Donauinselfest – 3 Days of Non Stop Eclectic Performances, This is a Must Attend and the Largest European Open-Air Festival!

Donauinselfest is literally a Vienna party island that turns into one of the best festivals every summer!


Donauinselfest literally translates to Donau Insel Festival or Danube Island Festival.

Welcome to Donauinselfest! 
Donauinselfest is an epic name for an epic festival. Donauinselfest literally translates to Donau Insel Festival or Danube Island Festival. Constructed in the 19th century, this island is entirely man made. Danube Island covers about 13 miles of land that is home to some of Germany’s finest entertainment.

Danube Island’s original purpose was to serve as a way to prevent flooding. The island proved to be a success and ever since has been undergoing constant renovation to make it even better.

Music of Danauinselfest
Danauinselfest is literally one of Europe’s largest music festivals EVER. This one of a kind island festival features over 2,000 artists each year! The producers and staff at Donauninselfest always do an amazing job of curating their lineup with some of the best undiscovered names in the music world.

Donauinselfest is known the world over for featuring a great lineup of eclectic music choices. Although the list of artists is subject to change, Donauinselfest always bringing in artists of the likes of Bonnie Tyler, Shaggy, Tocotronic, Fettes Brot, Master Blaster, and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, to name just a few.

While most people that attend Donauinselfest are fans with varied music tastes, a majority of attendees go to take in the experience and develop a love for the music, and the alternative music scene, as well. If you are new to destination festivals, Donauinselfest is just what you need to get started.

A Day on the Island
On the surface, Donauinselfest is merely a music festival with alternative music acts and awesome dancing, but once you’re inside, you step into a world of incredible light shows, colorful and creative performances and innovative art installations. If you are wondering what a day at Donauinselfest is like, look no further.

Donauinselfest is three incredible days of dance parties and carnival activities! Each day will be an incredible adventure of seeing the world’s best artists, discovering new musicians, dancing the day away with friends, chatting to fellow attendees and making new friends. In addition to all the music and dancing, this festival has amazing carnival rides for attendees. Whether you are with kids or are with your friends, spinning around on fair rides is still so much fun!

When it comes to making it through three straight days of Donauinselfest, you’re gonna need to prepare a strategy! The mornings are the easiest parts of the day at Donauinselfest as you are full of energy and excited about the rest of the day. Go to as many of the stages as possible now, but try to reserve some energy for the nights shows. Take this time during the day to make sure you eat and consume a lot of fluids so you can last until the evening.

Towards the afternoon and the evening you may feel tired so take some to rest before Donauinselfest night acts kick into full gear. After a day of having the hot desert sun on your back, the night will be a welcome change as you head to the evening shows. When leaving the festival grounds at the end of the day, having a flag or a totem will be an important key to finding the friends you arrived with as your cell phone may have died throughout the day. Once you meet up with your friends and head to your hotel, get as much rest as possible so you can prepare to do it all again over the next few days!

Getting to Donauinselfest
Austria natives can skip this part, but if you’re flying into Vienna for Donauinselfest, there are a few things you need to know. This festival already has certain hotel and travel packages that may end up being the most affordable for people traveling into the country. Check their website out before booking anything so you make sure you get the best and most efficient deal.

Traveling attendees fly into the Vienna-Schwechat International Airport in Vienna. From the airport, attendees will grab the underground U-bahn subway on redlines U6 and U1 to make it to the island. Be sure you book ALL of your transportation needs early as you don’t want to end up stranded before you even make it to the island!


For all of its music, food, and fun, this festival wants all of its attendees to have a great time with FREE admission!

Tickets and Pricing
One of the most loved aspects of Donauinselfest is the its price: completely free! For all of its music, food, and fun, this festival wants all of its attendees to have a great time! Thus, the majority of your money will be spent on traveling and accommodations.

Try to prepare your cash beforehand by converting it before you leave your home country. Having all your travel packages and passes purchased months in advance will save you from sky high prices in person.

Tips for Donauinselfest
When it comes to attending Donauinselfest, you’ll have the best time if you prepare a little before you go. Here are some tips that veteran attendees swear by.

While you are at Donauinselfest, try to loosen up! Don’t focus so much on artists you are seeing on stage—focus on the people you are seeing them with. Your festival  experience has a lot to do with the friends you bring with you and those you make along the way. Always use the buddy system at festivals and take a friend with you so you both do not end up wandering around alone.

When trying to communicate during the festival, it is a great idea for you to have time-stamps on your phone messages as signal gets lost frequently. Throughout the chaos of Danauinselfest, you’re going to want to have a clear idea of when your friends are trying to message and meet you.

What to Bring with You
When in the audience for the concerts at Danauinselfest, there are some specific things you should avoid doing. Festival produces do not want to see tailgaters in the festival, people sitting on the dance floor area, and people crowd surfing or moshing are among these restricted activities. If you need to sit down, there are designated seating areas, as well as places to buy or consume food and beverages.

In addition to the restricted activities, avoid taking outside food or alcohol with you into Donauinselfest, balls, frisbees, professional photo equipment, and illegal substances are something you want to leave at home. When deciding what to pack in your suitcase as you prepare to travel to Donauinselfest, definitely consider taking the following items. A container to carry items with you during the festival like a fanny pack or small backpack, empty water bottles for refilling purposes, hydration systems like camel packs, accessories to keep the sun away, extra phone chargers and batteries are among the first wave of items that you definitely should bring.

Consider taking ear plugs with you as all the shows at Donauinselfest will start to wear on you from day to day.When you can, try to stand away from the speakers and bass so you minimize the intensity of the music. Be sure to take prescription medicine and vitamins to help keep you healthy, flags or totems in order to locate your friends in a crowd, and a camera or GoPro to make sure you remember it all!

On the actual days of Donauinselfest, always make sure you have your driver’s license of a form of identification with you. Carry your ticket with you as well and keep in mind that there is no re-entry once you walk through the main gates.

What to Wear to Donauinselfest
When it comes to dressing for Donauinselfest, the rules for typical festival attire apply, just cut in half! Many people avoid wearing full outfits to the carnival and come in bathing suits, leotards, and as little clothing as possible! Make sure you’re dressed comfortably, because once you’re inside you will have a long three days ahead.

Wearing few items comes in handy when you’re spending all day outside, but remember that you should do your BEST to avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn so take care to pack sunscreen and a hydration vessels. Keep in mind that you are on an island and things are bound to get cooler as the sun sets. Bring a few extra layers with you incase you find yourself chilly during the night time shows.

Outside the Island
With so many exciting attractions at Danube Island, it would be a shame to not spend some time looking around and visiting all the amazing sights in Vienna and on the island itself. In the city of Vienna, tourists love visiting the historical atmosphere of the Hapsburgs, as well as taking a walk through Ringstrasse and exploring the culturally rich St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Attendees often book a few extra days just so they can explore Danube island a little more.  On Donauinsel itself, there are many beaches, bars, and tours of the city. Do yourself a favor and try to do as much as you can while you are visiting the Island! Tourists often love visiting the Wachau Valley Winery Tour or a great experience through some of Vienna’s best vineyard. If you are with family, consider stopping by the Tiergarten Schönbrunn for one of Austria’s best aquariums. 

So why not take a trip out to Vienna this year? Donauinselfest is waiting for you!

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