop. If you need to get a ride, taxis are always available to bring you from the bus stop to whichever particular location you’re looking for. It’s worth noting however, that everything at Dubai Marina is within walking distance provided you don’t have any difficulties walking.


If you’re looking for something just a little bit different, the Dubai Marina station for the RTA’s water taxi and water ferry can be found directly outside of the Dubai Marina Mall. This is a unique way to access the many different sites along the Dubai Marina. It’s definitely a scenic and stress-free way to get from point A to point B, and makes for some pretty impressive photo opportunities.


Dubai Marina Fountains

Dubai Marina Fountains

Life in Dubai Marina is like nowhere else in the world. It’s exceptionally modern, free spirited, and of course, highly coveted. The residents living in Dubai Marina enjoy a wide variety of shopping establishments (including, of course, the Dubai Marina Mall,) and easy access to a wide variety of activities such as yachting, jogging, cycling, and fishing. Dubai Marina locals also have their choice of an incredible selection of cafés and restaurants – best enjoyed outdoors in the refreshing breezes, as well as beautiful views of the comings and goings along the marina.
Above all, The Dubai Marina Walk is one of the number one activities to do in Dubai. This seven kilometer pedestrian trail will bring you through the entire length of the Dubai Marina from one end to the other. Along this promenade, you will encounter many different restaurants and cafés – some unfamiliar and some internationally recognized. The length of the walk offers a plaza-like vibe that features department stores, gyms, boutique shopping sections, clothing stores and convenient rest areas. While you’re walking, expect to come across at least one live event, musical or artistic performance, or other kind of promotion happening along the Dubai Marina Walk. So many different public events are always happening around the Dubai Marina Walk, and particularly along the region of the Cobblestone Boulevard. You’re bound to come across something out of the ordinary or entertaining along your leisurely journey!

Dubai Marina restaurants are of course scattered down the length of the waterfront, each with their own unique charms, and most of them offering a splendid view of the marina and its many boats and yachts. If you’re in the market for a unique dining experience, you can take a dhow cruise along the marina as you soak in the scenic view of the Dubai skyline and all of its towers and lights, and dine on a delicious traditional Arabian meal as you relax.

Visitors to Dubai Marina would probably all share the same piece of advice from their own firsthand experience, and that’s to take note that walking around the marina’s crowded areas can be a real challenge during the weekends, and especially Fridays and Saturdays. Most tourists discover that walking the area during the week is a better idea, and they take a taxi or a bus in order to avoid driving in the traffic and spending time looking for parking. The best time of the week to see Dubai Marina are weekdays, during the daytime. This is when you’ll encounter the least amount of traffic coming and going from the area, as well as the least amount of crowds. The weekdays are definitely a lot less busy so you’ll be able to move about more freely without having to be stuck in traffic or make your way through crowded areas along the marina. It should be noted though, that even though the weekdays during the daytime make for the most comfortable times to get around Dubai Marina, you absolutely must experience this Dubai location at night. Much like many places in Dubai, the area comes alive with the glow of the city lights with the added details of the shimmering marina below. There are some truly spectacular twilight and nighttime views you can only achieve from exploring Dubai Marina after the sun goes down, under a starry Arabian sky.


The Dubai Marina Walk

The Dubai Marina Walk

The Dubai Marina Walk has recently been upgraded, so if you’re planning a trip you should be on the lookout for some significant improvements. There’s a greater amount of space to walk as well as some improvements made to higher locations such as the Rimal and Bahar Plaza. The Covent Garden Market is a refreshing alternative to the upscale fashion and glitz of the malls, if you’re looking to get a little shopping in. The shops there offer local handmade jewelry, unique soaps, locally made textiles and clothing as well as artisan creations that make the perfect souvenirs to bring back home from your trip to Dubai Marina. The market is open between the months of October and April.


With so much to see and do along the Dubai Marina area, you might be wondering what else this place could possibly have in store. There is a popular beach area, called Jumeirah Beach, which gives beach goers a terrific sweeping view of the Arabian Gulf. If you start to work up an appetite from all of that sight seeing and walking along the Dubai Marina Walk, you can easily seek out a casual lunch or brunch at many of the area’s popular and laid back restaurants such as Coco’s, Zaatar w Zeit or Ruby Tuesdays. Something to keep in mind on your travels to Dubai is that many of the restaurants here follow the guidelines of variety of different cultures, and do not serve alcohol. Nevertheless, you can find alcoholic beverages served at the hotel bars and grills.

With hundreds of different outlets, and almost one hundred restaurants, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Dubai Marina. Take a boat ride, dine at a fancy restaurant or have a casual meal at any number of establishments. See the Dubai Marina Mall and do some shopping, or peruse the goods at the market. Bring a decent pair of walking shoes and see how far you make it from one end of the promenade to the other, and rest your feet at the end of a day well spent as you enjoy a drink and look out over the Dubai Marina at night. See the towering skyscrapers glowing all around you, reminding you that this is Dubai, and this is the life.

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