Sasquatch Festival – Where the Party Gets Funky with Rock Bands & Singer-Songwriters Galore!

Imagine the best rock show you’ve ever been to times TEN! Welcome to Sasquatch, the ultimate rock festival that is held each year in Washington State.

Sasquatch, The Monster of a Festival


Sasquatch started off as a huge Memorial Day weekend rock music festival.

Sasquatch started off as a huge Memorial Day weekend rock music festival, featuring artists and musicians from indie rock, singer songwriter, and alternative rock genres. In 2013, the festival was split into two weekends, in order to accommodate more people but has since returned to being held solely during the original Memorial Day weekend.

Through the years, Sasquatch has featured more and more genre bending bands and artists from the hip hop, EDM and rap genres. Artists perform on one of the five stages throughout the weekend: The Yeti Stage, the Banana Shack or El Chupacabra, the Bigfoot Stage, Sasquatch! Main Stage, and the Uranus Stage.

The Music at Sasquatch
Sasquatch always books incredible bands each year. The lineups generally include the best names in each artist’s respective industries. The kind of artists that you are likely to see this year at Sasquatch include the likes of The Cure, Disclosure, Chet Faker, and Florence & The Machine, to name a few.

Though many of the artists playing Sasquatch are wildly popular, there are several musicians and emerging artists that aren’t as well known on the schedule. Take a chance of a few of these artists by checking them out before you get to the festival or maybe staying around at a stage just to hear the set of an artist you’ve never heard before. They may just be the next big thing in music.

The Best Tips for Your Next Sasquatch

Do your best to plan ahead for the Sasquatch Festival. Have your schedule in your phone or in your hands constantly so you can constantly keep track of time.

Due to all the artists that are constantly taking the stage at the same time, you are bound to have to pick and choose between the most popular artists. Doing this beforehand and coordinating with your friends will help things to run smoothly.

Do bring extra cell phone power sources and batteries with you. Though Sasquatch does have recharging stations for phones, you may end up in a situation where you have no opportunity to charge your phone. In case phones stop working inside the campgrounds or festival, it is important to have a back up plan to contact your friends. Choose a meeting spot somewhere inside of the festival and agree to meet there throughout the day. Try to memorize a few emergency phone numbers with you, just in case.

Take a lot of extra water bottles with you that you can keep in your tent or car. Bring non perishable snacks with you for you to eat in between meals. Bring sunblock, flashlights, mosquito repellent and anything else you may need for camping.

Getting to Sasquatch
Do yourself a favor and try to arrive as early as possible! As it nears towards the end of the day, the entrance lines will be impossibly long. When you’re driving into the festival, you may end up waiting in long lines so be prepared and fuel up your tank! If you’re wondering whether you need a car to get to the festival, the answer is yes.

Sasquatch is nearly impossible to get to if you aren’t on four wheels. The nearest bus stop from The Gorge is about 15 miles away. If you are flying into the city, do your best to have a rental car of catch a cab to and from the festival. The rental car is the way to go if you plan on camping for the weekend.

Where is Sasquatch?


The Gorge is an incredibly beautiful area and has been voted one of the best looking concert venues in the world.

Well the search is over! Music lovers and festival goers alike have found Sasquatch. Get to The Gorge in George, Washington if you’d like to get a chance to experience this magical beast for yourself.

The Gorge is actually an incredibly beautiful area and had been voted one of the best looking concert venues in the world. If you’re planning to come to Sasquatch, get your money’s worth by camping on site.

Must Bring Items for Camping
If you’re camping on site at Sasquatch, you’re going to want to make sure you are OVER prepared. When packing for Sasquatch, take all of the typical music festival gear as well as what you would take with you on a normal camping trip.

When it comes to camping supplies, try your best to get a good quality tent. There will be wind, rain, and several different surprises when it comes to spring weather in Washington. A good quality tent will hold up for the most part throughout these varied conditions. When it comes to personal items, bring extra soap, bathing equipment, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer with you to Sasquatch. You’ll also want to take extra bedding and towels with you as well as an inflatable mattress or sleeping bag.

What to Wear to Sasquatch
When it comes to festival fashion, Sasquatch is not that different from other festivals. Whether you choose to be trendy or comfortable, keep in mind you’ll be standing and walking in the heat for a good portion of the day. Try to hold off on darker colors until the evening at Sasquatch. The sun will be no joke during the morning portions of the festivals. Try to wear light colors as well as light weight fabrics.

Bring extra shoes as you will be spending a majority of your time walking throughout the festival. The best kind of shoes for Sasquatch are closed toed shoes like sneakers or walking boots. Be sure to break your shoes in a few weeks before the event so you don’t end with blisters by the end of the first day.

When preparing your outfits for the evening, not that temperatures often drop to below 40 in May. Bring a lot of layers, sweaters and coats to keep you from turning into a popsicle!

Drinking and Hydration

Part of preparation for Sasquatch involves getting your body ready to party! Start hydrating and stocking up on vitamins a few weeks before the festival. Have a packet of vitamins, Pedialyte, and over the counter pills as well to take with you to campgrounds. The worst thing you can do is get sick during this incredible weekend!

If you and your friends are planning on drinking at Sasquatch, try to hold off until the evening. Drinking during the day in the middle of the burning heat can prove disastrous. You may end up in a delirious drunken stupor or incredibly dehydrated. The sun will already do it’s best to drain you of your energy, so don’t make matters worse by speeding up this process.

Even though you’re in full on party mode at Sasquatch, make sure you allow yourself to get more than five hours of sleep a night. The festival can take a turn for the worse if you’re already sleep deprived by day two.

Food at the Festival
While many festivals have gone the extra mile to up their culinary game, Sasquatch isn’t one of those festivals. Choose the meals that you eat inside the festival carefully and do try to pack as much food as you can. You need to eat relatively healthily if you plan to survive for the entire festival.

Tickets and Pricing
Sasquatch tickets go up for sale at the beginning of January. Four Day Passes start at $350.00 and are the only option as the festival does not sell single day tickets. If the pricing is a little steep for you, don’t worry! Sasquatch offers payment plans for eager attendees to pay in three separate charges.

Good news for those that are driving into Sasquatch—parking is included in the price of the tickets. Ticket prices do go up base on the type of camping that is chosen. Standard, Gold, Terrace, or Premier camping options all vary in prices. Standard Camping starts at $150 per car of at most six people. Premier Camping passes are $240 per car or RV. Gold Camping is $340 per car or RV, Gold Camping is $475 and Glamping is $2,500.

Accommodations Outside of the Festival
Due to the fact that Sasquatch only sells Four Day Tickets, you will have to be prepared to come to all four days of the festival, whether you camp at The Gorge or not. If you choose to make arrangements elsewhere, try to factor daily travel time into your schedule. It could take you up to two hours a day to get into the festival area from wherever you are staying.

Looking for accommodations near enough to Sasquatch may be a little difficult as The Gorge is in a relatively remote area. Try doing quick searched for nearby hotels or look for homes in the area on Air BnB.

So if you’ve spent most of your life searching for the myth and the legend, look no further- Sasquatch is here and waiting for you!

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