Lockn’ (Interlocken Music) Festival – When Something Ends, Another Begins!

Lockn’ Music Festival is where the ROCKIN’ party is at every September!

Welcome to Interlocken


The Lockn’ Music festival is one of the best things about Virginia’s music scene today. This music festival goes by its nickname, but when it launched for the first time it was called Interlocken or Interlocking.

The Lockn’ Music festival is one of the best things about Virginia’s music scene today. This music festival goes by its nickname, but when it launched for the first time it was called Interlocken or Interlocking. The story behind the festival is an inspiring one. Two legendary festival producers and club owners are responsible for Lockn’s rockin success.

Peter Shapiro and Dave Frey got the idea to start Lockn’ in order to symbolize the phrase :when something ends, another begins”. This mantra is Lockn’s core and is the root for everything about the festival- from the entertainment and performers to the on site camping, meals and sustainable living.

Lockn’s History
Starting in 2013 and located in Arrington, Virginia, Lockn’ was born out of the desire to have a festival of modern bands and popular music as well as being one of the more curated music festivals in the US. Producers of the Interlocken Music Festival invite the best international and local DJS from all over the world. Held each year at the Blue Ridge Mountains, this festival takes your music festival experiences to the next level.

Every Interlocken festival welcomes well over 150,000 attendees every summer. Interlocken combines the amazing typical music fest experience as well as the relaxing vibes of a vacation getaway. Nothing beats that! The Lockn’ Festival started off in 1997 with just a few bands and very enthusiastic attendees.

For the Love of Classic Rock

Interlocken Music Festival has certainly grown into one of the most popular festivals this side of the  Blue RIdge mountains, and is quickly gaining traction throughout the world. Unlike typical international music festivals that go out of their way to outsource famous artists to headline events.

Interlocken Music Festival also puts a great deal of its energy into promoting and supporting its local artists. Although, there is a great chance that you will know many of the artists featured on the lineup, don’t let that stop you from checking out new bands! Many of the names you see on the lineup our local bands that are well loved and supported by the community.

The Lockn’ Experience
Throughout the four days of Lockn’ music festival, you’ll witness live art installations, incredibly moving musical performances, meditation and yoga classes, as well as talk on living sustainably. Fuji calls in some of the best in the music business to teach attendees workshops on everything from sound engineering, song writing, promotion and advertising, and so much more.

Even in all the music excitement at Lockn’ Festival, make it a point to stop by at least one of these lectures. A music festival experience is always enriched with actual intellectual content from real professionals in the business. You never know what you might learn or whom you will meet!

What Makes Lockn’ Different?
In comparison to your typical music festival experience, Lockn’ Music Festival is hailed as the cleanest festival around. It aims to promote a lifestyle of cleanliness and sustainability through its personal betterment seminars, the fun and crazy electric vibes of music concerts, the meditative aura of yoga, as well as the healing powers of visual art into one giant three day weekend.
With so many avenues to draw from, attendees to Lockn’ Music Festival come with an open mind and open heart. Many of the talks and seminars held during Lockn’ music festival cover topics like sustainability and environmentally friendly living.

Ticket and Attendee Info
Unlike many drug infused music festivals popular with our culture today, Interlocken is safe for the entire family to enjoy. Many choose to come to Virginia specifically for Lockn’s renown family friendly atmosphere. With all the events being all ages and specific activities tailored to children, Lockn’ really has something for everyone.

When it comes to admission, Lockn’ is easily one of the more affordable festivals. Four Day tickets and single day tickets are all available each year online starting at different prices depending on how close to the event date you buy them. Additionally, after comparing all prices, you may want to consider updating your tickets to VIP- it is fairly cheap and many former attendees swear by it.

First Timers at the Festival


If you’re looking to attend Lockn’ but don’t know much about the featured artists, don’t worry! Go for the experience and with the knowledge that you’ll have a great time listening to new music for the first time. Many attendees don’t know EVERYONE that is playing so you’ll be no different.

If you’re looking to attend Lockn’ but don’t know much about the featured artists, don’t worry! Go for the experience and with the knowledge that you’ll have a great time listening to new music for the first time. Many attendees don’t know EVERYONE that is playing so you’ll be no different. The festival is designed as a way to introduce people to all the fabulous music that you may or may not have heard of.

If you’re really preparing yourself before you visit Lockn’, take some time to listen to some of the featured bands. Search for them on the internet and make a playlist so you will be more familiar before you go. Flip through the Festival app as well so you can check out some fast facts about all of the acts on the lineup.

Getting to Lockn’
While many Lockn’ attendees are locals, many people end up flying into Australia just for the event. When making your schedule of which artist to see, start by taking a look at the lineup on the Interlocken website. Take a look to research the artist and check out some of their music online. You may just find your new favorite artist.

Where to Stay in Arrington
Right after you buy your festival tickets, you will need to start looking into accommodations right away. All hotels in the nearby areas surrounding Lockn’ often sell out completely.

There are several suggested hotels on the Interlocken website for any deals you might find. If you choose to branch out from hotels, check out Air BnB for apartments or vacation homes people may have available. You may even feel more at home staying with an Virgina family. Additionally, take a look at the camping options onsite.

Getting Around the Music Festival
If you’re headed to Lockn’, you’re going to want to be strategic about your travel. In the Festival areas, most streets are closed down for foot traffic. Try to leave early for events in case you get stuck walking for a long time. Look into using alternative transportation. Many people bike as an alternative to walking through the no-vehicle areas.

When traveling around the city when you are away from Bluesfest consider taking the city bus or the subway. Using public transportation is a great way to see everything around town while saving money on cabs, or a rental car.

Sites to See at Lockn’
While you’re in town for the festival weekend, don’t miss the opportunity to see the sites outside of the Lockn’ Music Festival. Grab your friends and family and choose a day to do all the fun things Virgina has to offer.

Check out the Museum of Fine Arts if you’re looking for a change of pace and would like some indoor fun with a lot of culture. Visit the military bases nearby for tours and a look into the nations history.

Packing for the Interlocken Festival
When you’re getting your outfits ready for Lockn’, you don’t have to pack too much. When it comes down to it, the people attending the festival don’t do out of their way to impress! Everything at Lockn’ is very casual as most people just grab a shirt and a pair of jeans and come ready to focus on the music.

Keep in mind, that although it’s in Virginia, the September sun can still do a number on you. Come prepared with tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and airy dresses. Do your best to wear light colored clothing and lightweight fabric so you have a chance to catch the breezes and cool down throughout the day. In Byron Bay, temperatures will fall in the evening so come prepared with a jacket or a sweater.

When it comes to shoes, pack comfortable ones, as you’ll be walking around the festival grounds for the majority of the weekend. Do have a pair of dressier shoes in case you venture out to any nice clubs throughout the evenings.

Insider Tips for Lockn’
Interlocken isn’t too hard to navigate. The best tips past attendees offer for newcomers to the music fest are to come early, be patient, and stay late. Arriving early will ensure at times that you can get the best seats and that there will be less of a wait getting inside the festival grounds.

Staying until the very end of a performance or the night may just grant you access to an extraordinary moment you may have missed if you left early! Many artists choose to sing encores or do guest appearances during their set, and play longer than the scheduled time. These moments are almost magical and are some of the best of the festival.

Keep your eyes peeled while you walk through the festival area. Artists and performers generally wander around as well and you may even get a chance to talk to your favorite artist. Be patient and respectful if you do see them, many are open to talking to fans and even taking pictures with them.

So with all the amazing performers and world-class artists at Lockn’ , you’ll be totally stoked that you attended this September!

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