Rock Werchter –  Four Whole Days of the Very Best Music on Three Stages in the Festival, Mega-Band After Mega-Band!

Werchter is home to one of Europe’s most well-loved rock festivals: Rock Werchter!

Get Ready to Rock! 

Rock Werchter

With all the people that love Rock Werchter, you know they can’t be wrong! Every year a little over 50,000 people gather to share in great music, good vibes, and an incredible time all around.

With all the people that love Rock Werchter, you know they can’t be wrong!  Every year a little over 50,000 people gather to share in great music, good vibes, and an incredible time all around. If you’re a fan of great music festivals, you need to experience Rock Werchter at least once. Held each year in Werchter, Belgium, Rock Werchter generally brings in performers that are popular in the alternative, rock, and jam band genres.

The kind of musicians you’ll see at Rock Werchter range across all different genres and popular styles. One of the most loved aspects of this festival is that the lineup is kept a close secret until just a few days before the actual festival! Take a look through past videos of the festival and former lineups to get an idea of who you may be seeing a tRock Werchter this year.

Rock Werchter Beginnings
Beginning each year in June,Rock Werchter runs for four days with over a few hundred featured artists playing throughout the days and nights. This modern music festival features the music of artists like Gary Numan, GZA, Blood Orange, Com Truise, Miike Snow, ODESZA and many more popular rock acts Keep your eyes peeled for more artist information, as they still announce their line up later into the Spring. The festival does a good job of booking the best artists from everywhere around the world, so even if you haven’t heard of an artist, you’re in for a treat.

Tickets and Pricing

Rock Werchter festival is one of those festivals that tries their best to make the most of your ticket price. Though there is no set price that you will pay, Rock Werchter does their best to make sure those most deserving end up attending this event. Festival tickets are obtained through a complex lottery system that involves a few different tiers of increased amounts.

This lottery adds an element of chance as not everyone who enters or pays will get into the festival. This creates a kind of “invite only” random exclusivity that leaves the ticket holders as the truly dedicated. If you are really interested in going, try talking to someone that has attended this fest in previous years to get a feel for how you can win this lottery.

Workshops and Seminars
Rock Werchter is very much a transformational experience as well as a music festival. The festivals most popular events include a majority of intellectual talks and seminars. Rock Werchter features several informative workshops on healing practices and life changing techniques. You can spend these sessions learning from experts on everything from plants for medicinal uses, learning better meditative techniques, and many other things.

These talks also include artistic classes like offer songwriting for attendees as well as mentorships from some of your favorite musicians at Rock Werchter. If you are interested at all in getting better as a musician or just having a great time singing your heart out, be sure to stop by this tent for a great time. These attendees really have a hands-on experience at the festival and actually become a part of it. Check out the festival website for a chance to volunteer and work with the festival producers and performers.

Showcases and Performances at Rock Werchter
Visual artists are invited to show their paintings, do live art, and create giant installations that attendees can immerse themselves in. Many of the featured artists at Rock Werchter showcase work that is meditative and invites viewers to pause and take a moment to self reflect.

One of the most transformative aspects of art is watching artists performing live painting. Watching a work of art come to life right in front of your eyes is inspiring and beautiful all at once.

Camping at Rock Werchter
For all those that are camping at Rock Werchter, take a look at a map of the camping grounds to figure out where you want to stay. Another really fun aspect of this festival is that campers are allowed to set up their tent anywhere on the festival grounds. This really allows visitors to create a space for themselves and settle into the community a lot better.

If you are going to camp at Rock Werchter, try to get the best camping gear possible! Though your may focus may be on where to find the best artists, having quality equipment will make your experience that much better.

For those of you attending the festival that would like to make accommodations elsewhere, that is not a problem. Check out the local hotels and Air BnB offers that are close enough to the venue. Keep in mind if you are staying somewhere else you will most likely need to rent a car to shuttle back and forth each day.

What to Wear to Rock Werchter

Rock Werchter

When deciding what to pack for your Rock Werchter attire remember two things: You will be there in June and you will be in the mountains.

When deciding what to pack for your Rock Werchter attire remember two things: You will be there in June and you will be in the mountains. This means that your outfits for the day will be summery shirts, dresses and shorts while the nighttime will call for heavier pants, jackets, hats, and several layers.

While temperatures may very well fall to the negatives during the night, you’ll forget all about that by midday the next afternoon. Stay prepared by keeping some extra layers in your backpack so you can adjust whenever necessary.

What to Bring to Rock Werchter
When in the audience for the weeklong fest that is Rock Werchter, there are some specific things you should avoid doing and bringing. Bring a friendly open attitude as most of the attendees are incredibly warm and inviting. Follow all festival rules and do your best to make the festival grounds cleaner than you found them.

Consider taking ear plugs with you as all the shows at Rock Werchter as the noise will start to wear on you from day to day. When you can, try to stand away from the speakers and bass so you minimize the intensity of the music. Be sure to take prescription medicine and vitamins to help keep you healthy, flags or totems in order to locate your friends in a crowd, and a camera or Go Pro to make sure you remember it all!

On the actual days of the Rock Werchter, always take your driver’s license of a form of identification with you. Carry your ticket with you as well and keep in mind that there is no re-entry once you walk through the main gates. Make sure you’re dressed comfortably, because once you’re inside you will have a long day ahead!

Tips for Rock Werchter
Rock Werchter is an amazing week of dance parties, fun times with friends, and amazing adventures making new friends. Try to prepare as much as you can before you leave to go to the festival. Get very familiar with the surrounding areas to avoid getting lost.

Remember to be as detailed as possible as you plan out your schedule. Though you probably won’t get to see every act that is on your MUST SEE list, it is a good idea to have a plan that you can follow throughout the event. If you find yourself at someone’s set that you didn’t plan to see, take a chance on a different artist! Stay for a bit and dance around. You may have just found yourself a new favorite song.

Preparing for Rock Werchter
Having the best time at a festival usually starts with being well prepared. When packing your bags for Rock Werchter, here are a few things to remember to bring. Be sure to bring reusable water bottles, medicine, a photo ID, cell phone charger, and blankets or towels for you to sit on during sets.

Keep in mind that you will be at this festival for at most two days so packing will be relatively light. While there isn’t an overwhelmingly large mass of people at Rock Werchter , it is a good idea to have a way to reach your friends in the event of emergency or dead phones. Try to bring colored bandanas, flags, or totems if you are traveling with a large group of people. Pick a spot in the park and specific times to meet with all your friends to check on each other.

So whether you have been to Belgium before or you’re just visiting for Rock Werchter, make sure you find yourself there this June for one of the most interesting festivals of your life!

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