Tortuga Music Festival – Beach Party Featuring Multiple Stages of Live Entertainment with a Focus on Country, Rock and Roots Music

Tortuga Music Festival is one of the best country beach parties around the country!

Welcome to Tortuga Music Festival

tortuga music festival

Every year since Tortuga’s beginning, fans and bands have been making their way to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the Tortuga Music Festival happens during a weekend in April on a fairground in this South Florida town.

Every year since Tortuga’s beginning, fans and bands have been making their way to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the  Tortuga Music Festival happens during a weekend in April on a fairground in this South Florida town. Get your cowboy boots ready from some stomping and grooving—there’s truly no better way to get down with your favorite artists!


How the Tortuga Music Festival Began
The Tortuga Music Festival began as a way to bring the chill vibes of the Californian concert scene to the fans of country music. The festival was immediately a huge hit and has been growing every since. Fans will find headliners like Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Jesse Owens, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Bassnectar, as well as many more playing the main stages throughout the weekend.


Experiencing Tortuga Music
Each April, thousands of people will flock to Indio to experience the best the world’s country music has to offer. If you plan to be one of them this year, it’s best to get started on planning your trip to Tortuga Music Festival!

Start by picking which days of the festival you want to attend. Check the Tortuga Music Festival website for any scheduling information that may be specific to certain days. In my theatre fair experience, I have found that it is best to arrive as early as possible so you can get in as many performances before you burn out.

Another helpful reminder for enjoying your Tortuga Music Festival experience is to be open to hearing the stories of the live authors or guest speakers. While you wander from area to area, stop to listen to story tellers, live readings, and unique performances. Don’t be afraid to interact with the artisans and ask questions about their work. Listen to the stories of their culture and history as this may be the first time you hear anything like it.

With so much theatre and so many talented artists being featured at the Tortuga Music Festival, it does make sense to attend more than one day. Try going for two or three days, if you don’t go for the whole weekend, so you can see as much of show and performers as possible.

While you’re attending throughout the weekend, do your best to eat as many meals inside the festival as you can. This blend of some of the best local food from all over the country is something that is almost magical to experience. It’s like you are traveling though all the best restaurants without ever leaving the city.


Festival Fashion: Show Your Suntanned Skin
When it comes to dressing for a music festival, comfortable is always the way to go! When dressing for Tortuga Music, however, carefully consider the beachy location and pack your typical ocean attire. Bring on the bikinis and bathing suits! You’re going to be sitting on the sand and splashing in the waves for three days so make sure you’re ready to bare some skin.

When it comes to the sun, pack head gear that will keep you as shady as possible. Bring a few pairs of sunglasses, sun hats, baseball caps, visors, and headbands to keep the sweat off your face and sun out of your eyes. In addition to dressing for the heat, keep in mind to drink for it as well! (Stay hydrated!)

Your daily footwear at Tortuga Music will almost always be flip flops or simple sandals. You’re feet are going to be wet, sandy, or hot so it’s best to take the easiest shoe that you can just slip on or slip off within seconds. Crocs work well if you want to dress your beachy feet up a bit.

Bring some extra layers as well in case you need to head to the store or you just feel like changing. If you’re staying at Tortuga Music festival from dusk ‘til dawn, I would recommend that you bring a change of clothes for bars and clubs you may be heading to in the evening.


What to Bring to the Festival

tortuga music festival

Tortuga Music Festival is really unique because of its location on the actual shores of the beach. This amazing atmosphere makes preparing for this festival a little different than getting ready for others.

Tortuga Music Festival is truly one of a kind basing on the location the event takes place, the shoreline. This astounding climate makes getting ready for this celebration somewhat unique compared on how you would prepare for others. You will need to juggle two preparations, first pack all that you require for a music celebration and afterward you need to pack what’s needed for your full vacation!

Just like any other festival, getting ready for Tortuga Music Festival will consist of arranging your whole calendar before the actual festival day. Start with a quick browsing of the Tortuga Music site and download the application so you are fully up to date with when and where all your most loved bands will be playing. Also, find the venue map to avoid wasting time in trying to find your favorite artists during the day of the event.

Aside from bringing and preparing your schedule, do not forget to pack towels, bug repellent, sunblock, breath mints, band helps and other medical aids. Over the counter prescription also may not be a bad idea, vitamins, non perishable snacks, deodorant and anything else you can think of as they can come handy if you get a headache or emergency.


Safety at the Festival
Taking safety measures before going to the festival is always important. Hence putting some thoughts into safety will make a difference once you arrive at the Tortuga Music festival. Take a bit of your time to write out all your important phone numbers so you can have a backup in the event your phone gets damaged, lost, or stolen. Additionally, have a secondary way to contact friends—pick a meeting place and times each day for everyone to meet up and check on each other.


Preparing for the Festival

After putting down some safety considerations for the Tortuga Music festival, it makes sense for you to be conscious of how much cash you carry. If you can avoid walking around with a lot of cash with you during the festival, you will definitely minimize the chance of it being lost or stolen. However, you should also be aware that most items sold at the festival only accept cash and the beach has very few ATMS. Therefore, if you do not prefer waiting in line, store enough cash somewhere else that is nearby enough —perhaps in your car.

Keeping yourself cool throughout the Tortuga Music festival also require a bit of planning. As you know, spending long hours throught a day in direct contact with sunlight is asking a bit too much from your body and your health. For this reason, you need to consider drinking as much water proportionally to how the sun is draining from you.

Keep a few packs of water jugs, Gatorade, and may be Powerade in your car, and bag with the goal to restock your backpack when you about to run out. Keep an unfilled drinking compartment on you at all times to make sure you have the chance to refill it if you are not nearby your belongings. Having Pedialyte close by is additionally useful to blend in with water to keep you from drying out.


Where to Stay During Tortuga Music

With regards to accomodation options during the Tortuga Music festival, you might need to check the festival`s website to determine the different accommodation packages they may be offering with their partners. There is usually a few featured accommodations on their site with marked down costs. In the event that you would rather hunt down cabin all alone, try your best to find ones that are not very far from the festival location.

If you are having challenges to find enough options for places to stay during the Tortuga Music festival, there are other options such as Air BnB. There is a possibility of finding less expensive accommodations around the area. Many people near the festival own getaway homes especially around the Gulf Shores that may have renting space for festival goers. Numerous accommodation options are accessible by bicycle from the shorelines or offer exclusive transportation to and from the festival.


Getting Around Town

Going to an event such as the Tortuga Music festival is always going to involve a lot of walking! For this reason, many festival goes usually bring or rent bicycles in order to get around during the day. With regards to driving around the area and nearby places, Tortuga Music festival offers its own transportation.

Do not forget to browse the Tortuga Music Festival website and explore the bus options so to arrange your commuting in advance. You can also buy Shuttle Passes ahead of time, this way you will have an express pass that gives you a chance to ride any bus whenever. If these offers are no longer available, alternatively you can buy specific tickets for the shuttle you need. The Tortuga Music Festival buses are color coded on the guide.

From this perspective, do your best to prepare all your travel needs well in advance. Some people actually prefer renting a car as a more suitable option, you may also want to conder that as you plan.

Now it is the time to start packing, getting inspired, let us meet at the shoreline on the Tortuga Music Festival!

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