Festival d’été de Québec – 300 Shows, 10 venues & 11 Days of Music, One of the Most Impressive North America’s Festival!

Head out to Quebec for Festival d’été de Québec this summer for one of the longest festivals of your life!


Festival d’été de Québec is one of the must see festivals for those that are fans of jazz as well as any other kind of music!

Quebec’s Best Festival
Festival d’été de Québec is one of the must see festivals for those that are fans of jazz as well as any other kind of music! For two weeks in July, this festival highlights Jazz music while celebrating all the genres that surround it. Festival d’été de Québec often features legends in R&B, blues, electronica, and much more. The festival itself is a way to explore the roots of Jazz, the actual genre itself, and all the music that it inspired.

The Sounds of Festival d’été de Québec
The festival producers at Festival d’été de Québec take their job seriously! With 11 days of music to fill, all stops are pulled out. This festival is notorious for booking big names across the board, whether from today’s pop music, or classic rock of years gone by.

The festival headliners each year range from artists like The Decemberists, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cult, Hedley, Sting and Peter Gabriel, Kaskade, AlunaGeorge, Yael Naim, Half Moon Run, Dumas, Brad Paisley, Selena Gomez, Duran Duran (and so many more!)—this festival has something for everyone. When it comes to seeing all the headlining acts each day at Festival d’été de Québec, prepare to arrive early and to be ready for an all day outdoor concert.


Tickets and Pricing for Festival d’été de Québec
When checking the lineup for which shows to go to, pick the artists that you never thought you’d get to see. With all the big name headliners playing Festival de Jazz, there’s a lot to choose from. After choosing the best few artists you would like to see, purchase the tickets quickly as they do sell out fast.

With ten outdoor stages, Festival d’été de Québec really does it big with its outdoor shows. Take advantage of all the days of the festival and try to stay for the whole event. Purchasing tickets online can range from fairly affordable to relatively expensive depending on when and what you purchase.  Festival passes are sold at $94,Front Stage Area – Unique passes are $535 andFront Stage Area – Multiple passes are $630.

Do yourself a favor to visit the festival website several months before the start of the festival.Festival d’été de Québec offers attendees various ticketing and accommodation packages that are wildly cheaper than trying to book everything yourself.

Getting Around Quebec
During Festival d’été de Québec, you’re going to want to be strategic about your travel. In the Festival areas, most streets are closed down for foot traffic. Try to leave early for events in case you get stuck walking for a long time. Look into using Quebec’s biking program if you are trying to find an alternative to walking through the no-vehicle areas.

When traveling around the city when you outside of Festival d’été de Québec, consider taking the city bus or the subway. Using public transportation is a great way to see everything around town while saving money on cabs, Uber’s or a rental car. Take some comfortable walking shoes, a bottle of water, and some gear for the sun with you and prepare to have an awesome day—or couple of days depending on the length of your stay.

First Timers at the Festival
If you’re looking to attend Festival d’été de Québec, but don’t know much about the featured artists, don’t worry! Go for the experience and with the knowledge that you’ll have a great time listening to new music for the first time. Many attendees don’t know EVERYONE that is playing so you’ll be no different. The festival is designed as a way to introduce people to all the fabulous music that you may or may not have heard of.

If you’re really preparing yourself before you visit Festival d’été de Québec, take some time to listen to some of the featured bands. Search for them on the internet and make a playlist so you will be more familiar before you go. Flip through the Festival app as well so you can check out some fast facts about all of the acts on the lineup.

A Summer in Quebec

Yes, Festival d'été de Québec is indeed a summer festival but what will that really look and feel like in Quebec?

Yes, Festival d’été de Québec is indeed a summer festival but what will that really look and feel like in Quebec?

Yes, Festival d’été de Québec is indeed a summer festival but what will that really look and feel like in Quebec?  In the summer months, Quebec does get a bit warmer and often people tend to overdress. But if the Festival starts closer to the beginning of summer, you may be in for a chill. Take an extra layer of clothing with you, just in case the weather hasn’t warmed up yet. Bring an umbrella or raincoat in case of rain.

When it comes to Festival attire in general, the Festival d’été de Québec can be a little different. Dress comfortably for the outdoor shows, nothing too wild or outlandish. For the headlining concerts you may want to think about getting a little dressy, as the venues are a bit classier.

Planning for Festival d’été de Québec
Festival d’été de Québec is a collection of the world’s most popular musical performers across all genre. The best way to have a great time during the festival is to make a plan of action before you set out. Here are some tips to help you plan!

First things first, download the Festival d’été de Québec app as soon as possible so you can skim through the program, see the schedule, and peruse a map of the venues. The app is really a lifesaver when you’re trying to navigate through all the free events, the headlining acts, and everything else that is going on in the city at the same time.

Tips for the Festival 
As a testament to the incredibly well organized Festival, their unique service of communication by message board is innovative and brilliant. Message boards are installed around the festival in order for attendees to communicate with each other by leaving messages on the boards. Many people choose to go phone-free throughout the outdoor concerts and communicate with the boards.

If you need to communicate with the organizers Festival d’été de Québec, you can talk with them at the lost and found. This service of the festival is an excellent way to locate anything that you or a friend may have lost. Call by phone or find them at the festival grounds.

Traveling to Quebec
For the Festival d’été de Québec, thousands of people will travel to Canada to see the best of the best in the world of music. If you’re one of the visitors that is flying, driving, or bussing into the city, I have some tips for you!

Check the Festival d’été de Québec site if you are looking for places to stay. With all the concerts and festivities going on, the Festival de Jazz has arranged for travel packages that make sure attendees get just what they want out of the festival. These Festival packages involve a variation of concert tickets, dinner in one of Quebec’s finest restaurants, and hotel accommodations.

Quebec’s Finest
The Festival d’été de Québec itself spans across the several different stages and venues. Check out the festival website so you can look at a map of the entire list of venues. The first location is the Bell Stage at the Plains of Abraham. This venue tops out at 80,000 people, so be prepared for a large crowd!

The Loto-Quebec Stage at the Parc de la Francophonie is a bit smaler. It stands next to the Parliament Building and is used each year for the more popular acts in the indie music and alternative rock scenes, with a capacity of 10,000 people.  The Hydro-Quebec Stage at the Place D’Youville is located in Old Quebec outside of Saint-Jean’s Gate. With roughy about 6,000 in attendance, this venue is often home to the newer artists on the lineup. This stage is free for all attendees but it is recommended that you have your pass handy.  The Fibe Stage is in the Couer du GEQ or the Place de l’sseblee-Nationale. This venue is also fee yet a lot smaller. The Family Place at the Port de Quebec is a picnic area, and offers activites and fun for the entire family–also free! Check out the Street Arts, the free Cartier Avenue art exhibition featuring musicians, street artists, performers and more.

Attendees can make their way back to the Imperial Bell for more indoor shows t for a closer, more personal concert experience. Check out the District Saint- Joseph venuefor late night parties and eclectic DJ sets. Last but not least the L’Anti Bar & Spectacles is the festival’s premiere bar that accepts pass holders or charges $10 per entry.

After hearing so much about Festival d’été de Québec there’s no way you can miss out on Quebec this summer!

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