Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival in Nederland, Colorado

Festivals are a delight to go to. There is so much to look forward to and varying forms of entertainment is definitely something that you can expect. On the other hand, there is this festival in the town of Nederland in the state of Colorado which is the opposite of many festivals that you’ve used to go to or attend. This festival does not have bright colors, loud music, and big celebrations.  It’s called the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival and it is the opposite of everything you expect from a festival but even so, it sure is a hell lot of fun and entertainment (just a different kind of entertainment, though).


A Brief History of the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival

You may be wondering why such kind of a festival exists. It all started in 1989 when Trygve Bauge, a Norwegian citizen, brought the corpse of his recently deceased grandfather named Bredo Morstoel, to the United States. The body of his late grandfather was preserved on dry ice during the trip and was stored in liquid nitrogen at the Trans Time cryonics in San Leandro California from the year 1990 to 1993. In 1993, Bredo was returned to dry ice and was transported to the town of Nederland in Colorado where Trygve and his mother named Aud planned to create a cryonics facility of their own. However, Trygve was deported because he stayed more than the time period he was legally allowed to stay in the United States. His mother then continued to look after the body of Bredo (her father). But later on, Aud was evicted from her house due to violations of the local ordinances. The house has no plumbing and electricity. She told reporters about why she can’t be evicted and the story became a media sensation. Trygve then secured the services of Delta Tech so he can keep the cryonics facility running. Many oversaw the body of Bredo until the duties were passed to Brad Wickham, one of Nederland’s residents, and he remains the caretaker up to the present time. In honor of Bredo, Nederland’s unique resident, the town holds an annual celebration which started in 2002. Thus the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival was born.


Tips for the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival

This year’s Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival was held from March 13 to March 15. It was a three day celebration packed with action. While it may be too late for you this year, you don’t have to worry for this festival is held annually and there sure is another event for 2016 that you can look forward to, definitely.

You’ve got about six months to prepare for the frozen dead guys days festival so while waiting, here are the important things to remember to make your trip for next year an absolute unforgettable experience for you, your friends, and your family.


Where To Stay During the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival

Although the town of Nederland is a small one, there are plenty of inns and hotels around the frozen dead guys days festival tent which you can book so you can make sure you have showers and a bed to sleep on whenever you feel tired. The following are just some of the good hotels that you might consider.


  1. Best Western Lodge 

This lodge was built way back in 1994 and is within a half-hour drive from Boulder. You can expect the rooms to have cathedral ceilings, coffeemakers, mini refrigerators, and microwaves. They have enthusiastic staff and are very well accommodating especially to those who are in town to attend the frozen dead guys days festival. They are located at 55 Lake View Dr. Nederland. You can call for reservations at 1-800-780-7234.


  1. Sundance Lodge and Café

Surrounded by the National Forest at an altitude of 8,650 feet in the Rocky Mountains, the Sundance Lodge & Cafe offer breathtaking scenery to all its guests. They are located at 23942 Hwy 119 Nederland. If you are going to the frozen dead guys days festival, you can call them at 323-258-3797 for early reservations.


  1. Goldminer Hotel

Situated at 601 Klondyke Ave, Eldora, the Goldminer Hotel was built 115 years ago and is definitely older than Grandpa Bredo Mortoel. This hotel is another great choice for when you want to get a classic treatment in a modern way during your trip to the frozen dead guys days festival. Call them to speak to a friendly staff at 303-258-7770


  1. Eldora Lodge at Wondervu

Indulege in the illusion of seclusion as you stay at Eldora Lodge at Wondervu, located at 3247 HWY 72, Golden Colorado. Their front desk is available 24/7 so regardless of what time zone you are calling from, they’ll be sure to assist you as plan your trip to the frozen dead guys days festival for next year. Book your stay now by calling them at 303-642-7181.


The hotels above are just some locations you might want to consider when you book a hotel for your frozen dead guys days festival trip to Nederland next year. They are suggested by the organizers of the festival so their service could be reliable and trusted. If you have other preferences, go ahead and book your stay with them. Just make sure that their location is within the festival so that you can easily travel back and forth if you needed to. This is very important for your own convenience and is a must if you are going to travel with family, especially if you are bringing along kids, the elderly, and your pets.


Eating and Drinking at the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival

There are many choices of food and drinks at Nederland, despite the towns reputation of being old and small. Below are just some suggestions from the organizers of the frozen dead guys days festival. This list includes pubs, pizza houses, and even coffee shops within the vicinity of the actual location of the festival.


  1. B&F Mountain Market
    B&F Mountain Market

    B&F Mountain Market

    60 Lakeview Dr.


  1. Backcountry Pizza
    20 Lakeview Dr.



  1. Black Forest Restaurant

24 Big Springs Dr.


  1. Buffalo Bill’s Coffee & Confections
    101 Hwy. 119 S


  1. Cosmic Cowboy
    95 E 1st St.


  1. First Street Pub & Grill
    35 East 1st St


  1. Happy Trails Coffee Shop
    101 Hwy. 119 S


  1. Kathmandu Restaurant
    10 Jefferson St.


  1. First Street Pub & Grill
    35 E First St


  1. New Moon Bakery & Café
    1 W 1st St.

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy liquor and wine, Nederland has the following liquor stores. Just make sure you are not a minor and that you drink responsibly. If you are attending the frozen dead guys days festival, make sure not to drink before going there. You don’t want to cause a scene and be picked up by authorities for indecent exposure and violent behavior due to intoxication. Drink at your hotel.


  1. Dam Liquor Store
    20 E Lakeview Dr.



  1. Peak Wine and Spirits
    150 N Jefferson St.



Last but not the least, if you’re looking to go shop for mementos and other souvenir items that you can bring home to your loved-ones or colleagues from the frozen dead guys days festival, Nederland has plenty of gift shops. Nederland also has a variety of retail store that offer products and services you might need during your brief trip. The following list features grocery stores, boutiques, hardware, supplies, and other which the organizers of the festival have listed on their official website.


  1. Alpaca Store & More
    30 W Boulder St.


  1. Bear Necessities Consignment
    1 W 1st St.


  1. Blue Owl Books & Boutique
    176 Hwy. 119 S


  1. Brightwood Music
    150 N Jefferson St.


  1. Greener Mountain Grow Store
    20 Lakeview Dr.


  1. Grow In Peace
    176 Hwy. 119 S


Indian Peaks Ace Hardware

Indian Peaks Ace Hardware

  1. Indian Peaks Ace Hardware
    74 Hwy. 119


  1. Kathmandu Imports
    110 N Jefferson St.


  1. Kwik Mart Convenience Store
    217 Hwy. 119 E


  1. Mother’s Earth Gallery
    25 E 1st St.


  1. Nature’s Own
    5 E 1 st St.


  1. Nederland Feed & Supply
    115 E 2nd St.


  1. Nedicate
    150 N Jefferson St.


  1. Nikki’s Nook
    184 Hwy. 72


  1. One Brown Mouse
    35 E 1st St.


  1. Off Her Rocker Mercantile
    4 E 1st St.


  1. Rustic Moose Gifts
    26 E 1st St.


  1. Smoker Friendly
    22 Hwy. 72


  1. Sunnyside Barbershop
    20 Lakeview Dr.


  1. Tin Shed Bikes
    112 E 2nd St.


  1. Tungsten Trail Tattoo Co.
    20 Lakeview Dr.


  1. Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center
    20 Lakeview Dr.



Make sure that you print this list and use this as your directory so you know exactly where to go. You can also call the numbers of each store before going to make sure they have what you needed to save you the time, effort, and gas during your frozen dead guys days festival adventure.


General Reminders for Attendees of the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival 

As with other festivals, there are things to remember while in attendance to the frozen dead guys days festival. Here they are.


  1. Dogs are not allowed in the tent area. 

While some travelers have often traveled with their pets, it’s important to note that they are not allowed at the tent area for their safety. The frozen dead guys days festival is a very chaotic and crowded place and it is not a place where dogs will be comfortable at. If in case you really cannot leave your pooch, make sure that they are on the leash at all times and if they ever poo, you have to pick up their poo. Make sure you come prepared.


  1. Alcohol is not allowed in the public. 

You can certainly have a drink inside the tent of the frozen dead guys days festival provided that you are 21 years of age and above and that you can show proof of identification. Don’t forget to bring your id and to also act responsibly when drinking.  Remember, open containers of alcohol are never allowed anywhere within Nederland.


  1. Wear comfortable outfit and shoes. 

The weather during the frozen dead guys days festival is either sunny, windy, or both. Wear comfortable outfit and weather proof shoes.


Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival: A Festival Which Will Live Forever

If you’ve attended “normal” festivals in the past, March 2016 is your chance to attend an “extraordinary” festival by going to the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival. You can expect a night of dancing, music, celebration, craft beer, delicious food, brain freeze contests, lively parades of the “dead”, coffin races, ice bowling, and many more! The three days you’ll spend in Nederland is something you can definitely consider “entertainment”.

Give it a try and for sure, you won’t regret it. Book your trip now to Nederland for next year’s Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival!

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