Big Mountain Music Festival – Biggest Outdoor Music Festival in Thailand & All of Southeast Asia!

Thailand is the place to be for a music experience like no other: Big Mountain Music Festival features the best talent in popular Thai music!

Big Mountain Music Festival

big mountain music festival

Big Mountain Music Festival BMMF, is Thailand’s largest music festival.

Big Mountain Music Festival, or  BMMF, is Thailand’s largest music festival! Starting in 2010, BMMF was born around the idea of “Mun Yai Mak”. When translated to English, this means Craziness, Huge, and Many. Growing over the years from a crowed of 20,000 to over 70,000 each year, Big Mountain has certainly lived up to its intent.

Though the location of the Big Mountain Music Festival has changed over the years, the most recent location has been the Kaeng Krachan Country Club and Resort, located is in the Phetchaburi province.

Music at Big Mountain
The music of Big Mountain Music Festival is very eclectic. If you’re tired of the same old type of party and dance festivals, try out BMMF for authentic and local Thai musicians hailing from genres like rock. Indie, dance, pop, moh-lam, luk-thung, and many more internationally known artists.

Although, there is a great chance that you will not know anyone featured on the lineup, but don’t let that deter you! Attending Big Mountain Music Festival is an experience all in itself. Having the opportunity to over 200 mind blowing and culturally eclectic artists is all the reason you need for venturing out to BMMF.

Mountainous Music
Big Mountain Music Festival has certainly grown into one of the largest festivals in the Thailand, Southeast Asia, and quite possibly the world.

The Big Mountain Music Festival is produced and sponsored by GMM Grammy, a corporation that is responsible for around 80% of the entre music industry in Thailand. This way, GMM Grammy can promote amazing artists for the show as well as getting its business partners in radio, film and TV to support the festival as well.

The Big Mountain Music Festival was originally held at Khao Yaiy—the big mountain it was named after. However as attendees rapidly increased each year, the festival had to relocate to the Country Club Phetchaburi. The big mountain can still be seen from the country club, so the name is still very accurate.

For the Love of Thai
The Luk-Thung genre in Thai music is the country’s own take country songs and Moh-Lam feature traditional folk songs from Thailand’s cultural background.

Unlike typical international music festivals that go out of their way to outsource famous artists to headline events, Big Mountain Music Festival puts all its energy into promoting and supporting its local artists. You’ll see some of the best acts in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Bands like Polycat, Bodyslam, Chiang Maic, and Singto Numchok are only a few of the Thai artists that you’ll be lucky to see!

Big Mountain Music Festival founder Yuthana Boonorm says that as his festival continues to grow throughout the years, he will move in a more international direction for the lineup but wi still sick to his roots of promoting Thai artists. Instead of completely losing the greatest aspect of Thailand’s largest music festival, Boonorm says that in the future, he will create a separate festival that is dedicated purely to international artists.

Workshops, Seminars, and Lecture Series
In addition to incredible performances and musical sets, Big Mountain Music Festival also offers incredible classes on music education at each event. Big Mountain calls in some of the best in the music business to teach attendees workshops on everything from sound engineering, song writing, promotion and advertising, and so much more.

Even in all the music excitement at Big Mountain, make it a point to stop by at least one of these lectures. A music festival experience is always enriched with actual intellectual content from real professionals in the business. You never know what you might learn or whom you will meet!

Supporting the Community Outside of Music

big mountain music festival

Big Mountain is also responsible for a huge increase in Thailand’s economy.

Along with all the monetary and community support that Big Mountain provides and receives, Big Mountain is also responsible for a huge increase in Thailand’s economy. The culture and history of Thailand has become a huge source of inspiration for the Big Mountain Music Festival.

What’s With the Cow?
When you get to the Big Mountain Music Festival, the first thing you’ll notice is all the cow imagery. When Pakchong began as a community, there were a lot of farmers that started developing cow farms. When the founder was in Pakchong and having dinner at a steak restaurant, he saw a design for how to cut a cow for various steak. This imagery inspired the logo and art that the festival now cherishes today.

What to Wear to BMMF
Generally in December, Thailand has sunny, comfortable temperatures with no chill factor. You will probably be able to get away with wearing your favorite summer festival outfits at Big Mountain Music Festival. Many people do choose to wear wild and crazy outfits, so you can pack your own if you like.

The whole point of Big Mountain is the experience, so if you want to go all out, check out some pictures of past festivals. You’ll see bright colors, warm weather clothing, and people in cow costumes! Feel free to play off the cow theme, you’ll never know who you’ll meet through it.

Pricing and Ticket
Tickets in for Big Mountain Music Festival may be purchased online or in person. If you life outside of Thailand, it’s a good idea to go ahead and order months in advance. Prices start at just $55 USD a ticket or 2,000 Baht.

For two days of great music, this price is unbeatable. When purchasing the ticket, make sure that your currency converts correctly. On the internet this shouldn’t bee that difficult, but just make sure that the amount is accurate.

What to Bring to Big Mountain
Apart from a healthy sense of adventure, you don’t need to prepare all that much for the Big Mountain Music Festival. Have your tickets purchased, your tent ready (if you are camping), a map, identification, converted cash, clothing, bug spray,  water bottles and anything else you may normally take to any music festival.

Try to do some research about the bands playing so you have some sort of schedule to go off of. There are many different websites that feature the artists if you have trouble navigating the main festival site.

Where to Stay for BMMF
Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful places to vacation so your lodging options are plenty. Check out onsite camping at the Big Mountain Music Festival is you want the experience of a lifetime. Camping passes that fit one or two people generally go for 500 Baht.

If you are camping, you must have your own sheets, tent, and sleeping bag. If you would rather actually get a room at the Kaen Krachan Country Club, be sure to look into booking one of its 167 rooms. The Country Club is a destination stay for many people in general that are on vacation, so be sure to book early if you want to stay here.

Getting to Big Mountain
Several of the attendees to Big Mountain Music Festival are locals, but many do fly into Thailand just for the event. To get to the Big Mountain Music Festival, you will need to fly into Bangkok and grab a two hour bus ride to Petchaburi. Try to make sure you iron out all the details before boarding the plane so your trip runs smoothly and you make it to the Country Club in reasonable time.

The rest of Thailand is easily acceptable via public transportation, so don’t worry about not having a car when you arrive. Try your best to understand the public transportation systems and have some of your money converted before you travel. You will most likely get a street car at some point of your trip.

Outside of Big Mountain
When visiting Big Mountain Music Festival, do your best to make sure you have a few extra days to explore the surrounding cities! There’s no way you can travel to Thailand and NOT see the rest of Bangkok. Check out the Grand Palace for an incredible trip to the museum featuring artifacts from the ancient royals, take a trip to Wat Phra Kaew to have a meditative experience at the Buddhist temple and see authentic artwork.

If you have some extra time, go backpacking down the Khaosan Road, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to get out your post concert energy. Check out the Jim Thompson House for an American tribute to Thai architecture. Visit the Bangkok National Museum for a richer look into the culture and artistic past of Thailand as well as the Erwan Shrine and the Golden Buddha for a more reverent look into Thai culture and religion.

So if you haven’t traveled to South East Asia, Big Mountain Music Festival is your chance!

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