Cannabis Cup – the World’s Leading Cannabis Trade Show 1,000s of Budding Horticulturalists & Stoners Attend Annually!

Cannabis Cup is the festival for marijuana enthusiasts that you never knew you needed to visit!

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A whole festival dedicated to Cannabis? Yes, you read correctly. Welcome to the Cannabis Cup, the world’s foremost celebration of all things marijuana.

Cannabis Cup has set up different locations throughout the year. You can actually celebrate cannabis at the festivals installations in Negril, Jamaica, Northern California Southern California, Colorado and Michigan.

History of High Times
The full name of this festival is the High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup and is generally held over the weekend across different cities and countries. The Michigan Cannabis Cup takes place at the end of August and was one of the first marijuana festivals to get started.

Tickets and Pricing
Tickets to the Cannabis Cup are relatively inexpensive. With pricing starting at $45 for a one day pass and $120 for a weekend pass, attendees may want to just choose the weekend tickets to get the most bang for their buck. Most of the money you bring will be spent on snacks, smoking paraphernalia, travel, and accommodations.

Getting Into the Cannabis Cup
Another very obvious difference in the festival, than others is the demographic of attendees and the exclusive nature of festival admission. The Cannabis Cup is ONLY open to those that are legally allowed to use medical marijuana. Seeing as how only certain states legally allow the use of marijuana for medical reasons, security at the Cup is very strict.

If you are really interesting in attending the Cannabis Cup but aren’t currently using medical marijuana, consider applying for it. Do a bit of research to find out how you can get qualified to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. There are doctors and security on site to verify the documents and qualifications of patients.

The Cannabis Experience
While the entirety of the Cannabis Cup is dedicated to smoking marijuana, this festival does indeed have a lot of other entertainment as well. Come by on Saturday for the musical acts and concerts. On Sunday, you can watch the Cannabis Cup Awards.

Tips for the Cup
When it comes to attending an event like the Cannabis Cup, do yourself a favor an prepare before hand! Make sure you are healthy enough to be around all the smoke as you will be surrounded by secondhand smoke, if you yourself aren’t partaking.

When it comes to lighting up, do make sure you are in a designated smoking area before you light your blunt. Yes this festival allows smoking but make sure the area is okayed first. When it comes to sharing with others, be polite and respectful. Many returning attendees swear by bringing all of their hemp and marijuana products with them. Throughout the three days of this event, you’ll most certainly run out of your stash. It’s best not to purchase weed at the actual Cup as the cannabis is priced much higher there.

Another tip for the Cannabis Cup is to practice moderation! Don’t smoke your lungs dry and if you are trying edibles for the first time, pace yourself. Eating many in one sitting can land you in the ICU.

Safety at Cannabis Cup

When attending Cannabis Cup, it may be hard to think about the basic need to drink water but it is very important!

When attending Cannabis Cup, it may be hard to think about the basic need to drink water but it is very important!

When attending Cannabis Cup, it may be hard to think about the basic need to drink water but it is very important! Three days of smoking throughout the day will tire you out before you even notice it. To avoid any emergency situations or simply pure dehydration, make it a point to consume a lot of water.

Carry at least one refillable water bottle with you and set aside time in the day to drink and rehydrate. Cannabis Cup attendees may also want to install a phone app that records how much water you need to drink to stay healthy. If you are feeling ill at all, remember that medical staff and doctors are on side 24 hours a day. Avoid taking other taking other drugs at the festival or using laced marijuana as you may find yourself staring death in the face.

When hanging out at Cannabis Cup, always travel using the buddy system. If your phone dies or isn’t working, have an alternative way to contact friends, whether it be through a meeting place, a totem or flag, or memorizing phone numbers in order to call from a different phone.

In a sea of so many stoners, you will need to pay attention to your surroundings. Never leave your valuables unattended and/or pass out in strange areas. When consuming substances at the festival, accept random edibles, blunts, or any other drugs with extreme caution. You never know what your new friend has in their product.  If anyone is making you or another attendee feel unsafe, let someone on staff know!

Where to Stay for the Cup
Whatever city you choose, be sure to pick a hotel within walking distance of the festival. After a long day’s worth of smoking in the hot sun, you’re gonna need to get back to your room without much of a hassle. Check the Cannabis Cup website for local accommodations and travel packages.

Getting to the Cannabis Cup
Whichever city you choose to visit for the Cannabis Cup, make sure you follow all rules for traveling. It is best to attend the Cup in a city that you can drive to so you don’t have to explain why you are carrying so much weed at the airport. If you don’t live nearby, consider visiting a dispensary in that particular city so you can restock your stash before the festival.

If you are driving into Cannabis Cup, consider carpooling or taking the shuttle. The shuttle or public transportation is particularly helpful to get you from the festival after you’ve spent the entire day getting high.

Dressing for the Cannabis Cup
When planning for the Cannabis Cup, wear whatever is most comfortable. Everyone that comes to the Cup is literally there to smoke weed and is not concerned about what anyone is wearing. Try to dress in lighter colors and easy fabric so you can stay cool throughout the day. Bring some extra layers with you as it may get cooler towards the evening.

When packing for Cannabis Cup, remember to bring worn in shoes. You will spend the majority of your three days standing or walking around the festival grounds, so make sure your feet are comfortable. The best kind of shoe for an outdoor festival is a closed toed sneaker or boot.

Bring some waterproof items just in case it starts raining during Cannabis Cup. Yes, it may be hot and sunny, but you’ll thank me for that poncho as soon as it starts to pour. Consider sunglasses, visors, bandanas, and protective headwear as well.

What to Bring To Cannabis Cup
Many cannabis lovers and festival goers hate to have extra bags that tie them down during the festival, but at Cannabis Cup, a backpack is the way to go. Due to the fact that it is recommended you bring all of your own marijuana,  you will need to at least have a travel bag. In addition to extra cannabis, bring extras of everything from water bottles, to socks—you never know when you will need a spare.

When packing your suitcases or backpacks for Cannabis Cup, think about your bodily needs. Pack bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, and towels or a chair to sit on. Bring vitamins, snacks, medication, cash, first aid equipment, a phone charger, a watch, batteries, and anything else you would normally take to any festival.

Is Smoking Weed Healthy?
If you are looking at this festival and questioning if it is really a good idea to celebrate and promote the use of cannabis, take a second to do a bit of research. Many Cannabis Cup attendees swear by marijuana as an everyday part of their life. As the festival only supports the use of medicinal marijuana, it is important for you to know all of the health benefits that you can achieve with weed.

It is no coincidence that over 20 states in America have legalized medical marijuana. Many people that use weed as medicine do so to get rid of the stress in their lives. Additionally, smoking weed has been shown to reduce glaucoma, increase lung functioning, reverse damage from tobacco use, control seizures, reduce anxiety, and slow Alzheimer’s. Marijuana has also been found to treat Hepatitis C, increase your metabolism, improves lupus, spurs creativity, and helps with Chron’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

How to Make it Through Cannabis Cup
So after you’ve nailed your supplies down, purchased your tickets, gathered all your weed, it’s time to prepare before your Cannabis Cup adventure. Make sure that you are using weed legally as forged qualifications can land you in jail. Try your best to purchase marijuana through legal outlets as well to avoid any potential issues.

So whether this is your first time getting high or you have been a stoner all your life, consider checking out one of the Cannabis Cups near you.

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