Telluride Film Festival – Make Your Labor Day Weekend in September of Each Year Exciting!

Catch a ride to Telluride Film Festival this September- Guaranteed to be the best thing you’ve seen all year!

Welcome to Telluride

telluride film festival

Telluride Film Festival was started as a way to showcase Colorado as one of the world destinations for film. Wherever you are around the world, Telluride will always be hailed as a place where the art of film is treasured.

Telluride Film Festival was started as a way to showcase Colorado as one of the world destinations for film. Wherever you are around the world, Telluride will always be hailed as a place where the art of film is treasured. With over 20, 000 attendees and more than 300 art exhibitions, seminars, demonstrations and lectures, you’ll soon see why Telluride Film Festival is an event all art lovers should attend at least once.

How to Experience the Telluride Film Festival
The Telluride Film  Festival is truly a magical time to experience new opportunities, meet new people, and have the time of your life. Telluride Film Festival is all about scheduling so, take care to plan out what shows you want to go to and all the fairs and events happening in neighboring cities, so you can drop by as many as possible.

Plan to start your Telluride Film Festival experience off before the main show opens on the first day of the festival. Exhibitions and art shows will be happening all over the city, many of which are free and have complimentary reception fare as well. If you are planning to go to Telluride Film  Festival, it’s best to purchase tickets before hand so you can skip the line. Take note as to what times of the day the show is open to the public as private receptions occur throughout the week.

Telluride Film Festival features over 300 different events with a few several thousand artists, so you’re going to want to have several hours to spend checking out the art inside. Once inside the convention center, you want to make a plan of attack with your map. Figure out which direction you would like to take and which artists you would like to see first—it’s easy to end up walking in circles! Many people choose to see this fair over a series of days to make sure that they see EVERYTHING.

What You’ll See At Telluride Film  Festival
Telluride Film Festival features the best of the best from the film industry and the contemporary art world. Telluride Film  has been described as a giant bazaar for indie film lovers dealers. This description is quite accurate as the first visit to LDF can be very overwhelming.

From exclusive movie screenings, to experimental films and photography, to the craziest and most absurd exhibitions, Telluride Film Festival is sure to catch you off guard. All of the filmmakers, producers and directors featured here are the best the modern movie world has to offer. You may not like everything but it still pays to check it all out.

A Week for Film
During the days leading up to the weekend of Telluride Film Festival, the city and local businesses start gearing up for the week of film celebration. Several venues host their own Telluride Film parties and opening receptions prior to the main show. These parties often feature a variety of work and usually have art exhibits as well.

With so much going on all over the city, there are several different venues you should be sure to check out. Make sure you take a look at the Telluride Film  Festival website to make a proper itinerary with all the different spaces and museums that you should see.

While many of the local Telluride Film Festival celebrations and openings around the city are free, the tickets and entrance fees to the fair itself can be costly. Try to score free passes to certain parts of the fair if you can. A great way to get a free pass to certain events are to visit their websites and request passes as a student or VIP. If you plan in advance, several organizations may send free tickets.

If you are a student, some film fairs offer discounts. If you haven’t purchased tickets beforehand, purchasing tickets at the door isn’t out of the question. To get a better feel for the events and tickets you should be looking at, try getting in touch with a travel agent to give you a rundown of the best sites to see during Telluride Film  Festival.

Where to Stay

telluride film festival

When looking for places to stay during Telluride Film Festival, try to look all over the city. During Telluride Film Festival, everything is happening everywhere, so your guaranteed to still be in on fun even if you aren’t staying that close the main venues.

When looking for places to stay during Telluride Film Festival, try to look all over the city. During Telluride Film  Festival, everything is happening everywhere, so your guaranteed to still be in on fun even if you aren’t staying that close the main venues. Check Air BnB for extra rooms people may be offering in their houses or their vacation homes.

Eating at Telluride Film Festival
The main venues during Telluride Film Festival offer food, beverages and even champagne to sip while you view the artwork. However, all food prices during Telluride Film Festival do run high. For those of you that are visiting Colorado, I encourage you to have a meal (or six) in the city itself. Telluride, Colorado has an unlimited variety of fare and the best food can come from that corner restaurant you might have normally ignored.

Should I Go to Telluride Film Festival?
A lot of people that aren’t involved in the art world or even interested in art may wonder if Telluride Film Festival Festival is right for them. If you’re wondering if you should make the trek to Colorado, the answer is YES. Telluride Film Festival is for anyone and everyone. If you don’t understand the art immediately, still make a point to look at everything.

What to Avoid the Festival
Telluride Film Festival boils down to a week of craziness! In order to have the best experience, you need to know what to avoid. Traffic is number one on the list—take shuttles or public transportation if possible. It isn’t uncommon to be stuck in HOURS of Telluride traffic when commuting through the city, so be prepared for that.

In order to avoid wasting time and energy, have a solid plan! Don’t try to go all over the city in one day, break up your Telluride Film Festival excursions based on the areas you will be in each day.

Make sure you eat and drink water; you may end up doing a lot of walking throughout the week and weekend. Prepare yourself for snow, rain, and any surprises- the weather in Colorado during September is unpredictable.

Many people that go to Telluride Film try their best to achieve their 5 minutes of fame. Don’t do this! Certainly, you may be in the limelight for some part of this film week, but you may end up in trouble trying to pull a publicity stunt. Additionally, if you are yourself a filmmaker, actor or actress, choose how you network carefully. Many producers and directors at the convention center are not interested in looking at your portfolio.

Tips for Visiting Telluride Film Festival
For the inexperienced visitor, film festivals can quickly become tiring. If you spend all day mindlessly looking at films, going from theatre to theatre, the day becomes long and uninteresting. Try to dig in to what you are looking at and really ask yourself questions about what you are seeing. Try to develop an interest in the place and the people the artwork represents.

Additionally, while you are traveling through the festival, take a lot of breaks throughout the day. When you spend the whole day looking at movies, you need to make time in between to do other things. Perhaps take a trip to non art related sites like gardens, the lake or something that will give you a chance to rest your eyes.

Spending the whole day in the sun can take a toll on you as well so you should be prepared for this. Bring items to help provide shade like a sun hat, umbrella, sunblock, visor, baseball caps, etc. Bring several water bottles with you to prevent from dehydration so you don’t pass out by the end of the day.

Preparing for the Film Festival
The amount of preparation you should do before the Telluride Film Festival is relatively low. Make sure you have your schedule finalized so you can make the most of your trip. Make sure you pair your days at the festival with exciting activities to do at night.

In addition to getting your schedule down, maybe do a bit of research on the Telluride Film  Festival artisans before arriving. All the featured, carefully curated artisans have biographies and pictures of their art on the festival website. Take a look through them so you have more to talk about during the event.

So if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, make sure you do soon- the Telluride Film  Festival is waiting for you!

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