Life is Beautiful Festival – A Reason for Celebration, Get Out There & Dance, Las Vegas is Awaiting You!

Come to Las Vegas this September for the Life is Beautiful Festival: A celebration of all the good things in life like music, art and partying! This festival will remind you just how good it is to be alive.

Life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful Festival puts a refreshing spin on music festivals as you know them.

It’s a Beautiful Life
The title of this festival is actually a perfect description for it. Through a weekend of explosive music, crazy fun, and a great time with friends, you’ll be loving life more than ever!

Hailing from Sin City itself, the Life is Beautiful Festival puts a refreshing spin on music festivals as you know them. The Life Is Beautiful Festival was founded just four years ago by Rehan Choudray. Choudray’s idea for the festival came as a reaction to bullying he experienced during childhood. Choudray uses live music, visual art, intellectual talks, culinary art, and the ultimate dance party to show all of us that life really is beautiful.

Many festivals have been accused of being “for profit” and going “corporate” but the Life is Beautiful Festival was intended to be pure enjoyment for the sake of people appreciating the life that they have.

Intellectual Talks and Story Telling Series
In an attempt to reach past all the fluff and purposelessness that most music festivals are famous for, Life is Beautiful tries to make its attendees have a meaningful experience.

Life is Beautiful features speakers and storytellers from all walks of life and different professions that share lessons and experiences with those that will listen. This part of the festival offers a real change of pace for those that are veteran music festival attendees. In the lectures, guests are challenged to focus on speakers and to actually learn something from their time at the festival.

Art is Beautiful
The Life is Beautiful Festival brings world class artists to Las Vegas to do street art, installations, live performance art and more. Much of the art created for the Festival will stay on the walls throughout downtown Las Vegas. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to walk through the city to see al the fabulous murals and street art.

Amongst the great art that you’ll see during Life is Beautiful, the festival brings in interactive art installations to really give viewers a feeling being immersed in art. Art Cars, of Electric Daisy fame, are just about one of the coolest things you will see at LIB. Art cars are these neon glowing, bass booming, dance parties on wheels! The funky cars are often in the shapes of objects like boom boxes. Wherever you are, as soon as the Art Car rolls by, you know it’s time to start dancing!

Continuing with the interactive art installations, many artists involved in Life is Beautiful set up  art performances in certain areas that are unique to Las Vegas. Artists of from past festivals have had their exhibitions in abandoned motels and hotel casinos.

Do your best to find all the participatory art activities that you can. Art is always a lot more fun when it’s hands on and what better way to enjoy live music than being covered in colors and body paint!

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful always knocks it out of the park with a stellar lineup!

A Stellar Lineup for a Beautiful Festival
Life is Beautiful always knocks it out of the park each year with it’s featured artists. The festival generally showcases big name artists in many different genres. You can expect to see indie acts like Young the Giant, hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, Motown phenomenon Stevie Wonder, classic rock acts like Duran Duran, pop rock artists like Kings of Leon and many more amazing acts.

The great thing about Life is Beautiful’s lineup is that you’re guaranteed to at least heard of most of them. For the artists that you may not know yet, you can rest assured that if they are on the lineup, they’re going to be good. Do yourself a favor and grab some headphones and pull up a playlist of the featured artists. Getting a little more familiar with the music before getting to the festival will only give you more to love about the event!

Food at the Festival
Life is Beautiful is hardly just about music and art, it’s also big on its food! This festival takes its dining seriously and even flies in celebrity chefs to do live demonstrations and meal preparation. The fact that you won’t have to eat greasy festival food at Life is Beautiful should be reason enough alone for you to purchase that ticket!

Since the festival takes its culinary responsibilities seriously, you should too and do your best to eat as many meals inside the festival. Compared to typical Vegas vacation food, you’re going to be better off stocking up inside the fairgrounds.

What to Bring to the Festival
When preparing for Life is Beautiful, pack your bags the way you would for a typical music festival. Pack snacks, sunscreen, cash and identification are on top of your festival must-have list. Make sure you also include your personalized schedule of artists and lectures you want to attend for the next three days, first aid equipment, phone chargers, and water—that’s very important.

Three days in the desert sun can easily drive a body into dehydration so make sure you are well prepared with empty bottles that you can refill throughout the day. Perhaps bring Powerade, Gatorade, or Pedialyte to help you stay hydrated.

Tickets and Pricing
As far as music festival tickets go, Life is Beautiful is fairly reasonable. Three Day General Admission tickets start at $265 and Three Day VIP tickets range from $615 to $655. Do your best to buy Early Bird tickets or purchase regular General Admission as soon as they become available online. Tickets go quickly and you don’t want to miss out on this great festival!

Just in case you missed your chance to get tickets, keep checking the Life is Beautiful website for anyone that is looking to sell their tickets because they are unable to go. A month to a few weeks before the festival may be your best bet in picking up some last minute passes.

If you aren’t able to make it in person this Vegas festival, you’re in luck! Life is Beautiful streams all its days online (for free!) through the World Education University’s website. What an awesome education you’ll be getting!

Getting to Vegas
Be sure to book your flights into the city right after you buy your tickets. Chances are that you’ll get a better deal and will likely be able to find a straight flight, depending on where you’re flying from of course. Be sure to arrive in the morning or afternoon before the first day of Life if Beautiful, as you will need time to rest and prepare for the upcoming days of non-stop awesomeness!

Where to Stay in Sin City
Las Vegas is full of the ritzy and the glitzy. It’s now your job to find to find the perfect accommodations for you, your friend, and possibly your family. Check out hotels in the downtown area first so that you can ensure your commute to and from the festival will be as quick as possible.

Recommended hotels in downtown Las Vegas include The Plaza, The Four Queens, Fremont Hotel, The Golden Gate, The Downtown Grand, The Golden Nugget and the California Hotel, to name a few. If you are searching for accommodations in other areas of the city, try to stay away from the too economically priced, seedy hotels. When it comes to Vegas, you get what you pay for.

Try looking on Air BnB to see if you can find any homes or apartments that are available for rent. They may be cheaper in comparison to Vegas hotel prices and you may feel more at home.

Seeing the City
Do visit the rest of Las Vegas while you’re in town for Life is Beautiful. Take a chance to see The Strip and all the fabulousness that happens there. Make sure you stop by the Bellagio hotel, its breathtaking beauty will be a guaranteed highlight on your visit. Caesar’s Palace is not to be missed either, however, you don’t have to gamble, you can just do your sight seeing! Visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for a view that you can’t get anywhere else.

While we’re stepping away from the casinos, make sure you stop by Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay for a fun time with exotic creatures and reptiles. Visit the Neon Museum for a look at some wild art pieces. Spend an exciting day at the Adventuredome theme park for an informative morning at the Discovery Children’s Museum.

Is Life is Beautiful Family Friendly?
Yes! Life is Beautiful is for all age groups and is best enjoyed when shared with those that you love. If you take your children with you to the festival, be sure to have a blast, go on great adventures and dance the day away!

However, keep in mind that Las Vegas isn’t called Sin City for nothing. Keep your kids close and try to avoid spending too much time on The Strip if you want to avoid awkward situations and answering questions about the Vegas way of life.

So gather your family, friends, and loved ones and be sure to stop in Las Vegas this September for the Life is Beautiful Festival, it might just change your life.

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