BoomTown Fair – One of the UK’s Wildest & Most Inspiring Independent Festivals, that Rose from a Humble Village Fair!

If you’re looking for a crazy, totally immersive festival experience, the UK’s BoomTown Fair is for you!

boomtown fair

Boomtown attempts to bring its attendees together as a sort of Utopia through the surroundings, mixed music and incredible live action drama.

Welcome to BoomTown Fair!
Boomtown Fair is a wild combination of a music festival meets street fair. The festival literally turns into its own town for the weekend, only open to the inhabitants of the fair. BoomTown attempts to bring its attendees together as a sort of Utopia through the surroundings, mixed music and incredible live action drama.

With a lot of help from staff and volunteers, BoomTown Fair becomes a pop-up village for all of that international attendees that flock to the fair. Though this may be a utopia, everyone here is far from perfect! BoomTown certainly brings out the wild and crazy side of people, and that’s the idea!

BoomTown, the Village
BoomTown is a full on four day weekend of musical bliss. BoomTown Fair features the best acts in bluegrass,  electro-swing, deep house, reggae, and Jazz. With all the diversity of the artists, BoomTown really has something for everyone.The music can be heard echoing throughout the town and all of its nine districts.

BoomTown got its bearings as a secret meet up that took place in 2009 in a bar in Bristol. All attendees were encouraged to dress in their craziest outfits and have a wild time dancing the night away. Years later, BoomTown Fair has made it’s way to being a full fledged festival with well over 38,000 attendees at each day of the fair.

One of the quirkiest things about BoomTown Fair are the attractions and decorative elements. BoomTown has recently adopted a gigantic spider named Arcadia, completely made of metal and strobe lights.  BoomTown is all about getting people together, whether it’s through some wildly imaginative spider, or not.

Where is BoomTown?
BoomTown Fair’s official location is the Lions’ Den Temple. Currently, the temple itself serves as the resident space for the reggae acts at BoomTown. Other stages are incredibly inventive and incorporate crazy architecture and stunning visuals to reel its attendees in.

The Ban-Hai Palace, for example was recently built in 2015. The palace is a NINE STORY building that was erected just for the beats and bass lines of EDM.

Getting to Know the Town
BoomTown Fair is actually split up into nine different districts that are divided by musical genre. Let’s take a look at what exactly the town has for you! One of the most diverse districts in BoomTown is the Barrio Loco district. Barrio Loco is dedicated to the sights, sounds, and culture of everything Latino.

Barrio Loco
The city of Barrio Loco is split into nine musical districts, which feature different themes to stimulate your curiosity and senses. Inside the district itself, you’ll find the venues Poco Loco and Circo Bassline. Poco Loco is dedicated to bringing guests and fans the ultimate live stage show. While Circo Bassline is a spinoff of a cabaret show featuring circus acts. Don’t leave the Barrio Loco district before hopping into a dance off or visiting Disscocia to see the live wrestling.

As for District #2, Boomtown Fair’s ChinaTown is a wonderful place dedicated to punk and ska music. Decorated with arcade signs and red laterns of an authentic CinaTown, this district is an incredible blend of cross-cultural ideas and traditional. Within ChinaTown, you’ll find the ChinaTown Courtyard, Alan’s Happy Ending Cinema, and Dubtendo.

While OldTown may sound like something out of a psychological thriller, this district is responsible for maintaining the “pirate” vibe throughout the fair.  BoomTown Fair’s OldTown district is home to the Jolly Dodger Pirate Ship where folk lovers and traveling gypsies can dance the night away listening to the sounds of the Caribbean.


boomtown fair

BoomTown Festivals’ TrenchTown is another area for reggae and hop-hop music lovers.

I’m pretty sure you’ve grabbed a map at this point! It’s a little too easy to get confused by just looking at al nine districts at once. BoomTown Festivals’ TrenchTown is another area for reggae and hop-hop music lovers. TrenchTown is one if the fair’s more natural areas. Hidden completely within the forest, attendees are invited to find their home for the fair inside the comfort of the forest.

As it says it all in the name, DSTRKT 5 is where things really get interesting. Featuring a combination of jungle sounds mixed with the best in techno, drum-n-bass, and electronic music, DTRKT often ends up being one of the coolest districts in Boomtown. Attendees are welcomed into a dilapidated, dystopian sort of setting—just go with it!

Attendees are welcomed into a dilapidated, dystopian sort of setting—just go with it! The rest of the district includes the Asbo Disco for a night of dirty dancing. Inside this district you will also find one of BoomTown Fair’s incredible amenities: the 24 Hour Garage Girls. While many camping festival’s showers are often hit and miss, Boomtown ensures that all guests get the VIP treatment when it comes to bathing.

Wild West 
The Wild West is a district dedicated to the themes of the olden days. Here, bluegrass, hillbilly and folk music are king. Attendees gleefully don their western outfits throughout the Wild West district. From chewed tooth picks, to the boots and hats, this district is also home to the daily dual and the show girl exhibition.

Whistlers Green
The Green at BoomTown Fair is the perfect place for meditation and quiet time at the fair. Incredibly created views of grass and the optional masses will make you want to stay at the Whistler’s Green forever. In addition to the meditators that come through the Green, seminars and lifestyle classes are held here as well.

Festival Dress
When you ask anyone, “what do I wear to BoomTown Fair”, the answer will always be WEAR IT ALL. When it comes to fashion sense, the fashion of the festival is to be as wild and wacky as possible. The best way for you to choose your outfit or costume is to look at photos from BoomTown Fair’s of the past. When it comes to camping, you can stay anywhere, so many people choose to dress for their district.

When it comes to regular clothes in general, keep in mind that you will be in the UK during the summer. This means heat, rain, and dropping temperatures at night. Try to pack a sun hat, shorts, flowy skirts, tank tops and t-shirts. When it comes to footwear, just think about how much walking you’re going to be doing in the next four days. Try your best to wear hiking boots or sneakers so you can avoid having your toes stepped on.

Bringing and wearing your bathing suit at the festival should be no problem. Just be sure to have a change of clothes by night fall to keep you warm.

What to Bring to BoomTown
BoomTown is a weird mix of a camping trip and a music festival. Be prepared for both! Bring a bandanna to keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes, sunblock to ward of the sun’s cancerous waves, a lot of empty water bottles to stay hydrated, and earplugs incase you need a break from all the noise. When it comes to camping gear, try to go for the more advanced tents and accessories. Splurging a little on the supplies now will really make it count in the end.

Tickets, Pricing and Accommodations
The admission fee into BoomTown Fair is actually really inexpensive for four days. Tickets range front £135 – £170, depending on what time you purchase them. Do your best to buy your ticket months in advance. Your wristband from the festival will arrive in the mail, so allow time for that as well. Teen tickets are available as well for a lower price if you intend to travel with your family. If you are dying to get into BoomTown and the tickets are already sold out, check online to see if you find anyone that is selling or exchanging their tickets.

When plotting your arrival at BoomTown fair, check out all the different camping options that are available. From boutique camping to pre-pitched tents, there is really a camping option for everyone! If you find that you don’t want to actually stay on site for four days, check out the festival’s list of local bed and breakfasts.

Getting to BoomTown
Many people that attend BoomTown are not from Europe. Don’t worry, there are several flights into the UK and from there it should be smooth sailing. If you are interesting in a carpool, visit the fair’s messaging system.

BoomTown is always striving to make the event more community oriented. Next to the carpooling options, attendees are also invited to get on the BoomBus with take visitors from the Winchester Train Station straight into the festival. Sharing is caring, both for festival goers and the environment. Keep checking the BoomTown Fair’s website for more detailed information on the event.

So whether you’ve never been to the UK before or you happen to live there, BoomTown Fair is something that is not to be missed!

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