Coachella Will Rock Your Socks Off, Blast Your Eardrums, And Amuse Your Eyes!

What qualifies as a fun and rowdy time? A trip to Coachella , Ca which is 40 minutes from Palm Springs, CA, will take you to the Empire Polo Fields near Indio where you will find thousands of fans waiting for the glorified line up of some of the most popular and fantastic country music in the country.

Every year, Californians and music and art enthusiasts around the world get to enjoy Coachella. Coachella is an annual music and arts festival. It is held in Coachella Valley in Indio California. This festival started as a one-day and two-day event. But as of late, it was decided to be a three-day event.

It also used to be that festival-goers can buy tickets as a one-day pass, two-day pass or three-day pass. But now all tickets are sold for the entire three-day event. All throughout these days, live music and art exhibits are simultaneously presented.

Music-lovers get to enjoy different genres of music. There is hip hop, rock, electronic music and so forth. For music fans, they also have the chance to see their favourites up close. This is because each year, Coachella features various artists.


Now….Are You A Country Music Fan?

Do you sing the country blues in your heart, and is the blood that pumps through your veins pure country? The Stagecoach Country Music Festival was made for you. The crowds, anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 a day, find themselves immersed in country from the cowboy hats that cover almost every single head, to the vast array of beer brands being displayed as the country idea of sun block. No other place on earth offers such a widely varying type of crowd, than at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio.


History Of Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival

It all started on a November 5th evening in 1993 when rock band Pearl Jam played before 25,000 fans at a free concert on the desert lawns of the Empire Polo Club. From there the seed was planted for the nation’s biggest music festival to take form for one weekend, the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival.

Six years later the Coachella Valley Music Festival or what it’s commonly known as Coachella Fest exhibits the best of the music world that perform for over 60,000 attendees each day in a span of 3 days with a variety of music performances playing at the same time on multiple stages.

In its early days, Coachella was held in the sultry month of October. But the Festival Organizers realized the desert heat was in full bloom during that time of the year and decided to move it up into April when the heat was more tolerable and sometimes downright comfortable.

It is in Indio were such musical performances like Madonna, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, and Jay-Z have graced the stage in the desert.

What makes it an even more inviting event is the fact that camping is allowed on an adjacent polo field next to the venue grounds. The campsite provides a separate entrance, a karaoke lounge, a general store, and shower trucks.

The Coachella Fest has gradually grown into a musical bonanza for the avid music lovers since 2003. The festival is a prime event for reunion acts like Iggy Pop and The Stooges in 2003 or Rage Against the Machine’s reunion in 2007, which drew nearly 100,000 fans.

I highly urge to refrain from driving yourself since parking is a nightmare. Instead there are two excellent options to use such as using the shuttle service that is provided from all points in the valley or carpool so to lessen the burden. Once there, have plenty of water and become aware of the surroundings. As the day carries into the night and the fun and excitement increases, it becomes easy to get distorted and lose track of where you are unless you know your way around.

Coachella Fest is much more than just music. It is a gathering of people that enable them to sustain friendships and make new ones all being aided by a variety of music as well as art work that can be seen throughout. Most of the pieces are interactive, and provide entertainment and eye candy, which there is a lot of, for the many attendees walking throughout the Polo grounds.

Coachella has become a signature event in the California desert and, if you love good music, a must stop on your next Palm Springs vacation.


What to Pack for Coachella – The Coachella Packing List

Each year for the Coachella Valley Music festival, thousands upon thousands of people descent upon the Coachella valley to drink, eat, and be merry while rocking out to artists performing on five different stages. This year, due to overwhelming popular demand, Coachella expanded to two consecutive weekend festivals. This means that the event is catering to 200,000 people who are dealing with extreme heat, exhaustion, and dehydration.

In order to have a successful Coachella experience, make sure that the following items make it on your packing list:

  • elastic hair ties (especially covered with cloth as to not tear your hair)
  • bobby pins
  • battery-operated fan
  • spray mister
  • hand sanitizer or sanitary wipes
  • tissues and napkins
  • band-aids, sunburn relief gel, and triple antibiotic cream
  • closed-toed shoes and socks
  • clothing that is light, breathable, and can dry quickly
  • a hat to cover your face
  • a water bottle that can easily clip to your person
  • a fanny pack (only at a music festival can they still look cool), or a small back pack
  • rent a locker to store your things
  • bring along a jacket and leggings or sweatpants in case the weather turns cold
  • high SPF sunscreen
  • something that glows or sets you apart from the crowd in case your group can’t find you
  • handkerchief to avoid the dust
  • earplugs
  • eye mask
  • hand lotion, especially if you are not used to the dry climate
  • any prescription medications you may need, especially if you tend to have asthma, allergies, or anything that heat, dust, and dryness may exacerbate
  • blow-up mattress and battery-powered blower

Lastly, some other tips include:

  • Find the water station that is the least popular – you will be able to refill more quickly
  • Use the bathroom and refill water right before popular sets are about to end to avoid the crowds
  • When moving through the crowd, be nice, don’t push, and have patience. Generally, the way you treat others is the way you will be treated at Coachella
  • Rent a locker
  • Spend some time in the interactive, air-conditioned, tents
  • Take lots of pictures and videos
  • Ride the Ferris wheel in order to get the best view possible of the entire festival
  • When the final set finishes, wait out the crowd in order to avoid getting pushed and pulled during the exit process
  • Do not rely on cell phones to meet up. They will not work in crowded areas. Come up with set meeting times and places to find your friends.


Coachella Fashion – Fashion School Tips For Rocking the Festival in Style

Since it kicked off in 1999, the Coachella Festival has become known as much for its fashions as it has for the live music. Even fashion-forward headliners like Madonna and Bjork are upstaged by what the audience typically wears. So if you’re going to Coachella, or any of the spring and summer rock festivals across the country this year, here are some fashion school tips for the coolest looks to go with the hottest music.

Be comfortable. The only thing hotter than the music will be the weather. Temperatures in the desert can top out at 120 degrees, so be prepared. Sporting a hat is not only stylish, but practical. Our fashion college experts recommend one with a brim for shade, like a rumpled fedora or a vintage cowboy hat. Add your own touch to it with a band of fabric that matches the rest of our outfit. Another necessity for the sun is an awesome pair of sunglasses. Classic Ray-Bans or an oversized pair of Karl Lagerfelds are very Coachella.

Be prepared to go from daytime to nightlife. The live music extends into the night, along with the parties. So wear an outfit that can transition from day to evening with ease. For example, a silk scarf wrapped around the head to shield you from the afternoon sun can double as a sarong at an afterparty.

Dress the part. Everyone from moms to businesspeople to doctors go to Coachella, but once they’re at the festival, they can let their hair down and be someone else for a weekend. Who will you be? If you’re the hippie chick, try a crocheted, lacy top with some skinny jeans or cut-off denim shorts. Or grab a top or a dress you haven’t worn in forever and tie-dye it. If you’re the rocker type, go for the grunge, layering a floral dress over a tee shirt, and finished off with a pair of Doc Martens. Another popular persona is the music VIP: you’re there for the parties, so you’re expected to look overdressed. For you, our fashion design experts are gaga over string halter long dresses and one-shouldered minis.

Get bold with prints. With thousands of festival goers packing the Empire Polo Fields, you’ll stand out in big, bold prints. Oversized hounds tooth and plaids, graphic lettering, psychedelic flowers, even the Union Jack, can make you the ultimate in Coachella style. And the fashion bloggers will love you.

Step out in the right footwear. Flip-flops are everywhere at Coachella, but you can do better than that in the style department. A pair of gladiator sandals (with the more straps the better) will keep you feeling cool and looking like a fashion goddess. Flats are practical, as you’ll be on your feet all day, but get them with funky embroidery or beading. And leave the cowboy boots at home. They may look hip, but the heat will have your feet roasting in them.


What are you waiting for? Take the ride and follow the tracks of those that went before you and fall into the country ambiance of the stars of country music. This trip away to Coachella gives you a chance to fully enjoy the country music you love, and see your favorite starts up close and personal.

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