Secret Garden Party (SGP) – an Annual Independent Arts & Music Festival That Goes Wild on a Lakeside Farm  in Abbots Ripton!

Step Into the Secret Garden Party this Summer for a chance to see what “growing” down!

It’s a Secret Garden, and You’re Invited

 the Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden is pretty much one of England’s most well loved smaller music festivals. This event has been likened to burning man and other kinds of indie fests.

The Secret Garden Party is pretty much one of England’s most well loved smaller music festivals. This event has been likened to burning man and other kinds of indie fests. Creamfields brings all the best names in indie and alternative to Abotts Ripton Farm!

The Secret Garden History
In 2004, the Secret Garden Party as we know it was born! The first ever Secret Garden Party was held as a gathering of growers and farmers with just a few thousand attendees for the first go. Through these last few years, Secret Garden Party has steadily increased in popularity and is now a must attend party every year.

This British shindig, Secret Garden Party is still one of the favorites amongst fans. Ever year the sights, lights, and performers are always top notch at this UK festival.

The Sights & Sounds of the Secret Garden Party
The Secret Garden Party festival is a showcase of the greatest artists within the genres of electronic music and jam band music. Headliners for the Secret Garden Party include the likes of Afrojack, Alina Baraz, Tiesto, David Guetta, DJ Jazzy Jeff and more among the fan favorites.

As you can tell based on their incredible lineup,the Secret Garden Party always does a great job of filling in the best artists within electronic music and its subsequent sub-genres. Fans are guaranteed to find at least one artist they love amongst the superstar studded the Secret Garden Party lineup.

In addition to all the amazing music, the Secret Garden Party always has the best overall atmosphere. With laser light shows that feature LED screens, strobing neon lights, and huge colorful props, this festival doesn’t skimp on anything! Outside of the stages, attendees will find carnival rides like ferris wheels and carousels. One of the most interesting parts of the festival is the silent disco that lets attendees party through headphones while literally dancing in what appears to onlookers as silence.

Tickets and Pricing
When planning to go to the Secret Garden Party, the first item of business is to purchase tickets. Tickets can sell out in a matter of days so it’s very important that you are prepared and know which tier of tickets to purchase. All these different options may seem confusing but don’t worry, here’s a quick rundown on how to get through it.

The four day General Admission tickets start at £220. This is a really great deal to get before they increase the prices as the two day General Admission tickets are £175 and three day General Admission is £200.  Single day passes range from £75, £85, and £90.

When it comes to accommodations, many people choose to camp on site. This is a great idea if you can buy your camping tickets within the first few tiers of pricing. For most days, you can find that the camping admission and general admission are the same. If you grab your tickets as soon as they are available, you can even save money if your get the camping passes.

What to Take Into the Secret Garden Party

 the Secret Garden Party

When gearing up to go to the Secret Garden Party, you are going to need to do some heavy packing. It definitely helps to travel via car if you are planning to stay in a tent or anywhere on the campgrounds.

When gearing up to go to the Secret Garden Party, you are going to need to do some heavy packing. It definitely helps to travel via car if you are planning to stay in a tent or anywhere on the campgrounds.

You need to carry anything you would normally take with you on a camping trip, minus prohibited items like fireworks, weapons or illegal substances.

Your Secret Garden Party must-bring list includes flashlights, light up toys, vessels for water, cash for food and miscellaneous items, snacks, vitamins, and changes of clothing are just a few of these items. You’re also going to want to take bug spray, sunscreen, a bandana, extra car keys, extra shoes, extra socks, and a watch. Definitely bring soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and any other items you might need to use the restroom or shower.

Getting to the Secret Garden Party
The Secret Garden Party is held each year at the Abbotts Ripton Farm in England. This festival is pretty much a straight shoot from both neighboring airports. The festival grounds are about a half hour away from Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport. If you don’t want to rent a car or grab a street car, consider taking the train or a Big Green Coach shuttle.

However, it may be easiest to arrive by car as the scheduling of the trains can be uncertain during the holiday weekend that this festival takes place. After all, traveling with a car makes it easier to transport all your camping gear! Look on the festival website to check for anybody that is carpooling into the area.

Where to Sleep at the Secret Garden Party
Given the capacity of the Secret Garden Party’s campgrounds, many people choose to stay onsite for the weekend. Choosing to stay in the campgrounds is a great way to have the complete festival experience. Check out a map to get a clear understanding of the camping availability.

The Secret Garden Party has a few different options for camping but the most popular involve you pitching a tent. This is the cheapest option, however the festival does have a luxury package. However, if you still don’t fancy camping, don’t worry—off site accommodations are definitely available. Do your research and look around the city to find hotels as near the campsite as possible.

The Secret Garden Party’ Dress Code
Many people choose to wear as little as possible to the Secret Garden Party, at least during the day. People range from swimwear, to short shorts, and even crazy costumes! Do some digging to see all of the wild costumes people bring in. It helps to have at least one outrageous look of your own, so come prepared.

You’re going to want to have a change of clothes with you as it gets later in the day. Towards the evening, it may start to get cooler so people usually layer a little bit more. Definitely bring a variety of comfortable footwear to choose from. Remember—you may very well be standing for a huge percentage of the weekend. Bring accessories that are unique to you and your friends so it can make identifying you from a distance that much easier.

Who Comes to the Secret Garden Party?
The Secret Garden Party doesn’t have its party reputation for nothing! From crazy dancing, and wild attendees, to drinking and the use of alternative substances, attendees have been known to pull out all the stops during their experience.

Families, this is not the festival for you! Due to the nature of this intense four day weekend, the festival producers only let in people over 18. Many of the attendees at the Secret Garden Party are millenials that are still in the hardcore partying phase of their lives. In the UK, as in America, insane music festivals are seen as a “rite of passage” that all must do at least once.

Surviving the Secret Garden Party
Hanging out for four days with your best friends,  listening to your favorite bands and dancing the weekend away sounds like a dream come true, but you need to do your part to make sure it stays that way! When going through the days at the Secret Garden Party, don’t forget to eat and drink. Drink as much water as possible. It is way too easy to get dehydrated in one festival day, so imagine how much the sun, the walking, and all the festivities will wear on you over the course of the weekend. Bring a reusable water bottle or hydration packs so you can constantly have water with you.

Additionally, do your best to not skip any meals. You may get lost in all the lights and sounds but you don’t want to end up passing out because you missed one meal to many. The Secret Garden Party is filled with lots of vendors, a store, and various food options so take advantage of this throughout your stay. At the end of the day, remember that you are all here to have fun!

While you’re at the the Secret Garden Party, do your best to stay alert. Have a great time but always use the buddy system when going anywhere. A key part of festival safety is always paying attention to your surroundings and having friends that have your back. If you have concerns or safety questions, contact any of the security or hospitality team.

 So whether you are a festival newbie or a seasoned veteran, the Secret Garden Party welcomes you to step into the craziness and get ready for an adventure!

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