Beyond Wonderland – Return to the Past Vibrant Environment that the Nocturnal Festival Once Hailed!

Wonderland fans, search no more- Beyond Wonderland is here and you can get back to the warm vibes and amazing EDM that you love so much!

Beyond WOnderland

Die hard electronic music fans and new ravers alike all pile into the San Manuel Amphitheatre for on of the better music festivals of this generation.

Going Beyond Wonderland 
Insomniac brigns the EDM party to California each year in March. Die hard electronic music fans and new ravers alike all pile into the San Manuel Amphitheatre for on of the better music festivals of this generation. Beyond Wonderland is more than just another electronic music festival. It is an EDM experience that has traveled all over the west coast in the past few years.

Insomniac Events is known for putting on THE BEST festivals for the EDM genre. Beyond Wonderland is certainly no different and ranges between a one day party to being a full blown weekend of non stop fun.

Though Beyond Wonderland had its official debut in 2010, the festival first started a few years before that. The Nocturnal Festival or Nocturnal Wonderland were the initial beginnings of Beyond Wonderland. This festival is sort of a revival of the atmosphere and vibes the Nocturnal Wonderland was known and loved for. This festival brings back the care free spirit of peace, love, unity, and respect that all ravers love.

Music at Wonderland
Beyond Wonderland is mainly a gathering of all things EDM, featuring artists from ambient, Drum & Bass, House, Dubstep, and Trance genres. You’ll see some of the best in the electronic business from all over the world at Beyond Wonderland. From artists like Alesso, Carnage, Jimmy Edgar, Galantis, PUre NRG, Seven Lions, Vin Vici, and so much more, you are guaranteed to have a incredible time, every time at this festival.

Though you will probably recognize more than half of the lineup, there are probably a few newcomers that you will have never heard of. Beyond Wonderland producers like to bring in the best artists, whether they are widely known or not. Take a chance before the festival to check out some of the artists you aren’t as familiar with. Listen to a few of their songs online and pretty soon you may have a new act that you want to see!

Art plays a large role in the Beyond Wonderland experience. From installations to immersive art exhibits, this festival is big on combining a lot of creative energy into this one event.Throughout the stages of Wonderland you will see many different artists.

Tips for Wonderland
Beyond Wonderland is an amazing day of dance parties, fun times with friends, and amazing adventures making new friends. Try to prepare as much as you can before you leave to go to the festival. Take a look at the map so you are familiar with the festival grounds. Know the times of entrance so you don’t arrive too early or too late.

Remember to be as detailed as possible as you plan out your schedule. Though you probably won’t get to see every act that is on your MUST SEE list, it is a good idea to have a plan that you can follow throughout the event. If you find yourself at someone’s set that you didn’t plan to see, take a chance on a different artist! Stay for a bit and dance around. You may have just found yourself a new favorite song.

If you are going to camp at Beyond Wonderland, try to get the best camping gear possible! Though your may focus may be on where to find the best artists, having quality equipment will make your experience that much better.

The Wonderland Experience

Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland goes all out for the experience

Beyond Wonderland goes all out for the experience. This festival brings in poi dancers, light shows and installations, creative performances and so much more. Wonderland aims to make the festival a true experience for attendees that goes far beyond music.

Staying Healthy and Safe
EDM festivals are notorious for leaving attendees dehydrated, intoxicated, and sometimes even under arrest. There are key tips to follow for a safe Beyond Wonderland experience, though most of it involves common sense.

Before you get to the festival, make a decision about drug use at Beyond Wonderland. Though choose to participate in recreational drug use, it’s a great idea to stay away. On top of the dehydration you will incur from a day dancing and drinking out in the sun, taking drugs can take you to new levels of sickness.m

Additionally, make specific steps to stay hydrated throughout the day. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to fill up at the water stations that are set up throughout the area.

Fashion for Wonderland
Beyond Wonderland, like any music festival fashion, is better with themes. Generally people like to play on the festival’s name for costume and clothing ideas. You may feel even feel inclined to get out that Alice in Wonderland wig you own. However, whether attendees dress in costume or not, there are the general outfits that you’ll see at EDM festivals everywhere. From the standard funky bikini, to the metallic bodysuits, your options for clothing are wide open.

When dressing for the weather, California in March brings a chance for all different kinds of weather so you should pack for anything and everything. Though it’s can be only one day, try to have a few layers on hand in case the temperature is colder than expected. Have a poncho, umbrella, or waterproof coat with you incase of a down pour.

When it comes to footwear, remember that you will be walking a lot throughout the day so wear something comfortable. Your best options are closed toed shows of any kind that are already well broken in. Staying away from sandals and flip-flops is a key to any music festival. A pro tip for packing includes bringing a lot of bandanas. These lovely inventions can keep the hair and swear out of your face while you are dancing the day away.

Finding Friends and Staying Safe
When walking through the Beyond Wonderland, never go alone! Always have at least one other person with you throughout the day in case you get separated from your other friends.Make a meeting spot somewhere on the festival grounds so that in case of emergency, you will be able to meet up with them at a certain at an already established location.

Safety means knowing if you or anyone need immediate professional help. Try to visit one of the medical stations if you feel strange or see someone else having a hard time. The medical staff at Beyond Wonderland include the best trained medical professionals around. With doctors, paramedics, nurses, and EMT’s around, you’re in good hands if you’re feeling unwell.

Tickets, Pricing and Camping
Some years, Beyond Wonderland can vary between one day, two days, and three days—though, whatever the length of the festival, the ticket pricing usually remains the same for each day. General Admission Two Day tickets start at $189 while General Admission for Friday is $99. General Admission for Saturday starts at $109.

If Beyond Wonderland is held for longer than one day, there is camping offered at the festival site. From tent camping to RV camping, Beyond Wonderland has it all. Tent Camping for three days starts at $150 and two day tent camping is $125. RV Camping starts at $350 for three nights and $300 for two nights.

No matter how long the festival is, try to think about camping this year at Beyond Wonderland. Staying on site really helps to get you in the mood for partying and helps you form stronger bonds with your friends and your neighboring campers.

Getting to Wonderland
Beyond Wonderland is relatively easily accessible once you arrive in California. If you are flying into the city, San Bernadino is actually 17 miles  from the Ontario International Airport, so it will be better for you to fly into Canada then making the trip down by bus, cab, rental car, or shuttle.

If you are already planning to camp at the festival, it will make sense for you to rent a car anyway. Just remember to plan ahead of time so you can purchase your car camping passes before they sell out.

Checking out San Bernadino
While you’re in California, it makes sense to venture outside of Beyond Wonderland. Whether you are with family or friends, you should check out some of San Bernadino’s trasures.

If you’re looking for a little outdoor fun, try checking out the Glen Helen Regional Park for a great walk through the trails or the Deep Creek Hot Springs for and amazing and therapeutic experience. If you’re interested in landmarks and museums check out the Original McDonald’s Site and Museum, a little different than what you might expect but interesting none the less.

Continuing in the same vein of museums, the Norton AFB Museum is a must see as well as checking out the art at the Robert and France Fullerton Museum of Art. Visit the Pillars of God for an architectural experience that’s more spiritual than you might expect.

So whether you are in town for just one day or a week, make sure you book your tickets to Beyond Wonderland in the near future.

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