Lightning in a Bottle – Music, Yoga, Art, Eco Friendly Ethos, an Action Packed Festival

For four days in May, Lightning in a Bottle celebrates the benefits of holistic living through dancing, yoga, live music, art and much more!

Struck By Lightning

Lightning in a Bottle

The location and scenery of Lightning in a Bottle is a meditative experience in itself.

The transformative experience of Lightning in a Bottle began as birthday party one year in 2000. In 2008, the Do LaB sought to make this holistic party an annual festival. The eventual location of LIB was decided as the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California.

Throughout the four days of Lightning in a Bottle, you’ll witness live art installations, incredibly moving musical performances, meditation and yoga classes, as well as talk on living sustainably.

The location and scenery of Lightning in a Bottle is a meditative experience in itself. The Reserve is in a remote part of California, surrounded by rolling hills and an expanse of forest. The lights and psychedelic decorations only add to this mystic atmosphere.

What Makes Lightning in a Bottle Different?
In comparison to your typical music festival experience, Lightning in a Bottle aims to combine the bring the benefits of personal betterment seminars, the fun and crazy electric vibes of music concerts, the meditative aura of yoga, as well as the healing powers of visual art into one giant four day weekend.

With so many avenues to draw from, attendees to Lightning in a Bottle come to the festival with an open mind and open heart. Many of the talks and seminars held during Lightning in a Bottle cover topics like sustainability and environmentally friendly living. You may learn a lot of life-changing tips at the festival, so bring a notepad or something to take down the ideas you hear about at during theses talks.

The Music and Performances
The lineup of Lightning in a Bottle features popular singers and musicians of the modern age. From indie acts to electronica staples, all of your favorites are here! You’ll be able to see artists like Alina Baraz, Chet Faker, RL Grime, AlunaGeorge, and many more!

The shows and performances at Lightning in a Bottle are always very intimate and memorable. The with musicians that go out of their way to make a personal connection with fans and to give them amazing sets. The stages are set and decorate with the inspiration of the surrounding trees and flowers in mind. At night the stages come alive with bright light shows.

Dressing for Lightning in a Bottle
A quick search on the Internet for Lightning in a Bottle will yield pictures festival goers dressed rather creatively. Many attendees choose to go for a comfortable yet eccentric, desert inspired theme that varies from person to person.

When you’re planning your outfits for Lightning in a Bottle, understand first that it will be hot. Prepare to wear skirts, dresses or shorts no matter the style. Less is more for most attendees when it comes to clothing choice. Think swimwear meets the desert. When choosing footwear, try your best to wear covered shoes that are comfortable. Incase it rains, you want to avoid getting mud stuck between your sandals.

Prepare yourself for California at night! In the evening, temperatures fall and you should either have extra layers or a different outfit altogether for nighttime activities. 

lightning in a bottle

The Temple is where all the speakers come to enlighten attendees on various topics.

The Temple of Consciousness
The temple is at the very heart of Lightning in a Bottle. This is where all the speakers come to enlighten attendees on topics ranging from, intimacy and relationships to information on the healing power of plants.

Lightning in a Bottle flies in activists, speakers and teacher from all over the world to tell their stories and share their wisdom during this weekend. Make sure you visit the LIB website to get a look at the upcoming speakers. Take some time before leaving for the festival to research those that are lecturing so you can make the most of your time at the festival!

Lightning in a Bottle’s art show just might be one of the more explosive parts of the festival. Curated each year by the Do Art Foundation, Lightning in a Paintcan features finished pieces as well as artwork being made right before your eyes! The experience of watching an artist make a work of art in the moment is something you’ll never forget.

Among the paintings and live art you’ll find colorful murals spanning many feet and sculptural installations that you have to walk through to experience. Visual art is a huge part of the festival and really adds to the entire atmosphere of the experience.

Getting to the Reserve
Lightning in a Bottle attendees from past years have often had mixed experiences with arriving at the festival. However, everyone that has gone to at least one of the LIB’s will tell you that you should arrive as early as possible!

On your way into the reserve, many people will either get lost or fear they are lost before ending up in an entrance line for hours on end. To try to avoid this, leave a few hours before your arrival time to prepare for any unforeseen trouble.

One of the best services Lightning in a Bottle offers are the Lightning Buses. Lightning Buses allow you to hop on with all your camping equipment or festival gear for the day, and drop you off at the festival ground! Buses pick up in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Save yourself the headache and buy a round trip ticket for one of the Lightning Buses.

The Learning Kitchen and Eating Healthy
Among all the inspiring talks you will hear at Lightning in a Bottle, the Learning Kitchen features live cooking demonstrations and talks on how to have a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. Guest speakers often share recipes and tips for success to attendees that are looking to spice things up in the kitchen.

When it comes to dining options at Lightning in a Bottle, you have several opportunities to eat healthy. On site vendors offer everything from vegetarian meals to gluten-free desserts. If you want to avoid buying festival food, take a cooler with you to carry all your favorite meals. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water as well—four days in the California heat can get you into trouble.

Ticket Pricing Information
Lightning in a Bottle is one of the cheaper festivals that you can attend this year. If you’re deciding which festivals to add to your schedule, consider checking out LIB. For the amount of quality music, information, and experiences you are getting, the ticket prices are basically a steal! A Two Day Pass is $220 and a Four Day Pass is $275. Car Camping Passes can be purchased for an additional $120.

On Site Camping During the Festival
If you’re looking for a place to stay during Lightning in a Bottle, look no further! Many veteran attendees of this festival will tell you that camping out on the festival grounds is the best way to experience the festival completely.
Camping packages include Car Camping and RV Camping.

Car Camping passes guarantee entrance for your car and a spot for your tent while RV Camping passes guarantee entrance for your RV and your belongings. RV’s have to park at a separate location that is a bit further from the festival grounds but there is a tram available to take attendees to Lightning in a Bottle.

Pro Tips to Surviving LIB
So you’re ready to get to the festival—there are just a few tips I have for you to make sure everything goes smoothly. Before you take off on your way to California, make sure you have everything you want to see planned out in a schedule. Have a copy of the map with you either printed out or on your phone.

No matter how prepared you feel, you should definitely read all the material that is on the Lightning in a Bottle website. The site features festival survival guides, packing tips, how to arrive, what to do after you arrive, the best way for you to leave, and everything in between.

During the festival, make it a point to always follow the buddy system throughout the events at Lightning in a bottle. Safety should always be your number one priority and you should have an emergency plan in case anything goes wrong. Pick a meeting place for you and your friends through out the day so you guys can all check in on each other. This is especially helpful if phones stop working.

While you’re making sure you and your friends are safe and having the time of your lives, don’t hesitate to make new friends! Lightning in a bottle is all about having shared experiences, so reach out to your neighbor and start chatting. Don’t worry—everyone is very friendly.

So whether you go with old friends, or make a lot of new ones on the dance floor, Lightning in a Bottle is the place you need to be this Spring!

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