Firefly Music Festival – A Premier Music Experience Set Among Lush Wooded Landscapes, Featuring Renowned Headliners & Emerging Artists

Firefly is everything that’s great about summer—camping in the great outdoors, the best live music sessions, and amazing adventures spent with friends.

Welcome to Firefly


Firefly features a lineup that is truly out of this world.

Firefly is an annual summer music festival that draws in over 90,000 music lovers from all over the world! Every June, fans swarm to Delaware to take in the beauty of the woodlands while getting serenaded by some of the best bands in the world.

Each year Firefly outdoes itself with a lineup that is truly out of this world! The headliners are the best artists from all popular genres. You are sure to see rock bands like Death Cab for Cuties, pop songstresses like AlunaGeorge and Ellie Goulding, as well as rap artists like Ludacris, Fetty Wap and many more.

Over the course of the four-day weekend, Firefly puts on amazing shows with well over 90 artists that cater to everyone’s musical tastes. Whether you know all of the acts that are playing or not, you are sure to have an incredible time!

Firefly—Tickets and Pricing
Firefly can be particularly economically friendly depending on which set of passes you choose. General admission tickets for a single day are offered at $129 and VIP single day tickets are offered at $249. If you’re settling in for the entire weekend, a four day General Admission pass is $319.

Interested in attending Firefly but don’t have the funds at the moment? Don’t worry, you can still buy your ticket! Firefly offers and EZ Pay Purchase Plan that allows you to pay off your ticket over a series of weeks.

Let’s Talk VIP
If you want to step up your Firefly game, take a look at the VIP offers. If you’re going to do a music festival, do it right! Firefly VIP starts with the Single Day VIP pass. With the purchase of Single Day VIP pass, you will receive a wristband, admittance through VIP entrance on one of the festival days, VIP access to the stage during shows, private amenities and entrance to exclusive cash bars and dining facilities.

With Firefly’s Four Day VIP Pass, all Single Day VIP offers apply for the full four days of the festival. For the Super VIP pass, attendees receive all the benefits of the previously mentioned VIP passes as well as access to artist lounges, an exclusive open bar, vouchers for private dining facilities, VIP viewing of the Main Stage, a VIP team that stays with you throughout the festival, access to golf cart transportation throughout the campgrounds, and special guest parking.

Where to Stay During Firefly
A large majority of Firefly attendees choose to camp on site every year! You can find these 70,000 campers setting up tent at the Dover International Speedway campgrounds called The Westwood, or close to the Festival entrance at The Clearing.

There is no doubt that camping will give you the full on Firefly experience! Pitch a tent with your 5 best friends, roll out the sleeping bags and gear up a summer adventure of a lifetime. Camping packages start at $169 per person for a tent, and $299 per person for an RV.

Before you write off camping for Firefly, check out their Glamping option. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is for those that want a more sophisticated camping experience. The package offers air-conditioned amenities, vouchers for food, and special access to the post, power sources, the lounge and more

If you’re in doubt about whether to camp or not, take a look at the prices and see if you’d be more comfortable in a hotel. There are nearby hotels that you can travel fairly easily between to get to the campground and back. Having a hotel room may save you the hassle of sleeping outside, but the daily trek to the festival may prove to be filled with traffic.

Treehouse Sessions and Small Stages


At Firefly you will see a lot of major chart topping artists.

At Firefly you will see a lot of major chart topping artists. However, a lot of the artists that aren’t headlining are just as good but not well known. The smaller stages feature these great emerging artists that are oftentimes some of the best experiences of the festival.

The Firefly Treehouse Sessions allow attendees an up close and personal feel with musicians. Bands will play an acoustic session as fans gather together in an intimate atmosphere to listen to their set. Take advantage of seeing at least one of these sessions—it’s guaranteed to become one of your favorite festival memories.

What to Wear for Firefly
When it comes to festival fashion, dress for the summer. Bring out your bright colors, eclectic patterns, and thin layers. Remember, it helps to have some extra clothing with you as the temperatures do drop as the evening approaches.

Preparing for the Festival
When it’s time to start packing your bags for Firefly, take some tips from previous attendees. Remember that you will be outside in the hot sun ALL day. Plan accordingly.

Begin by loading your daily Firefly backpack with sunscreen, a hat, bandanna, or visor and containers to fill with water. Take some form of ID with you and cash or card for purchasing food inside the festival. Be aware that you should travel lightly in your day bag—all the heavier necessities should be stored in your suitcase. Never leave your suitcase in the tent as it may disappear.

When it comes to suitcase preparation, pack everything you would take on a typical camping trip. Bring flashlights, bug repellant, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and medicine. Remember that you will be sleeping on the floor of a tent so bring sheets, pillows, an air mattress, a pump for the air mattress, bags for trash, extra snacks that will not spoil, and extra water. Do a quick search online for camping tips before you go to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Firefly: Leave No Trace
This green mantra isn’t just a saying at Firefly, it’s a way of life. During your stay at the festival, whether you camp or not, Firefly expects you to leave your area better than you found it. This mean, bring bags for trash, recycling, and compost as you will be expected to take everything with you on your way out of the festival.

In the same vein, Firefly is trying its best to get its festival goers to treat the earth with respect. When it comes to starting campfires or smoking—don’t! The only places to light up a cigarette or cigar are in the designated smoking areas. This is in light of a recent wildfire that devastated the wooded area of the campgrounds. Do your part and take care of the environment.

Firefly Food
Firefly is excellent about choosing healthy eating options for its guests. Several of the vendors have gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options on their menu. Take a visit to the Firefly site to check out the menus of the following official festival vendors: Chipotle, Sausage Haus, Between the Bread, Coriander Market, Pizza Nova, and The Burger Joint are just a few of the delicious fare options for attendees.

The Best Tips from Firefly Experts
When it comes to attending festivals, it helps to learn from the best. Most veteran Firefly guests return each year with the experience and knowledge to make next year’s trip even better.

A few of these Firefly tips include preparing for the sheer amount of people at the festival. In addition to making a schedule of the bands you want to see, you should make a schedule for all your personal needs as well.

If you are planning to shower on site, try your hardest to bring a personal shower. If you don’t have one, plan out your bathroom schedules for when there are the fewest amount of people using the amenities so that you get a chance to use them.

Even if you aren’t camping, it helps to bring extra bottles of water to Firefly or at least refill as soon as you walk into the camp. Try your best to keep track of your hydration—this festival brings in 90 degree weather each summer and overheating is very possible.

Stay up to date on all the security alerts and weather notifications by downloading the Firefly app on your phone. This app features everything from lineup changes to severe weather alerts.

The final plan you should make for Firefly is one in case of emergencies. Think of a way to contact your friends quickly in case of cell phone failure. Have an extra set of car keys in the event that you lose your pair. Have gas in your car and extra money hidden somewhere in case you need it. It’s better to be over prepared than stuck in the forest because you failed to plan!

The last Firefly tip you should remember is to plan to have fun! This may just be the best trip of your life.

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