Positivus – Every Summer, Salacgrīva, Latvia Holds this Must Attend Great Three-Day Summer Music and Culture Festival!

The Baltic’s very own Positivus is a music festival that is the first of its kind!

Welcome to Positivus


Positivus is really an incredible gathering of indie bands and fans from all over europe that come to the balmy Baltic states to hear the best of their favorite artists.

Positivus is really an incredible gathering of indie bands and fans from all over europe that come to the balmy Baltic states to hear the best of their favorite artists. Having got its start in 2007, Positivus is a relatively new festival, yet outdoes itself each year in attendance.

These annual dance party magic and electronic music vibes are quickly turning this festival into a summer staple. For these three days days, the Positivus Music Festival becomes home to electronic music lovers from all over the world. During this incredible weekend, hundreds of artists and thousands of fans gather together do sing,dance, and spread the love.

Only three years old, the Positivus Music Festival is just getting in the door of the EDM festival world. Each year the venue is subject to change but as of late it has been held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.
The Positivus Music Festival made its official debut as a jam band and electronic music festival in 2011. Get excited and get ready because this is sure to be one whirlwind of a weekend.

The Sounds of Your Imagination
The Positivus Music Festival is a showcase of the greatest artists within the genres of electronic music and jam band music. Headliners for Positivus include the likes of Adventure Club, Alina Baraz, Duke Dumont Club, DJ Jazzy Jeff and more among other popular fan favorites. When it comes to featuring new artists, the Positivus Music Festival always has taken an incredibly supportive role and offers fans a chance to get to know and love artists they may not have listened to just yet. 

As you can tell based on their incredible lineup, The Positivus Music Festival always does a great job of filling in the best artists within electronic music and its subsequent subgenres. Fans of House, Indie, Dubstep, Funk, Jazz, and Trap are guaranteed to find at least one artist they love amongst the superstar studded festival lineup. Additionally, Positivus Music Festival does an incredible job of filling their lineup with some of the best emerging artists across the indie scene.

Over this three day weekend, if you plan your schedule out just right, you’ll get to see all your favorite artists and even some new favorites! Over 100 artists line the Positivus Music Festival’s performance schedules and that’s more than enough for you to find someone you want to see. Take a visit to their site for information on their current lineup for the upcoming festival and start planning.

Lodging and Accommodations
Given the capacity of the Positivus Music Festival’s campgrounds, many people choose to stay onsite for their lodging. Choosing to stay in the campgrounds is a great way to have the complete EDM experience. Check out a map to get a clear understanding of Positivus Festival’s camping availability.

Many of you that are new to the Positivus Music Festival may be intimidated by all these wild prices for accommodations but don’t worry—off site lodging is definitely available. Do your research and look around the city to find hotels as near the campsite as possible.

What to Take Into the Festival
When gearing up to go the Positivus music festival, you are going to need to do some heavy packing. It definitely helps to travel via car if you are planning to stay in a tent or anywhere on the campgrounds. Try your best to carpool as you will save on parking if you have more than one person in the car with you. You need to carry anything you would normally take with you on a camping trip, minus prohibited items like fireworks, weapons or illegal substances.

Your Positivus Music Festival must-bring list includes flashlights, light up toys, vessels for water, cash for food and miscellaneous items, snacks, vitamins, and changes of clothing are just a few of these items. You’re also going to want to take bug spray, sunscreen, a bandana, extra car keys, extra shoes, extra socks, and a watch. Definitely bring soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and any other items you might need to use the restroom or shower.

Tickets and Pricing


When planning to go to Positivus Music Festival, the first item of business is to purchase tickets. Tickets can sell out in a matter of days so it’s very important that you are prepared and know which tier of tickets to purchase.

When planning to go to Positivus Music Festival, the first item of business is to purchase tickets. Tickets can sell out in a matter of days so it’s very important that you are prepared and know which tier of tickets to purchase. All these different options may seem confusing but don’t worry, here’s a quick rundown on how to get through it.

The Positivus Music Festival starts their ticketing tiers of with General Admission and increase the pricing the closer the date of the event arrives. Do your best to keep up to date with their website if you want to get the best pricing possible.

Once you obtain your wristbands and ticketing information, keep it in a safe place until you arrive at Positivus Music Festival! Once you put the wristband on, don’t remove it until all the festivities are over. Since we’re still talking tickets and pricing, it’s time to break down the admission prices and the lodging details for onsite accommodation.

Dressing for the Festival
When it comes to dressing for the Positivus Music Festival, the rules for typical festival attire apply, just cut in half! Many people avoid wearing full outfits to the festival and come in bathing suits, leotards, and creative alternatives to clothing. Many people choose to wear as little as possible to Positivus Music Festival, at least during the day.

People range from shorts, to swimsuits, and even psychedelic costumes! When it gets later in the day it may start to get cooler so people usually layer a little bit more. Wearing few items comes in handy when you’re spending all day in the heat, but remember that you should do your BEST to avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn so take care to pack sunscreen and a hydration vessels.

You’re going to want to have a change of clothes with you and a variety of comfortable footwear to choose from. Remember—you may very well be standing for a huge percentage of the weekend. Bring accessories that are unique to you and your friends so it can make identifying you from a distance that much easier.

Insider Tips for Positivus Music Festival
When it comes to attending the Positivus Music Festival, you’ll have the best time if you prepare a little before you go. Here are some tips that veteran attendees swear by.

While you are at Positivus Music Festival, try to loosen up! Don’t focus so much on artists you are seeing on stage—focus on the people you are seeing them with. Your festival experience has a lot to do with the friends you bring with you and those you make along the way. Always use the buddy system at this festival and take a friend with you so neither of you guys get lost.

When trying to communicate during the festival, it is a great idea for you to have time-stamps on your phone messages as signal gets lost frequently. Throughout the chaos of Positivus Music Festival, you’re going to want to have a clear idea of when your friends are trying to message and meet you.

Many Positivus Music Festival attendees have mixed views on recreational drug use but it’s important that you make a decision on the subject for yourself. Your health is the most important priority during this three day extravaganza and the fastest way to dehydration and a room at the hospital is through a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. Definitely avoid illegal substances and keep yourself safe during the festival.

Surviving Positivus Music Festival
Camping out for four days while listening to your favorite bands and dancing the weekend away sounds like a dream come true, but you need to do your part to make sure it stays that way! Drink as much water as possible. It is way too easy to get dehydrated in one festival day, so imagine how much the sun, the walking, and all the festivities will wear on you over the course of the weekend. Bring a reusable water bottle or hydration packs so you can constantly have water with you.

When going through the days at Positivus Music Festival, don’t forget to eat! You may get lost in all the lights, sounds, and madness but you don’t want to end up passing out because you missed one meal to many. The festival is filled with lots of vendors, a store, and various food options so take advantage of this throughout your stay. At the end of the day, remember that you all are here to have fun so make the most of your trip!

So whether you are a festival newbie or a seasoned veteran, Positivus Music Festival welcomes you to step into the woods and get ready for an adventure!

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