Rock in Rio – Annual Music Festival Originating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Lisbon, Madrid, and Vegas!

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Rock in and Rollin’

Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio is an annual autumn music festival that draws in over thousands of music lovers from all over the world!

Rock in Rio is an annual autumn music festival that draws in over thousands of music lovers from all over the world! Every year, fans swarm the Rio de Janeiro to take in the beauty of the country while getting serenaded by some of the best bands in the world.

Each year Rock in Rio outdoes itself with a lineup that is truly mind blowing! The headliners are the best artists from all genres across the board. You are sure to see alternative acts like MGMT and Clean Bandit, as well as soulful artists like Jonelle Monae, Santigold and many more.

Over the course of the ten day festival, Rock in Rio puts on amazing shows with an impressive number of artists that span all the genres. Whether you know all the artists that are playing or not, you are sure to have an incredible time!

Rock in Rio: A History
Rock in Rio is a fairly young festival that got its start in 2002. However, with a little over a decade under its belt, Rock in Rio consistently draws in an amazing crowd each year. Jumping from its initial 2,000 attendees to a record of 30,000 visitors each day, the festival has for sure become a festival staple for many music lovers around the world.

The location of Rock in Rio itself is historical in its own right. Downtown Rio it the annual site of Rock in Rio and has been the heartbeat of this festival ever since.

Rock Acts and New Bands
At Rock in Rio you will see a few major chart topping artists. However, several of the artists aren’t headlining names, but are just as good and not that well known. The smaller stages feature these great emerging artists that are oftentimes some of the best experiences of the festival.

Rock in Rio allow attendees an up close and personal feel with musicians. Bands will play an acoustic session as fans gather together in an intimate atmosphere to listen to their set. Take advantage of seeing at least one of these sessions—it’s guaranteed to become one of your favorite fest memories.

Rock in Rio—Tickets and Pricing
Rock in Rio remains one of the more economically friendly festivals for its quality of artists and its pricing. General admission tickets for a single day are offered at around $60.  VIP four day tickets are offered at $205. If you’re settling in for the entire weekend, a four day General Admission pass is $106.

Be sure to check out the camping prices or the ticket and hotel packages. Since admission is so inexpensive, going for the whole package is really your best best and won’t cost you much at all. You can purchase tickets and camping admission for as low as $120. When it comes to hotel packages, prices start at $246.

Accommodations at Rock in Rio
A large majority of Rock in Rio attendees choose to camp on site or stay in hotels nearby the festival grounds. Make sure you arrive early so you can get prime locations for either option.

There is no doubt that a local hostel or bed and bath will also give you the full onRock in Rio experience! If you’re in doubt about where to stay, take a look at the prices and see if you’d be more comfortable in a hotel. There are nearby hotels that you can travel fairly easily between to get to the campground and back. Having a hotel room may save you the hassle of sleeping outside, but the daily trek to the festival may prove to be filled with traffic.

Let’s Talk VIP

Rock in Rio

If you want to step up your Rock in Rio game, take a look at the VIP offers. If you’re going to do a music festival, do it right!

If you want to step up your Rock in Rio game, take a look at the VIP offers. If you’re going to do a music festival, do it right! Rock in Rio VIP starts with the Single Day VIP pass. With the purchase of Single Day VIP pass, you will receive a wristband, admittance through VIP entrance on one of the Festival days, VIP access to the stage during shows, private amenities and entrance to exclusive bars and dining facilities.

Getting to Rock in Rio
Many people that attend Rock in Rio fly into Brazil by plane. The festival location is easy to reach by city bus or tram from various cities across the country. Consider hiring a driver or getting a town car when you arrive if you see yourself needing to have a look around town during your festival stay.

What to Wear for Rock in Rio
When it comes to festival fashion, dress for the autumn. Bring out your bright colors, eclectic patterns, and thin layers. Remember, it helps to have some extra clothing with you as the temperatures do drop as the evening approaches. Most people wear typical attire- swimsuits, shorts, short dresses and the like.

Be prepared with comfortable shoes like boots or walking sneakers as you will be walking for the majority of the festival. Have several layers on hand for the evening as temperatures do fall when the sun sets.

Preparing for the Festival
When it’s time to start packing your bags for Rock in Rio, take some tips from previous attendees. Remember that you will be outside in the hot sun ALL day. Plan accordingly.

Begin by loading your daily Rock in Rio backpack with sunscreen, a hat, bandanna, or visor and containers to fill with water. Take some form of ID with you and cash or card for purchasing food inside the festival. When it comes to cash, make sure your currency is converted before the festival so you don’t run into difficulty trying to buy items.

Even though you need to be well prepared, be aware that you should travel lightly in your day bag—all the heavier necessities should be stored in your suitcase. Never leave your suitcase or bag unattended at any festival as it may disappear.

Rock in Rio Food
Rock in Rio is excellent about choosing healthy eating options for its guests. Several of the most interesting and unique food you have never tasted will be at this festival. Take a visit to the Rock in Rio site to check out the menus of the following official festival vendors.

If  you are concerned about brining your own food, keep in mind that the majority of the festival location does not allow outside food. Attendees must keep food they bring in at the tent camping sites, so plan for this if you intend on carting in your own meals.

The Best Tips from Rock in Rio Veterans
When it comes to attending festivals, it helps to learn from the best. Most veteran Rock in Rio guests return each year with the experience and knowledge to make next year’s trip even better.

A few of these Rock in Rio tips include preparing for the sheer amount of people at the festival. In addition to making a schedule of the bands you want to see, you should make a schedule for all your personal needs as well. It helps to bring extra bottles of water to Rock in Rio or at least refill as soon as you walk into the camp. Try your best to keep track of your hydration—Rock in Rio brings in 90 degree weather each summer and overheating is very possible.

Stay up to date on all the security alerts and weather notifications by downloading the festival app on your phone. This app features everything from lineup changes to severe weather alerts. The final plan you should make for Rock in Rio is one in case of emergencies. Think of a way to contact your friends quickly in case of cell phone failure. Have extra money hidden somewhere in case you need it. It’s better to be over prepared than in a bit of a mess because you failed to plan!

Checking out Rio
Rio is home to many amazing places. While you’re in the country for the festival, try to book a few days off to check out the rest of the country. It is an amazing city to visit with several historical landmarks throughout the town.

Stay a few extra days to get the full Brazil experience. After the festival, head into Rio for some of Brazil’s best sites and sounds. Take a trip into the Sugarloaf Mountain Range for a meditative climb and calming experience. Visit the Copacabana beaches of Rio for an iconic look into the mesmerizing city. Ipanema is another beach that is not to be missed as you will be kicking yourself if you leave he country without stopping by. If you haven’t had your fill of rain forests yet, be sure to visit the Tijuaca Forest for waterfalls, hiking and much more.

The best tip you can get is to do all you can to have the best time of your life at Rock in Rio!

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