High Sierra Music Festival – Hours & Hours of Bingeing on Bluegrass, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Electronica & More!

California sure knows how to party and the High Sierra Music Festival is no exception! Join your favorite bands from all genres for a great time you won’t forget!

What’s the High Sierra Festival?

High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music is a wonderful five day summer celebration of all things live music.

Grab some friends, creative costumes, and some of your best dance moves and bring them over to Quincy, California.
Kicking off during the final Thursday in July, the High Sierra Music Festival is a wonderful five day summer celebration of all things live music. One of the greatest parts of the Festival is the diversity of the lineup. The multi-genre lineup opens the doors to all kinds of artists.

What Kind of Music is at High Sierra?
With the description of the music being played at the High Sierra Festival, you may get confused along the way! The festival sort of provides a taste from every genre. Fans or all music backgrounds can find at least ONE artist they love or can relate to. Headliners of this festival include artists like Greensky Bluegrass, North Mississippi Allstars, Thievery Corporation, The California Honeydrops, and many more!

Take some time today to search through the High Sierra lineup and then play a few songs from five or more artists. If you don’t immediately decide to purchase a ticket, you will at least get to hear some great music!

Costumes and Parades
Another fan favorite at High Sierra are the themed costume days. Attendees are encouraged to sport their most colorful and creative outfits all relating to that day’s theme. These themes range from Pajama Parties, to 80’s Night and then a Patriotic Day. Festival guests really go all out on their outfits so you may want to as well! It really adds another dimension to the whole experience.

Parades at High Sierra are another great family activity to do together. The parades run from Thursday to Saturday and feature artists, puppeteers, storytellers and more. The children’s parades run in the morning while the other parades are each day in the evening. Most people wear their costumes and bring flags to wave during these parades.

Staying at High Sierra
The best way to experience the High Sierra Festival is to camp on site throughout the five day excursion. The campgrounds feature areas to lodge on site as well as complimentary shuttle to the off site camping areas. The High Sierra campground is loaded each festival with thousands of portable restaurants, temporary showers, and a sink.

The best places for attendees to camp is at the Big Meadow, Hillside or Shady Grove. When you arrive, begin by setting up with just the amount of space that you require for your tent. People are pretty open and friendly at High Sierra and everyone would all like to keep it that way!

If you still want to attend High Sierra but don’t like camping, don’t worry! You can still have a great time at the festival if you’re staying off site at a hotel. Check the festival website and the surround areas in the city online for deals on hotels that are nearby the campgrounds. Be sure to check out Air BnB as well for extra rooms in homes that are available.

Tickets and Pricing

High Sierra Music Festival

There are many different options guests can choose from when purchasing tickets.

When it comes to High Sierra admission, there are many different options guests can choose from when purchasing tickets. A Four Day General Admission pass starts at $285.75. Three Day General Admission passes are $265.75 and $210.75 for Two Day passes.

For a Single Day Pass at High Sierra, the prices range depending on the day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday passes are $95.50, while Thursday prices are $85.50 a ticket. Kids Single Day passes start at $20. Take a second to look at the schedule and calculate which ticket package works best for you.

When it comes to parking at High Sierra, you need to purchase the On Site Vehicle Parking pass for $140.50. If you’re interested in camping but still want the comfort of having “four walls”, take a look at traveling to the campgrounds in RV. RV parking starts at $450.50.

Festival Camping Packages for High Sierra
Many family members that are attending High Sierra with younger kids, should definitely check into the Family Camping! The Family Camping starts in Shady Grove and is generally family friendly. Noise gets nipped at night and all the other guests try to keep it at least PG.

For those among the High Sierra guests that are interested in a simple, no hassle camping trip? Check out the Show Sherpa Camping. In this package, the Show Sherpa gets your tent and gear ready beforehand. You even get to use the camp grill and kitchen with complimentary coffee everyday. Sherpa Camping sounds like the perfect option for you and your friends to dance the night away!

Camping Green
As with many other outdoor festivals, the High Sierra Music Festival strongly believes in the idea of sustainable living. Attendees and staff believe in the “Leave No Trace” mindset and expect other fans and guests to follow suit as well.

Say that you’re not necessarily into the whole saving the environment thing? The best you can do at High Sierra is take all of your garbage and recyclables from your campsite, and taking it out of the campgrounds when you are off site.

Food at the Festival
From food trucks to gourmet vendors, High Sierra has it all when it comes to eating good food during your days at the festival. Many attendees forgo cooking equipment and eat their meals all inside the festival. Whether you choose to do the same is up to you, but keep in mind that most if not all of the food options are organic and offer vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian meals as well as the regular food options. Take a visit to the festival site to check out their lineup of food trucks!

High Sierra Dont’s
At High Sierra Music Festival, the goal is to have a great time and an amazing experience. In order to make sure that happens, take a look at the fesivl do’s and don’t’s.

Don’t bring pets in with you to the festival grounds, stay away from using charcoal grills or starting campfires, avoid bringing glass bottles or cups to the meadow, don’t use fireworks, don’t play your personal music loudly between quiet hours (including holding drum circles).

If you plan on bringing chairs for the High Sierra fest, keep them under 18” in height as to not block the view for other attendees. Stay away from Frisbee throwing and the unregistered vending. Additionally, you’re going to want to leave the drones at home if you don’t want them to get confiscated.

When it comes to the consumption and distribution of alcohol, take note that High Sierra will kick you out if you are found to be selling or distributing alcohol or anything illegal. Consumption on the other hand is open to all attendees that are at over the legal drinking age.

High Sierra Do’s
The smartest way to pack for any festival is to check the list of acceptable items at High Sierra. Please do bring a standard camera (no extra lenses) so you can take pictures that will last you for years to come. Taking a Polaroid camera with you is a great way to have fun and remember the trip in a unique way.

Do take small chairs and blankets to sit on during High Sierra. Bring extra snacks to hold you over throughout the performances. Definitely, bring extra water bottles with you—when they get empty, you can refill them all day and stay as hydrated and healthy as possible!

High Sierra Safety Tips
Don’t get caught up in the feel good vibes too much while you’re at High Sierra—always keep being safe and practicing common sense at the front of your mind. Don’t leave anything valuable in your tent and don’t leave any of your possessions unattended around the festival. If you do want to leave something in your tent while you wander around, get a padlock to hang onto the zippers.

Choose the buddy system while you’re attending the High Sierra Festival—it’s way too easy to get lost in a sea of so many campers. If you have to go somewhere by yourself, make sure someone in your group knows where you are. Stay close to your phone and bring a charger with you just incase it dies. Additionally, groups of friends should bring flags, bandannas, or totems to signal friends from a distance or in large crowds.

Staying safe also means knowing where everything is located during the festival. Visit the High Sierra website for a quick look at the map of the campgrounds. Having the lay of the land will help you to avoid getting lost during the actual event. You should also make sure you know where you can locate the medical staff in case of an emergency. All day and night, medical staff are located by the Late Night Plaza and during the daytime only, you can find professional medical staff at the Grandstand Meadow.

So whatever you choose to do for your summer this year, make sure stopping by the High Sierra Music Festival is on your list!

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