ARISE Music Festival – A Festival That Brings Out Everyone to Make the World a Better Place!

If you’re looking for a music festival experience that combines live music, art exhibitions, yoga classes and more all set against 100 acres of the Rocky Mountains, Arise is just for you!

It’s Time to Arise


Attendees gather at Arise to share in great music, good vibes, and an incredible time all around.

Every year around 5,000 people gather to share in great music, good vibes, and an incredible time all around. If you’re a fan of great music festivals, you need to experience Arise at least once. Arise is held each year at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. Arise generally brings in performers that are popular in the indie, alternative rock, EDM, reggae, and jam band genres. The kind of musicians you’ll see at Arise range from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Ziggy Marley, Fractal Tribe, Totem, and many more.

Across the expanses of the Ranch you’ll get to hear some of the best artist on all seven of Arise’s stages. Make your way to the Eagle Stage, Scene Stage, Star Water stage, Area 51, Gaia Yoga Santuary,and the Big Sunrise Dome. With over 75 musical acts throughout the weekend, you may have a hard time figuring out your schedule!

The Transformation: Workshops and Playshop Sessions
Arise is a transformational experience as well as a music festival. The Big Sunrise Dome is where the majority of the intellectual talks and seminars take place. Arise features several informative workshops on healing practices and life changing techniques.You can spend these sessions learning from experts on everything from plants for medicinal uses, learning better meditative techniques, and many other things.

The Playshop Sessions offer songwriting classes for attendees as well as mentorships from some of your favorite musicians at Arise. If you are interested at all in getting better as a musician or just having a great time singing your heart out, be sure to stop by this tent for a great time.

Art and Installations
Visual artists are invited to show their paintings, do live art, and create giant installations that attendees can immerse themselves in. Many of the featured artists at Arise showcase work that is meditative and invites viewers to pause and take a moment to self reflect.

One of the most transformative aspects of art is watching artists performing live painting. Watching a work of art come to life right in front of your eyes is inspiring and beautiful all at once.

Theme Camps and Villages
For all those that are camping at Arise, consider joining a theme camp. These camps allow attendees to get creative as a group any build their own artistic village. The other villages that are on the festival grounds are the Children’s Village, the Wisdom Village, the Solutions Village, and the NoCo Hemp Village.

The Children’s Village encourages all of Arise’s younger attendees to be free to create and express himself or herself as they discover the worlds of music, art and nature. Children get to play, dance, use musical instruments, and act out theatrical activities.

The Wisdom Village offers attendees a chance to experience in the ancient traditions and wisdom that is shared throughout the world in various cultures. Arise attendees that participate in the Wisdom Village will often learn new traditions of sacred prayer, participate in various ceremonial activities, as well as learn more about their inner being and the souls of others.

The Solutions Village promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles and progress. Attendees that roam through the Solutions Village will learn more about how to actively care for Mother Earth while going through their daily lives.

The NoCo Hemp Village brings together hemp organizations and companies from around the world to share with attendees about their hemp related productions, education materials, paper nan-technology and a lot more. Many people are not aware of all the wonderful benefits of hemp, so this village is a must for the more open minded Arise visitors.

A Co-Creative Festival


Check out the festival website for opportunities to create alongside other makers, artists and educators from around the world

One of the most interesting aspects about the Arise festival is the fact that it invites its attendees to become a part of the festival. Check out the festival website for opportunities to create alongside other makers, artists and educators from around the world. The categories that are open for application are musical artists, live painters, art and installations, yoga instructors, visual performers, panelists, presenters, filmmakers, workshop leaders, and many more. In addition to offering your creative services, you may be allowed be interested in volunteering as well.

While many other transformational festivals out there proudly offer yoga classes for attendees, the Arise festival goes all out. With over 20 different yoga instructors from around the glove, Arise truly offers a well-rounded meditative experience for all festival goers. Arise hosts yoga classes during the entire weekend whether they be Rise and Shine morning yoga or night time meditative sessions.

What to Wear to Arise
When deciding what to pack for your Arise attire remember two things: You will be there in August and you will be in the mountains. This means that your outfits for the day will be summery shirts, dresses and shorts while the nighttime will call for heavier pants, jackets, hats, and several layers.

While temperatures may very well fall to the negatives during the night, you’ll forget all about that by midday the next afternoon. Stay prepared by keeping some extra layers in your backpack so you can adjust whenever necessary.

Getting to Arise
The Sunrise Ranch is easily accessed from the local highways and is only a few hour from the local airports. It may benefit you to rent a car once you fly in so you don’t have to drag all of your camping gear on a shuttle as well.

Camping at the Ranch
Spending the weekend up in the mountains is really the best way to experience Arise. While you don’t have to camp on site at the festival, many attendees choose to. The Sunrise Ranch is one of the most beautiful venues on earth so try to take in as much of the sites as you can.

Arise offers several different camping packages for Arise attendees. Check out the Outdoor Geek Easy Camping Package for camping with all the bells and whistles included. Easy Camping starts at $250 but is well worth the expense. VIP Gamping takes the experience up a notch for only a few more hundred dollars at $525.
The regular camping packages include General Admission Camping at Big Meadow, West Side Camping, Car Camping, and RV Camping. Camping at Big Meadow is free with all ticket purchases. Big Meadow is the best if you are camping with a large group and want to set up a community of tents. West Side steps things up a little bit with a more secluded camping area and offers access to a swimming pool and a hot tub.

Offsite Lodging and Accommodations
If you choose not to camp at the Ranch, check out the Arise website for other nearby hotels or motels. Some of the featured locations are LaQuinta, Best Westerm Comfort Inn, Jade Inn, and the Two Eagles Resort. If you are still looking for a different deal, check out Air BnB for other lodging options.

What to Bring to Arise
This weekend long festival will have you doing double time when packing if you plan to stay at the Ranch. Start off by first packing for your camping trip, then packing as you normally would for any other music festival.

When preparing to camp in the Rocky Mountains, you will first want to get an idea of the terrain and the camping area. Take a look at a map just to familiarize yourself with the area. Try your best to get high quality camping materials. Get tents that will withstand the rain, winds, and possibly hail. Make sure your tent has enough shade to keep you cool when the sun comes shining through.

Ticket Prices
All things considered, the Arise festival is relatively inexpensive. Three Day General Admission tickets start at $170 for adults and $75 for young adults. Early Bird Car Camping for Thursday starts at $45.

Outside of Arise
When planning your trip to Arise, try to arrive a few days early or stay a few days later so you can be sure to get in the most with your visit to Colorado. Places to visit in the vicinity of Loveland are the Loveland Museum and Gallery for a look at historical art exhibitions, the Colorado Cherry Company for and interesting look at a local business and the Lincoln Gallery for more varied artwork.

Check out the Big Thompson Brewery and the Climb Hard Cider Company for a taste of some local Colorado brews, and much more. Try venturing out of Loveland to see as much of the state as possible.

So whether you are a Colorado native or you’re just visiting for Arise, make sure you find yourself in Loveland this coming August!

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