Outside Lands – Every August, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is a Fun-Filled Place That You Can’t Miss!

Each year at San Francisco’s Outside Lands, fans and artists gather together to see some of the best musicians and performers in the world!

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Throughout this jam packed weekend, festival goers gather together to dance to their favorite songs.

Inside of Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival
Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival welcomes in about 40,000 to 60,000 people every day of the three day event. Talk about a huge crowd! Throughout this jam packed weekend, festival goers gather together to dance to their favorite songs, hear new music from emerging artists, take time to get tipsy in the Wine and Beer Lands, witness all the great art from local artists and so much more.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival began in 2008 as a gathering of over 60 artists from all over the world, Outside Lands really focuses on sustainable living and being environmentally friendly. The festival really goes the extra mile by featuring stages that run on solar power, refillable water stations, water diversion programs, and major efforts to use recycling bins instead of trash cans.

Each year the Outside Lands Festival is held at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Spanning an area of 1.5 miles, the festival grounds can prove to be a feat to explore. Stages are set up all over the park and include the Twin Peaks stage, the Panhandle stage, Lands End Stage, the Sutro Stage and the Presidio Stage.

What Outside Lands Sounds Like
Outside Lands has been known for it’s rock band, electronica, and indie music lineup, though the festival features a large array of different musicians and each year is no different. You’ll see artists like Radiohead, Duran Duran, Mike Snow, Zedd, Lana Del Rey and so many more!

With artists like Chance the Rapper, Sufjans Stevens, and Third Eye Blind, you’re going to want to arrive to sets of the more famous musicians really early. There are so many big name artists on the schedule that you may have to pick and choose who you really want to see so you can make sure you get a good spot for at least one of the shows.

While there are some major household names for the mains stages of Outside Lands, take a chance to check out the artists you may be hearing about for the first time. Take a moment to hear some songs by the up and coming musicians—you may just find yourself heading to a performance of pop culture’s next big band!

Tickets and Pricing
Tickets to Outside Lands start going up for sale in March as part of an early bird package. These tickets are the Eager Beaver Three Day Passes and go for $325. This is your best opportunity for cheaper tickets, as the prices will only climb after this. Genera Admission for all three days climbs up to $355. General Admission Tickets for single day passes are $145.

Three Day VIP tickets start at $765 and single day VIP starts at $325.With VIP, festival attendees get exclusive access to the Polo Club with lounge seating and shade, special areas to view the Main stages, exclusive restroom and amenities, as well as access to VIP food and dining services. Three Day Parking passes are $240 and Three Day Shuttle passes are $48.

Wine Lands and Beer Lands
Another fan favorite of the Outside Lands Festival is their incredible display of beer and wine. Beer Lands and Wine Lands are like festival heaven on earth for all of you alcohol connoissuers out there.

In Beer Lands, Outside Lands showcases brews from the best 25 of Northern California’s breweries. Craft beer lovers are sure to find this one of the highlights of the Festival. Some of these breweries include Calicraft Brewing, High Water Brewing, Local Brewing, Mad River, Napa Smith, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Social Kitchen Brewing.

In Wine Lands, Outside Lands gathers over 120 wines from the best winemakers in the region. Sip your way through the tent and find the best wine for your palate. Some of the participating wineries include AP Vin, Bonterra, Ca’ Momi, Hobo Wine, Pellegrini Wine Company, Red Car, Union Wine Co. and many more. Check the festival website for a full listing of all wineries and breweries involved in the festival.

outside lands

One of the shining highlights of Outside Lands is its dedication to consistently bringing in good artwork to the festival.

Art Exhibitions and Comedy Shows
One of the shining highlights of Outside Lands is its dedication to consistently bringing in good artwork to the festival. Each year, the festival curates an exhibition of the best contemporary art happening today in the festival’s event title Outsider Art.

Outsider Art features artists doing live painting and performances, musical theater shows, as well as murals around the park. Outside Lands gives attendees a chance to get up close and personal with the artists and performers.

When it comes to comedy, Outside Lands holds nothing back! Each year, Outsider Lands hosts comedy and variety shows in the Barbary Tent. You will find the best performers in story telling, comedy, and improve all showcasing their talent at the Barbary. You’re going to want to see at least one of the comedy shows!

Getting to Outside Lands
When arriving into San Francisco, try to get a flight directly into the city to safe time and money. With limiter parking at the Golden Gate Park, you may want to avoid renting a car and just opt for alternative options.

A lot of attendees do end up walking to get from place to place during Outside Lands. The walks aren’t that long through the park and, depending on where you are staying, may be relatively short to your hotel as well.

Check the festival website for more detailed traveling directions on how to arrive to the festival based on what direction you are coming from. Outside Lands staff recommend trying public transportation, Uber, or getting a taxi.

Try MUNI, the San Francisco Municipal Railway, for an inexpensive travel option, as well as taking the N Judah Rail train. A pre-paid pass for access to the festival’s shuttles for all three days is $48. The shuttle takes attendees from the Bill Graham Auditorium to the Outside Lands inside the Golden Gate Park.

What to Wear to Outside Lands
Since Outside Lands is in August, many people may still be dressing for summer. During the day, temperatures usually stay around 75 degrees, so if you want to you can dress in the typical festival attire of tank top, shorts and dresses. However when night falls, you’ll know that summer is indeed over.

While it may be hot under the California sun during the days, temperatures will drop really fast towards the evening. There have been reports of past attendees being rushed to the hospital because they went into shock from being too cold.

DO take a jacket or those extra pants with you—you’ll need them! Temperatures can get below 57 and you won’t even see it coming. In addition to dressing for the weather, several people like to go all out with their outfit choices. Get creative!

Tips for Outside Lands
When choosing your festival partners, try to avoid going with a HUGE group. Finding just one other person can prove to be incredibly challenging in the Outside Lands crowds.

If you do come with a group of people, bring a totem of colorful flag that you can wave to try to find each other. It’s also a good idea to establish a meeting place as soon as you and your friends arrive at the festival grounds. Check in with each other through out the day to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

When planning out your schedule for Outside Lands, make a visit to the festival’s website to look through their lineup and use their schedule template. Try to coordinate your schedule with your friends just to make the process a bit easier is you guys intend to see some of the same artists. 

Checking Out San Francisco
Don’t come into California for Outside Lands and fail to see the rest of San Francisco! Try to come into town a day earlier or stay a day later to make the most of your festival adventure.

When you’re away from the Golden Gate Park, make it a point to check out all the surrounding landmarks, museums and crazy sites in the area. You can start you tour of the city off with a trop to Alcatraz Island for a brief look into life and history of past criminals. Stop the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for more culturally enriching opportunities.

As you get hungry during the day, pay a visit to Chinatown perhaps or stop by the Fisherman’s Wharf for the Catch of the Day. Don’t let this trip go by without you checking out all San Francisco has to offer in the way of great food!

So whether you come for the music, food, art, brews, or comedy shows, I guarantee that you’ll have a blast at Outside Lands!

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