Afropunk Festival – Annual Celebration of Culture That Embraces Every Ethnicity!

Experience AfroPunk this year in Brooklyn with your best friends, great music, and good vibes all around!

Afropunk Packs a Punch


AfroPunk is all about breaking boundaries and stereotypes, while blowing your mind with incredible music.

AfroPunk is unlike anything you expect or anything you’ll ever experience. This festival is all about breaking boundaries and stereotypes, while blowing your mind with eclectic music and art from some of the best musicians and artists around.

AfroPunk is very big on representing minorities that are often unrepresented in mainstream music and art. AfroPunk was born out of a desire to alter the way society chooses to see how black creatives fit into the worlds of music and art.

Music at AfroPunk
You will find some of the best names in rap, hip-hop, r&b, heavy metal, alternative rock, and trap music at the AfroPunk festival. The festival’s ands and musicians really cover the entire spectrum of music genres, so you’re guaranteed to find at least ten artists you love.

The great thing about AfroPunk’s lineup is the fact that most of the artists are popular in the underground scenes of their respective genres. You will find bands like The Internet, Tyler the Creator, Ceelo Green, Janelle Monae and so many more.

AfroPunk is Hate Free
Another awesome aspect of the AfroPunk festival is their zero tolerance policy for hate speech or discrimination of any kind. The festival’s core beliefs are rooted in the idea that all cultures and people from all backgrounds should be celebrated.

The festival strongly warns against those that may have negative intentions or harmful beliefs. Signs throughout the festival will read: “No Fatphobia, no colorism, no genderism, no ageism, no homophobia” just to name a few. All in all, AfroPunk aims to be a safe place for those that feel stigmatized by popular society.

AfroPunk originally started out as a free venture but over the years has started charging for tickets. AfroPunk through all of it’s attempts to remain as the grassroots movement that it began as, has been able to build a huge following of people that still create the welcoming, down-to-earth- vibe that you feel at the festival.

Getting to AfroPunk
AfroPunk is held each year in Brooklyn, NY at the Commodore Barry Park. If you aren’t a New York native, you should be able to get to the park easily from whichever airport you fly into. If you want to avoid having to rent a car, look into booking one of the hotels that are right across the street from the park. Try to get your room as early as possible, because these rooms go fast.

Where to Eat at AfroPunk
New York is hardly lacking in dining options so take the weekend to let your taste buds explore! That being said, if you choose to have the majority of your meals at the festival, you won’t regret it. AfroPunk offers some of the best food trucks in the area that cater to any and everything you could want.

Tips for AfroPunk
The first tip for AfroPunk is really a tip for any music festival: arrive early. Try your best to avoid arriving at the same time as everyone else as you may find yourself stuck in an hour long line at the entrance.

Do take cash with you. While many of the food trucks, vendors, and merchants at AfroPunk accept cards, it is always a great idea to have cash on hand in case of an emergency and to skip the line at the ATM.

AfroPunk Supports Entrepreneurs


Another reason attendees and vendors love AfroPunk is the fact that the festival is committed to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and artists.

Another reason attendees and vendors love AfroPunk is the fact that the festival is committed to uplifting and supporting small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs. In the same vein that this festival aims to create a safe and inviting space for those of multicultural backgrounds, it strives to promote their livelihoods as well.

You will see jewelry artists, clothing designers, make-up artists and several other ingenious creative selling their wares throughout the park. When you are roaming around the festival, be sure to take a look through everything and be open to buying products and supporting as well. If you are interested in becoming a vendor yourself, stop by the AfroPunk website to fill out an application.

What to Wear to AfroPunk
One of the defining factors for the AfroPunk festival is the fashion. If there ever was a festival that you wanted to carefully prepare your wardrobe for, this is it. With only two days to experience the magic that is AfroPunk, you’re going to want to take your time choosing the best combination of mind-blowing attire.

While the main goal at any festival is to stay comfortable and have fun, keep in mind that everyone is dressed to impress! When trying to decide on your outfits, try to stick to what makes you, you but what also might grab attention. Some big trends at past AfroPunks have been intricate patterns, colorful prints, and outfits that successfully blend modern styles with fashion from the past.

Don’t break the bank when shopping for AfroPunk. A lot of what makes festival fashion successful is choosing unique pieces from thrift stores. Take a few weeks before the festival to visit your local thrift shops to look for just the right statement articles. Keep in mind that you will be in a park in the New York summer heat, so shorts and light colored tops may just be your best bet.

Tickets and Pricing
Don’t you miss the days when AfroPunk was a free festival? Well, you don’t have to get too sad—tickets to this festival are still dramatically cheaper than many other festivals of its caliber.

Tickets start at $45 for GA One Day passes. For Tier 1 Weekend Passes, tickets are $65 and are $75 for Tier Two. If you want to step up your AfroPunk game, I suggest you go for VIP access. VIP One Day passes are only $120 and are $200, $220, and $250 for Tier 1, 2, and 3 VIP Weekend passes.

If you really want to go to AfroPunk but can’t purchase a ticket, fear not! If you have some time and a compassionate spirit, you can earn a ticket by doing some volunteer work. Visit the festival’s website for the general rules and a look at the community service projects that are available. Try to sign up months in advance so that there is space available and you have time to receive your ticket.

Preparing for AfroPunk
Having the best time at a festival usually starts with being well prepared. When packing your bags for AfroPunk, here are a few things to remember to bring. Be sure to bring reusable water bottles, medicine, a photo ID, cell phone charger, and blankets or towels for you to sit on during sets.

Keep in mind that you will be at this festival for at most two days so packing will be relatively light. While there isn’t an overwhelmingly large mass of people at AfroPunk, it is a good idea to have a way to reach your friends in the event of emergency or dead phones. Try to bring colored bandanas, flags, or totems if you are traveling with a large group of people. Pick a spot in the park and specific times to meet with all your friends to check on each other.

When it comes to preparing for the music at AfroPunk, be sure to check out everyone that is listed on the lineup. If you haven’t listened to or heard of any particular musicians, you may find it useful to look up their music before you go. Some of the best experiences at this festival include dancing to your new favorite song that you discovered just a week ago.

Out and About in Brooklyn
There are so many places to go in New York and in Brookyn alone! Do yourself a favor and book a few extra days either after or before the AfroPunk festival. Take this time to see the city, whether you choose to stay in Brooklyn, or you head out to another borough.

Be sure to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for a refreshing view of meditative scenery. Check out the Brooklyn Museum to see incredible art exhibitions at Prospect Park and be sure to stop by all of the art galleries in Busckwick. If you’re visiting with family, you’ll want to visit Coney Island and the Brooklyn Aquarium for a day full of kid friendly fun.

Once AfroPunk ends on each day, you and your friends should try to find a little post-Punk entertainment. During this time of the year you can find events going on all over New York, whether you visit one of the city’s many rooftop bars, popular nightclubs or spontaneous house parties.

FreeCandy is one of the local clubs and always has awesome dance parties happening after the festival. If you’re looking for some of that spontaneous house party action, keep updating yourself on any posts on social media of parties happening in the area as well.

So whether you only stay for AfroPunk or you take the entire weekend to party, you need to be in Brooklyn for this amazing experience!

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