Secret Solstice – the World’s Most Unique Music Festival, 72 Straight Hours of Daylight in Iceland! Yep…Iceland!

Iceland’s three days of straight sunlight turn into the annual Secret Solstice Festival!

Iceland’s Best Kept Secret

Secret Solstice

It’s no surprise if you’ve never heard of the Secret Solstice festival before now. As one of Iceland’s hidden treasures, this fest is really one of the music world best kept secrets.

The Secret Solstice festival has the unique serendipity of being held during three days of 72 hour sunlight in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The History of Secret Solstice
The Secret Solstice boasts a pretty epic lineup, incredible scenery and the unique opportunity to party from dusk to dawn in broad daylight. In fact, most people around the world have only just begun to find out about this one of a kind party as only about 8,000 people make it out for this festival.

Attendees come to see artists like Sigur Ros, Bjork, and many others have carved out Reykjavik as a scene for some of the hottest acts in the music world today. In modern times, the Secret Solstice festival brings the best music, art, and fashion of the country to venues all around Reykjavik. The best thing about this festival is that it literally takes over the entire city. Once you step foot off the plane, you have arrived! The rest of the world is catching on to the greatness that is the Secret Solstice and you may have to fight your way into getting a ticket as they sell out quickly.

Experiencing Secret Solstice
It is no coincidence that Secret Solstice has been compared to several other indie festivals like SXSW. From the laid back nature of the festival to all the obscure, insanely good, musical acts that dot the lineup, you will quickly feel at home at this festival if you are used to heading out to similar festivals. Just throw in a little cold weather, and you’re set!

You will see many crazy, beautiful things at Secret Solstice. This festival has been dubbed the Icelandic version of the hipster central known as Burning Man. Many of the travelers that make the trip each year to Reykjavic are into the indie music scene and come specifically to discover new, unknown acts.

Tickets, Pricing and Accommodations
The admission fee into Secret Solstice Festival is actually really inexpensive. Tickets prices change depending on which venue you are at. Take a look at the Secret Solstice website to see a full look at the prices. Most of your expenses will be spent on food, accommodations, and travel. Due to the three straight hours of daylight, most attendees try and stay in Reykjavic for at least a full week.

What to Bring to Secret Solstice
Secret Solstice is an icy mix of indie fest fun and an incredible art and street show. Be prepared for both! Bring a bandanna to keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes, sunblock to ward of the sun’s cancerous waves, a lot of empty water bottles to stay hydrated, and earplugs incase you need a break from all the noise. When it comes to camping gear, try to go for the more advanced tents and accessories. Splurging a little on the supplies now will really make it count in the end.

In addition to all your great warm weather clothes and a few coats just in case. Do bring a lot of water or empty water bottles to refill. Make sure you have converted currency so you can buy items at the festival and any snacks or food that you may need.

Getting to Secret Solstice
Many people that attend this destination festival are from Iceland. Don’t worry, there are several flights into Reykjavik and from there it should be smooth sailing. Make sure you have a valid passport before booking your tickets. Also, keep in mind that some countries have travel restrictions, so try your best to be sure you are allowed to leave from your city.

Secret Solstice

Carefully plan which way you are trying to get to the festival as it may take you several hours depending on what mode of transportation you take.

Carefully plan which way you are trying to get to the festival as it may take you several hours depending on what mode of transportation you take. Taking the train from Reykjavik airport may take up to ten hours, so be sure to know what you’re getting into. If you are flying from Reykjavik, it may just take you a few minutes to get to Secret Solstice.

The Secret Solstice festival website offers several different options for getting to the main event so keep checking the Festival’s website for more detailed information on transportation, prices and accommodations.

Who Can Come to this Festival?
Due to Secret Solstice’s hipster, music festival vibes, many people tend to leave their children at home. It is true that this festival is best experienced solo or with friends, as children are not allowed into most of these venues.

When it comes to what kind of attendees usually show up to Secret Solstice year after year, many of the recurring attendees are locals here to hear their favorite bands. As the years go on and the festival gains more popularity, people from around the world have been heading to Reykjavik in droves just to get a look at this European indie fest.

Glacier Parties
What could get  cooler than the Secret Solstice party itself? Well, check out the Party in a Glacier! Starting 2016, this festival offered the opportunity for 100 people to get exclusive access to a party inside an actual glacier. If your interested in this at all, you have to jump on the tickets as soon as possible!

Speaking of exclusive, take a look at all the VIP opportunities Secret Solstice offers. One year, this festival promised to sell the most expensive tickets ever, priced at $200,000. This exclusive offer allowed for two people to get extreme VIP treatment: first class airplane tickets, personal assistants, personal celebrity chefs, VIP Seating, and lunch inside a volcano!

Dressing for an Icelandic Festival
When planning for Secret Solstice, consider the weather and your surroundings. Yes, you’re going to be outside in June, but surrounded by A LOT of cold and ice! Take some winter gear with you and be sure to have all your cold weather accessories with you as well. Keep in mind that if you arrive during the day and plan to stay late until the night, this festival takes a much colder turn when the sun goes down. Be prepared with extra blankets and coats for night weather.

When packing for Secret Solstice, consider taking a lot of layers. All festival goers seem to swear by thick pants—as they are the most versatile and practical festival wear. When choosing footwear, ALWAYS choose comfort! You may very well be walking for half of the day, so you will need a pair of shoes that you know can support you. Always go for closed toed shoes like boots or athletic sneakers, preferably ones that can withstand snow.

Consider waterproof attire as it will most likely start raining or snowing as you explore this icy wonderland. Depending on where your staying and how much of the city you see, do take some swimwear with you. The Blue Lagoon is amazing, so try to at least dip your tows in! Additionally, take sunglasses, visors, bandanas, protective headwear, gloves, scarves and anything else you think might keep you warm!

Tips for the Secret Solstice
Make sure you are fully prepared for your trip to Secret Solstice. Many people that have attended this event in the past make sure to book all their tickets, flights, and accommodations through a knowledgable travel agent. Do your best to find someone who knows a lot about Secret Solstice so you don’t miss out on anything that you would truly like to see.

During the festival, make it a point to always follow the buddy system throughout the events at Fuji Rock Festival. Safety should always be your number one priority and you should have an emergency plan in case anything goes wrong. Consider picking up a walkie talkie as your cell phone coverage may not work in this country. Pick a meeting place for you and your friends through out the day so you guys can all check in on each other. This is especially helpful if technology stops working.

Additionally, when it comes to weather, if you’re not used to so much cold, try to pace yourself. Only go to the Ice festival for part of the day and if you go multiple days, only stay for a few hours. The worst thing that can happen to you is getting overheated, or getting too cold so be sure to monitor yourself. Keep in mind that cold weather may make you incredibly dehydrated so keep tabs on how much water you are drinking. If you are suffering from too much cold, please take a break and sit down somewhere.

So whether you’ve never been to Iceland before or you happen to live there, Secret Solstice is something that is not to be missed!

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