Summer Camp Music Festival – One of the Top 40 Music Festivals in Rolling Stone!

Summer Camp Music Festival is guaranteed to be the best event of your summer!

Welcome to Summer Camp

summer camp music festival

Each year thousands of people descend on Chicago, Illinois to take the Summer Camp Music Festival by storm.

Each year thousands of people descend on Chicago, Illinois to take the  Summer Camp Music Festival by storm. Chi-town is one of those legendary music festival cities, where teenagers know that a music festival is like a rite of passage; Melt! is no different.

Music at Summer Camp Music Festival
Summer Camp Music Festival’s lineup is incredibly diverse and caters to anybody and everybody, with a slight favoritism for the more popular acts of the day. Featured artists each year are the likes of Flaming Lips, Broken Social Scene, The Roots, Bad Sounds, Andrew Bird, Willie Nelson, and more! Whether you have heard of most of these musicians or not, this festival’s lineups knock it out of the park, every time.

Summer Camp Music Festival’s showcase of diverse musical talent really allows fans to have that eclectic music festival moment where they are floored by a new band’s all out, extravagant performance. Don’t miss out on your moment! Find at least one of the craziest artists known for their live shows that are headlining the festival and be sure to arrive at their set an hour or so early so you don’t miss anything.

What to Wear to Summer Camp Music Festival
Summer Camp Music Festival  is one of those festival’s that you want to dress to impress! Though it can be difficult to pack so many outfit ideas into one bag, try your best to come up with the most creative clothing options that you can. Many people like to play into the quirky feel of the festival and dress as notable and colorfully as possible!

Throughout the four days of Summer Camp Music Festival, your outfit plans should include all kinds of weather. Summer in Chicago can mean sun, rain, mud, hail and the freezing cold so you would do best to bring several different types of clothes! For starters, have at least one waterproof warm coat with you to protect you from the rain and cold nights. Take a sweater as well as extra layers and mittens for when the temperature continues to fall.

During the days when the sun is out and about, wear shorts, short dresses and tight pants. Try to avoid in loose pants, skirts, or dresses in case of a sudden down pour or an onslaught of mud. Wear rain boots, normal boots, sneakers or any waterproof closed toed shoe you can find. Keep in mind that you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are broken in before Summer Camp Music Festival.

Preparing for the Festival
One of the most loved parts of Summer Camp Music Festival is the costumes and crazy outfits people wear. People usually go out during this celebration and dress up in the wildest outfits they can think of. Take a look at pictures from previous Melt! installations to get a feel for what people wear. Take some time to visit thrift stores and costume shops to create the best looks for your weekend in Chicago.

Getting to Summer Camp Music festival
If you’re traveling to get to Summer Camp Music Festival , you may have a long journey ahead of you. No matter where you fly into, you have to take a shuttle to get to the venue. Many people that have attended in years gone by strongly suggest taking a car with you into the festival.

If you’re flying into Chicago for Summer Camp Music be sure to book flights that are closest to the venue. Whatever you do, be sure to go over the festival’s travel suggestions to make sure you can get to the airport safely and on time! Arriving at the festival can be complicated and you don’t want to dampen your festival experience before it even begins.

What to Bring to Summer Camp Music

summer camp music festival

Summer Camp Music Festival is an incredible experience that is only improved when you are well prepared. This festival is the kind that you should really spend some time laying out everything that you need before hand.

Summer Camp Music Festival is an incredible experience that is only improved when you are well prepared. This festival is the kind that you should really spend some time laying out everything that you need before hand. DO have preparations for any kind of weather: bring a poncho, umbrella, sun block, extra socks, sunhat, mosquito repellant, and whatever else you may need to face the wild lands of Summer Camp Music Festival.

If you’re camping at the park, you’re bags are going to be heavier! Try to take some non perishable snacks with you to hold you in between meals. Take extra water bottles and reusable vessels so that you and your friends stay hydrated through the weekend. Bring A LOT of extra bedding as the weather will undoubtedly get much colder while you sleep.

Summer Camp Music Festival veterans that return year after year say that it is one of the most inviting and welcoming festivals that they have ever attended. Despite the large crowds of attendees at every Melt! , this festival still manages to keep its warm community and hospitable environment its number one priority.

If you’ve never been to a music festival before, consider trying out Summer Camp Music Festival. Though you experience of constant traveling and the tiring four days of non stop partying, Melt!  is pretty easy to love for newbies (and everyone else!)

Who Attends the Summer Camp Music Festival
Just like many music festivals aren’t necessarily recommended for families, Summer Camp Music  festival isn’t a great place to bring the entire family. Throughout the weekend, there are events with age restrictions as well as crazy partiers that may be drinking or participating in drug use. Try to come with friends or older family members but do your best to leave the kids at home.


Tickets and Pricing
For a weekend long festival, Summer Camp Music festival  prices are some of the best. Though Summer Camp Music Festival is not free, it is one of the more inexpensive festivals out there. Most of your expenses will include tickets for cars, shuttles, food and all the other expenses that come along with traveling for a music festival. When you are checking out what kind of ticket to purchase, look through all the options on the festival website. Melt! festival partners with certain companies to offer complete festival packages that include the cost of traveling to and from the festival as well as admission and entrance.

If you really want to attend but can’t immediately front the money, don’t worry! Often times, the festival features a payment plan of sorts as well as offering attendees a chance to claim resold tickets.

The Best Tips from Summer Camp Music Experts
When it comes to attending festivals, it helps to learn from the best. Most veteran festival guests return each year with the experience and knowledge to make next year’s trip even better.

A few of these Summer Camp Music Festival tips include preparing for the sheer amount of people at the festival. In addition to making a schedule of the bands you want to see, you should make a schedule for all your personal needs as well.

Even if you aren’t camping, it helps to bring extra bottles of water to Summer Camp Music Festival or at least refill as soon as you walk into the camp. Try your best to keep track of your hydration—this festival brings in 90 degree weather each summer and overheating is very possible. Don’t take any chances and take precautions. You should bring vitamins and protein powder with you just to ensure you are getting refueled properly.

The final plan you should make for Summer Camp Music Festival is one in case of emergencies. Think of a way to contact your friends quickly in case of cell phone failure. Have an extra set of car keys in the event that you lose your pair. Have gas in your car and extra money hidden somewhere in case you need it. It’s better to be over prepared than stuck in the forest because you failed to plan!

Outside of the Festival
Chicago is the place to be if you are looking for a great family trip or vacation this summer. When planning your visit to the Summer Camp Music Festival, make a week of it! There are many landmarks, sites, and events to check out around the city. If you find yourself in the city towards the end of the month, try the Taste of Chicago for a food festival unlike any other.

When traveling the city with family, remember there are so many things to see in Chicago! If you have enough time outside of the Summer Camp Music Festival, make it a point to visit the Wrigley Field that is home to the Chicago Cubs, the Art Institute of Chicago that showcases many famous artists, the height defying 360 Chicago Observation Deck are among the top picks. Additionally, you will want to stop by the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, Millennium Park, and anything else you may have time for. Make sure you see all of Chicago!

The one final Summer Camp Music Festival tip you should remember is to plan to have fun! This might just be the best summer fest of your vacation!

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