The Boom Festival – A Biennial Transformational Festival in Central Portugal, An Opportunity to Experience Alternative Reality!

If you’re looking for the world’s best when it comes to meditative retreats and transformative fests, the Boom Festival is just what you’re looking for.

What is Boom?

boom festival

Every two years in Portugal, faithful festival fans make their way to Boom.

Every two years in Portugal, faithful Boom Festival fans make their way to one of the best international transformational festivals. Boom takes place for one full week in the middle of August at Idanha-a-Nova Lake.

The Boom Philosophy
Boom is built on the ideals of Sustainability, Creativity, Peace, Oneness, Alternative Culture, Evolution, Love and Transcendence. Essentially Boom turns into another world experience for eight days.

In addition to the musical acts, the Boom festival also offers attendees life changing seminars, art exhibits and much more. Unlike many other transformational festivals, Boom proudly reigns as a sponsor free, corporate free even that is solely funded through the profits from the ticket sales. Along with this “for the people, by the people” sort of mindset, Boom takes it a step further to make everyone feel as one by eliminating the option of VIP.

Boom got its beginnings in 1997 and has steadily grown over the years into its weeklong biennial installation. The music and lineup at Boom is generally dedicated to the trance and psychedelic genre. As the festival has grown, the artists showcased have expanded to include some of the most popular names in EDM music in general. When it comes to the various art showcases at Boom, attendees can expect to be wowed by fire shows, circus acts, street theatre, film showings, and worldwide talent that is sure to catch your interest.

Healing Area and the Meditative Space
Just like the entire Boom Festival, the Healing Area is a specific place for guests to enter into a time of meditation. In the Healing Area, guests will find workshops and seminars on mediation, therapy, and introductions into sound journeys. There are also sections for massages and the practice of water therapy.

Boom really wants you to leave this festival as a change person! The purpose of this Healing Area is to get guests to balance their inner chi with the use of beauty, compassion, wisdom, love, forgiveness, patience, and kindness. In addition to the meditative classes and workshops, there are also classes led on tai chi, kung fu, yoga and many other teachings that engage the entire body into an active martial art.

The Liminal Village and Guest Speakers
What’s a transformational festival without mind opening discussions? The Liminal Village serves as a place for the community of The Boom Festival to discuss intellectual, anthropological, scientific, religious, and cultural ideas amongst each other and with special guest speakers. Attendees can find lectures on everything from ecology, to mythology, activism, discussions, alternative science, and basic questions about life.

More on the Environment
Boom’s themes and ideals permeate through ever aspect of the festival. One of the topics that are closest to the festival’s heart is the idea of environmental sustainability. The Boom Festival recently won the Outstanding Greener Festival Award, the Greener Festival Award for Green Innovation, and the European Festival Award for all of its efforts towards the environment.

Boom and its producers are really admirable for the fact that it consistently strives to improve its interaction with the environment. While many music festivals assume it is useless to strive for a sustainable event, Boom tries harder each year to come up with new innovations to care for the environment and have a sustainable environment during the festival. Boom puts a lot of it’s efforts towards using biodegradable materials and technology like composting port-a-potties, water stations, and solar energy amongst other things.

The Boom Experience

boom festival

The Boom music experience plays across four different stages.

The Boom Festival music experience plays across four different stages: the alchemy circle, the chill out gardens, the dance temple and the sacred fire. Boom is an open-minded gathering of the psychedelic movement. It is much more than just a music festival, though the music has been integral to the success of the festival. There are four dance stages: Dance Temple, Alchemy Circle, Sacred Fire and the Chill Out Gardens.

Packing for Boom
Packing for the Boom Festival involves your pretty standard camping and music festival preparation. If you are staying in the camping grounds, be sure to bring quality camping gear that can withstand the sun, rain, cold, hail, and wind.

When it comes to bringing everything for the festival, bring an umbrella, sunscreen, poncho, and extra socks. Don’t forget your reusable water bottles—it’s incredibly important that you stay hydrated during your weeklong adventure. When it comes to food, you get the best of both worlds. Whether you choose to eat from the on site restaurant or you visit the grocery store to gather fresh ingredients, you have every opportunity to eat well.

Don’t forget your personal items when you set out to the Boom festival! Though they are offered at the grocery store, it is always best to plan ahead. Bring toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant, and other toiletries. If you find that you have to take anything expensive with you, lockers are available for rent to keep your items safe.

Getting to Boom
The best way for you to get to the Boom Festival from outside of Portugal is to fly! Lisbon and Madrid are the closest cities to the festival grounds- with bout about 260 KM and 360 KM away. Boom offers attendees the Boom Bus to shuttle them back and forth from both Lisbon and Madrid. This shuttle is a great idea for all those campers that want to make sure they get the best spot, as it arrives one day before the main event.

If you arrive into Portugal or the neighboring Spanish cities, you can also use public transportation like the city bus, the local bus or the train to get into the festival area. You may also want to look into car rentals once you arrive into the cities as it might be easier to carry all your equipment in your own vehicle.

For detailed instructions on shuttle arrival times and the best roads to take to get to Boom, visit the festival website. The Boom staff do an incredible job putting all the possible directions and routes together.

Who Comes to Boom?
The Boom Festival if for anyone and everyone, but preferably those that are open to have a life changing experience. Boom places a heavy emphasis on alternate ways of communication by encouraging attendees to remove themselves from distractions like social media, hand held technological devices, and even words—yes words!

Attendees of Boom will soon find themselves thinking of more imaginative ways to get their point across. People use a variety of techniques to communicate. You may see your fellow attendees using written notes, dance, art, and sign language among other ways to get to know each other.

Are families invited to Boom? Of course! In fact, anyone that is 12 or under is invited into the festival free of charge.

Dressing for the Fest
Many people at Boom Festival choose comfort over fashion. This isn’t to say that people don’t have nice outfits on, they just place a higher importance on doing and experiencing versus looking the part. Many attendees choose to wear whatever is most comfortable to them. This is your chance to bring your huge, flowy pants, those funky looking t-shirts, and anything that is really breathable in the summer heat.

A swimsuit is also a must pack as there is a lake on the campgrounds. Additionally, plan to do a lot of walking. Bring your most comfortable, most worn in shoes to Boom to try to ward off the blisters. Close-toed shoes make dancing easier at any festival so keep this in mind.

Tickets and Pricing
As the Boom Festival is really a non-profit festival that aspires to charge enough money to cover its own expenses, staff members and producers go through a great deal to give attendees the lowest ticket prices possible. Prices range from 120€, 140€, and 160€, which is pretty incredible for a weeklong stay. Take care to read all the fine print on the festival website so you know hoe to book your shuttle or bus tickets as well. Do your best to have your cash converted before you leave your hometown. Having currency on hand makes the entire festival flow a bit smoother.

Tips for Boom
While Boom is an opportunity for you to learn more yourself, others, and the environment, try to do a little research on your own beforehand. For example, knowing a little about some of the topics covered at the lecture will make it easier for you to participate in the discussions.

Throughout the week at Boom, be sure to understand and respect the fact that the festival grounds are a sacred space. Don’t litter, don’t start fires, don’t bring weapons, don’t blast your own music, and don’t bring pets.

So whether this is your first festival of it’s kind or you frequently aim to be transformed, the Boom festival is just what you need.

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